Underdog Trump pulls big upset, defeats Clinton to become 45th U.S. President

Donald Trump upsets Hillary Clinton to become 45th president.

Trump tops Clinton, becomes 45th prez.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

NEW YORK — In what will go down as the most tendentious election in U.S. history, business tycoon Donald Trump beat out Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton to become the 45th President of the United States. “Working together we will begin the urgent task of rebuilding our nation and renewing the American Dream,” said the President-elect during his victory speech early Wednesday morning at Trump Headquarters in New York. “Every single American will have the opportunity to realize his or her fullest potential. The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer.”

Amid startling allegations of sexual assault, the Republican nominee entered election day as a decided underdog. But Trump was able to string together a few unexpected victories in a series of battleground jurisdictions, most notably Pennsylvania where he secured a whopping 20 electoral votes.

It’s the first time since 1988 that a GOP presidential candidate won Pennsylvania — a clear sign that Trump, 70, was largely successful in reeling in white voters outside of urban centers. With a win, Clinton would’ve made a little history of her own by becoming the first woman in the Oval Office.

The infamous email scandal certainly did her no favors at the voter’s booth.

That said, Trump will be the first to hold office without any political or military experience.

Lots of celebs, including Whoopi Goldberg and Miley Cyrus, have vowed to leave America if Trump won.

Did voters make the right decision?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I will NEVER trust the American media again or the polls again!!! Now all those celebrities that said they were going to leave the US can get to stepping.

  2. So the Left are wondering what happened , this is what happened ! You had the most divisive President in history who at every turn try to stick it to anyone who didn’t agree with him, College Prof teaching students to hate everything about middle America , Millennials who hate and want to shut down any speech they don’t agree with like their savior Obama . These are just a few reasons why . Oh I almost forgot BLM, thanks for waking a sleeping giant with all your Bull s — !

  3. He has fought Democrats, liberals, independents and even the Republicans. He has fought the media, the establishment and globalists. I have never been more proud of the more than 50% of AMERICANS that have pulled their heads from the sand to Make America Great Again!

  4. America won! We the people were fooled by the crooked power of the evil empire even thought some of our people were fooled into voting for that liar the majority held strong to avoid four more years of humiliation, treason to our way of life and selling out to our enemies around the world. The Obama nightmare its over and America will be Great Again, and we have to thank our leader Donald Trump and most important our People who are the Best in the World.

  5. Hillarys Email Server

    It’s worth it not to see that nasty woman any more. That alone will make America great again.

  6. Americans are so stupid. The guy is a fuckin rapist and you assholes elected him into office.

  7. It represents a desire to get away from the BS of politics. Trump may not have been the perfect choice, but he was loud enough, confidence enough, and rich enough to be mainstream about it. I think his Presidency will be pretty uneventful, but in the end… this may be a good things for American politics. It could be the beginning of the dismantling of everything we hate about it. Please don’t leave the country. Please don’t leap off a bridge. It’s going to be fine.


  9. LOL time for Miley Cyrus to leave the country as promised – woohoo!

  10. Charles N Charge

    This is bad news for blacks, hispanics and muslims. If I were u I’d leave the country.

  11. If you think you did yourself a big favor by electing Trump to fix everything that’s wrong with America, check your 401(k) balance this morning for your first sign you’ve made a SERIOUS mistake. Thanks for dragging the rest of us down the drain with you.

  12. Ashamed of my country for electing such a scoundrel for president. It’s a dark, dark day.

  13. Congratulations America! You have just become the laughingstock of the world! A whole country fooled by a charlatan. You deserve him.

  14. Congratulations to all of the white, uneducated deplorables who came out of the woodwork in droves to support their leader, the Bigot-in-Chief. This con artist fooled you all in thinking that he, a white-collar billionaire who lives in a gold-plated penthouse apartment in Manhattan can relate to your struggles. You are in for a rude awakening. Smile proudly as the world laughs at you.

  15. At least Trump is who he says he is and he EARNED his wealth.
    Liberals prefer Hillary and bill’s Clinton foundation in which they use their government jobs and influence to illegally create a fake, non-profit organization to extort money from billionaires, criminals, foreigners, terrorists and any one else who wants to exert influence over American foreign policy for a price.
    The world is laughing alright but it isn’t at me, at the majority who elected Trump, or at Trump himself who just won the presidential election.
    The world is perhaps laughing at the liberal media who, like the Hillary supporters, just got clowned by its own self-righteous, indignation.
    I, on the other hand, am feeling rather intelligent and proud that at least MOST of my fellow Americans had the wherewithal and decency to say~ ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  16. i watched this to the end. it was AWESOME!!! the dems were so self assured they had this in the bag, and to watch their reactions was PRICELESS! you reap what you sow, hillary!

  17. Trump may be a brash man, but he is a straight forward man in speech maybe a little too honest to reveal all his past weaknesses for all to see.He is seen as david fighting the goliath.The obama may have unwittingly introduced new law which infringe god law.Man may proposes but god disposes.

  18. Does it make everyone smile to know he was right about the corrupt media?.. Makes me smile!… He was telling everyone all along it was rigged and he was right the media is a joke. People are upset including Hillary because the media gave them false hope. Trump did this on his own.. No media, no actors flying around the us with him!… Good for him!!.. This should be a huge wake up call for the usa!. Obama traveling with her did more damage than good. Why would you have a president we are sick of be your mentor?.. We are sick of the Obama/Hillary bs and we have showed it. Congrats USA!

  19. Jaded_Idealist

    The lamestream media keeps calling this an “upset” but the numbers prove that the rest of America knew better despite their desperate attempts to convince everyone that HilLIARy Rotten Corruption was going to win.

  20. Did you know that 40 per cent of eligible voters in our Nation…did not vote….that is the real reason Hillary lost the election…!!!

  21. Americans have spoken, I wanted Clinton to win but I think Donald Trump would do a great job of being a president. Just give him a chance.

  22. I was for Clinton but I’m not gonna freak out like the rest of them. Let’s just see how Trump runs this country in the next few years and decide if America made the right choice.

  23. The Funny part of ALL of this… I bet my last dollar TRUMP is not going to fulfill half of what he said… He’s NOT BUILDING A WALL , He’s not going to do nothing about illegal Mexicans , he WILL take away LGBT rights & he WILL do away with ObamaCare but everything else… TRUMP is ALL TALK ‼️He’s going to be dependent on his Vice President for everything cause he NEVER ran a country or a city or not even a county before… Yes , he’s a business man but how hard is it to run a business ?? I really think he won because Clinton was so corrupt that the people didn’t have much of a choice but to vote for TRUMP.. #BERNIESANDERS2020

  24. Haha! How funny would it be if he ended up being a great president! I mean, he won’t be able to build a wall or ban muslims because it’s not 1936 but it would be funny if he played on Americas racist views just to get elected!! I mean the first thing he did was say that we need to all come together and stop being divided. I bet all his voters stopped and went “huh? What does he mean come together?”


  25. Internet Marketing Maps

    CNN is now on President Trump’s ignore list, yet they still play the same games, making wild speculations, commenting on stuff they are not privy to and basically making shit up… Will CNN never learn? The rules have now changed for the corrupt main street media so get used to it. Trump doesn’t trust you CNN, the public believe you continually lie and have a political agenda and alternative social media has more credibility and gets more views. Think About It? – Every person with an iPhone is a walking talking INSTANT news network & broadcaster… CNN can’t possibly compete with that. Wake Up! you are quickly becoming irrelevant.

  26. Orso Bartholomew

    So, he already changed his position and plans about Obamacare. He postponed indefinitely the legal action he promised against Hilary Clinton and even praised her past actions and her combative presidential campaign. He immediately removed all the references to discriminations against Muslims from his agenda. He said that he’s ready to boost relationship with foreign countries and at this point it’s clear that his economic project about infrastructures and taxes will prevent any absurd attempt at building a wall on the Mexican frontier, since the idea of making Mexico pay for it is unrealizable.
    All of this in just a few days after the elections.

    I mean, these changes are all very positive and everyone with a functional brain realized that many of his ideas were unrealizable without breaking the unity and economy of the country a long time ago. I’m just surprised about how many people really though that these generic proposal that didn’t take account of every basic economic, social and global mechanism could be taken seriously.

  27. I’ve said it since day 1. I’m really hoping that he just said all that shit to get publicity and supporters, and then when he gets elected, he will actually know what the fuck is up

  28. If you voted for trump, you’re a fucking moron. if you voted for Hillary, you’re still a fucking moron. the fact you people think they’re better then one another is sadly funny. lmao

  29. Recently Trump has consistently displayed a willingness to work with Obama and a desire to have a peaceful presidency that would unify as many different groups of people as possible. He seems sincere and he seems to want to tone things down a bit now that he is president elect. However it seems these liberal animals will not even give the man a chance. They should all have the same attitude that Obama has, and that is to help set Trump up to be successful. The prosperity of our nation depends on it.

  30. Let’s make AmeriKKKa white again

  31. Sure trump is sexual predator, a racist, a charlatan, and a big idiot who also is a sexual predator, but, who cares? There is nothing wrong with that!

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