Reality TV stars Rob Kardashian & fiancé Blac Chyna welcome bouncy baby girl

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna welcome ‘Dream’ daughter/TMZ.

Rob and Chyna welcome Dream.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Reality TV stars Rob Kardashian and fiancée Blac Chyna welcomed their first child together — daughter Dream Kardashian — Thursday morning and she already resembles one of her parents. Is it mom? No. According to an inside source, Dream is a carbon copy of her dad. “Dream is the spitting image of Rob,” said the source. “She looks exactly like him and Rob is thrilled. She’s like his mini me.” Chyna gave birth to her bouncy baby girl at 9:18 a.m. at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Dream weighs 7 lbs., 5 oz.

Rob posted a picture of the baby on Instagram with the caption: “Today was amazing 🙂 I am so lucky!! Thank you @blacchyna for having our baby and being so strong ! I love you so much and can’t wait to see her get older day by day with you Chy! I love you and Dream so much and Appreciate both of you ????????? I know everyone saying that’s my twin but that’s def your nose Chy lol.”

Congrats Rob and Chyna!

When can we expect baby No. 2?


  1. Black China is one ugly fuck .. Who only a mother could love and mom looks like she’s drug addict hood rats from the ghetto

  2. Rob could have done so much better I fell so sorry for him I wonder what went wrong with him.

  3. why the fuck do celebs name their babies like they are a fashion accessory or something!!

  4. Lmao, how did I know this rude ghetto ex stripper would name her baby a stupid name??? I predicted Shanaynai Renee Kardashian though. Lol, least I got the middle name right. Prayers to that poor kid -__-

  5. Congrats to Rob. That’s his first baby so, who am I to judge. I doubt he got to choose his daughters name. China treats him like ish! That’s just my thought. I kinda feel bad for him.

  6. Every action has a reaction. In this instance it’s Rob having a weak pull put game thus the baby with a stupid name is born. Rob’s dad is ROLLING in his grave

  7. keepin itreal
    i think youre the one that needs prayer your not keeping it real your dogging a new born child cuz you have a predetermine out look on strippers

  8. Mysterious Man

    That kid will be remembered because she was born when trump took over

  9. Jayna Greene64

    Dream Renee Kardashian is a cute name i know someone name is dream so i don’t think it’s bad at all very unique idk why ppl think its bad

  10. It’s stupid as hell that’s why!!! Why name a baby an illusion??? That’s so dumb. But then again Chyna is ghetto so wat can u expect? I honestly thought she’d name her Shanainai Renee Kardashian. I was like yes!! They did give her a stupid name after all & I did get the middle name right too :P

  11. maybe next kid will be a boy called “nightmare”? xD

  12. Joseph Eat's Weird Stuff

    who cares about this white trash whore family

  13. hey you can name your child whatever you want but come on!! You guys are rich and you keep giving your rich kids these names… Your middle class parents didn’t name you after directions, objects, or feelings. I’m not saying give them some generic shit, all I’m saying is do something normal.

  14. @Joseph Eat’s Weird Stuff — Honestly Idk about the money bc by the looks of it she makes more than that faggity, mamas boy, dependent on everyone for survival, losing his hair, lazy, feels entitled to everything, obese, depressed, desperate cry baby but the fame we know for sure bc who was she before Tyga? No one. Jst some unknown stripper. He left her then she lost her name so she obviously wants it back & the K’s are very famous for some unknown reason so there u go….

  15. Congratulations!!! Hope the baby grows up to not look like mom.

  16. I think their baby name is very unique congratulations babies are a big blessing?

  17. I feel sorry for any man who has Blac Chyna as a baby mama.

  18. Congrats to a beautiful family 🙂

  19. legend has it that she’s is the chosen one….the savior for all thots
    10 commandments
    1.thy shall never get married thats a sin

    2.thy shall always have sex to get thy way

    3.hustle to you die bihhhhhhhh

    4.always make chicken alfredo

    5.the ways to get into the thot queendom is to have at least 20k followers on IG

    6.exspose these niqqaz who DM you

    7.set niqqaz up like a MF

    8.thy shall always get pregnant by a famous niqqa key to success

    9.thy shall always rock the rose gold iPhone

    10.thy shall always wear the same sh*t as their man everywhere thy go

  20. Celebs think they can name their child just any damn thing

  21. Ahhhhh…. Dream is sooooooo cute 🙂

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