Miley Cyrus still struggling to cope with Donald Trump’s presidential victory

Miley Cyrus no longer crying over Donald Trump’s victory.

Miley now accepts Trump’s presidency.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — When Donald Trump shocked everybody last Tuesday with his presidential victory over Hillary Clinton, pop songstress Miley Cyrus was so distraught she threatened to leave the country. She wasn’t the only celebrity to contemplate relocation. Whoopi Goldberg, Amy Schumer, Samuel L. Jackson and several others also vowed to pack their bags. But, after hours of crying, Miley has decided to come to grips with Trump’s triumph regardless of how painful it is. “No more crying coming from me,” said the former Disney starlet in a new Instagram video. “I am accepting and hopeful, inspired and smiling. As a reaction to this shocking election, Happy Hippie and I are launching our newest campaign, #HopefulHippies.”

Rather than sit around and mope, Miley established an initiative to help inspire people to make a difference in their communities. “I’m asking you to get involved in your own community and make a commitment to the issues you care about, whether it’s donating, volunteering, or showing your support,” Miley, 23, wrote in the caption.

“I’d like to start with the first pledge and say myself and Happy Hippie are putting education for young people at the very top of our list of priorities in honor, of course, of Hillary Clinton… If you need ideas to get you started, check out to find local opportunities near you supporting the issues we care about.”

Did Miley and company overreact?

Does Trump deserve a fair chance?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. goldsilverandiamonds

    Miley is a hypocritical piece of shit. She spit in the face of Trump and his supporters (half of the U.S.) and now wants to tell him and his supporters to treat her and her radical, leftist, intolerant, judgmental, angry hate mongers thug pieces of shit with “love” “compassion” and “respect” FUCK YOU were tired of you people and your leftist hate group.

  2. All these dumb asses crying bout trump winning do you really want that crooked bitvh to go down in history as first women president such a crooked bitched should get that history fuck that when they come up with a better Candidate until then trump has my full support 

  3. your full of crap, your sick in the head, your spoiled and if you walked in poor people’s shoes maybe you would understand , we couldn’t stand your crap anymore and we rose up to take our country back !!!!! You promised you would leave the United States, Leave, take your money to Sudan and help those people out and live among them and help them and give up your rights to be an American

  4. Nikkiya Oglesby

    I completely respect the fact that miley accepts donald trump as president!
    that’s very mature of her considering the fact that I wouldn’t! you trump supporters have single handedly destroyed this country by putting a psychopath in the fucking white house! miley has a reason to cry!
    This is the end to the fucking country!
    you all say that Hillary Clinton is a snake but donald trump is no better!
    he is going to be worse than president bush.
    so thank you for putting a racist ass wall building dickhead in the white house!
    you really made a fucking difference!
    down with america!
    I hope you asshole learn from this when this country turns to shit!
    donald trump doesn’t care about Republicans either so all of you are gonna get fucked in the ass with the rest us so called ” stupid democrats!” then we’ll see whose laughing now!

  5. as a Syrian American I want to say that I proudly voted for Donald trump, because hes going to make America great and prosperous again, and hes going to stop all the killing overseas. and also I want to say to those women that are crying and depressed, do you even know what Hillary Clinton has done in Syria and Libya? women are being auctioned off as sex slaves in open air slave markets because of her. and others are set on fire, or hung over fires to slowly roast to death. even children, man! and its not just isis doing this, its all the “moderate” rebels. the worst possible things you can think of are being done to children, elderly, and other completely innocent people, and theyre being done on a daily basis! its incomprehensible how anybody could support Hillary Clinton.

  6. TheStevenrobinson

    Awww Dont let your fans down its time to pull it together miley. and show your fans that you are a STRONG woman and you will get out of america with your head held high. NOW GET OUT AND SHOW EM HOW ITS DONE!!:)

  7. Miley, how do you feel about people who helped your career, all the people that bought your music online/cd, they voted for President Trump?

    Now, you wanna know one reason why Hillary Clinton lost, she brought misogyny into the campaign, and clearly expressing her hate for White Men. Basically saying ‘women are better than men”. Big mistake, look up Margret Thatcher and how she never used gender as a political weapon.

  8. These leftist loonies are so fucking brainwashed by the media, they don’t have a fucking clue about the dangerous policies of Hillary Clinton, how they would have destroyed this country. Sorry Miley, people who are halfway educated about the policies need more than “she has a nice dress so I will vote for her”

  9. ?Trump came in like a wrecking ball,
    I’ve never laughed so hard at y’all,
    Then he’s gonna fucking build a wall,
    And put your ass in prison, like crooked Hillaryyy ?

  10. Don’t worry sweetheart it will all be okay. Al Gore will swoop down from the heavens and give Hillary a nice reward for trying. Because now everyone is a winner even you! That is why I bestow upon thee a “Entitled Millennial Participation Award.” Congratulations you loser.

  11. conservatives: cry free speech when it lets them be racist, sexist, or homophobic
    also conservatives: cry when people use their freedom of speech to talk about trump

  12. waaa fuckin waaa! Hitlery doesnt give a fuck about anything but ,hey look at me as i run my big horsetooth mouth! thats it! power is her drug and america is her whore to support the habit!!!! nothing more! well guess what bitch! its time you went cold turkey,you been cut off!!!! bye felicia!!!!

  13. she wants trump to treat people with respect. this hog dont respect herself. she has videos of her concerts where she is giving blowjobs to blow up dolls. and sucking on dildos. and letting fans grab her crotch. i will watch this every day for the next 8 years. as trump will reign for 8 years. if i am ever feeling down. i will come to this video to make myself happy. seeing her pain is fun.

  14. Tarzan screws Jane

    Miley, stay off the meth

  15. Hey, Miley. How does it feel to know that you, and Katy Perry, and all the other Liberal celebrities didn’t make a damn bit difference? Did you really think people were going to vote Hillary just because of you? 90% of your fans aren’t old enough to vote. They probably aren’t even out of diapers yet. You are also disgusting, and a terrible role model for young girls.

  16. Miley, please get the fuck out of my country

  17. BlazeNineThousand X

    Alright he is President. Now get the fuck out of America.

  18. I feel so badly for her. I was a child when her daddy had an achey-breaky Heart and now, so does Miley. I see both sides of the coin. if I were poor I’d have voted for Hillary Clinton. If I were Still wealthy I would have voted for Trump. I’m going to quote the lyrics by the very talented Paul McCartney (later covered by W. Axl Rose who may have a chance next election) Miley- (publicist’s chief social media asistant assistant) In 10 years Miley will understand this concept –
    “when you were young and your heart was an open, you used to say live and let live, (you know you did x 3 ) But in this ever changing world in which we live in makes you give in and cry..LIVE AND LET DIE .. ” young fool, only in the end do you understand” P.S. I didn’t vote. if you took the time to read this, you still have time to make a difference. Let’s pray (or hope if your offended) that we all survive. also Ivanka Trump is much hotter than Miley.

  19. Grilled Cheese

    Miley can stay. I wish Trump would leave.

  20. oh yea i was crying while donald trump won in election day because i was crying because donald trump gonna send all the kids in the united states in world war 3

  21. so hillary inspired you to be a huge slut in front of kids? honestly no matter how famous you are your just a slut her opinion doesn’t matter

  22. This is the problem with reactions like this: you think this was about Hillary, that she deserves to be president. This election was never FOR Hillary, Bernie, or Donald. This election, as are all elections, was America’s opportunity to speak to its government. And Americans voted for change. Economic experts said in 2008-09 that there was a way to bring about an economic recovery in 5 years and that the Obama policies would drag it out to about 10 years. We are currently at 8 years, and it is slowly improving. This is why Americans voted for someone that could bring about real change. Miley, it would be great to have a woman president, I agree, it would show maturity as a nation, but the quality of the leader outweighs the gender or race, as it always should.

  23. There, there Miley. Give your daddy a call and maybe he’ll sing a cheesy little number from the early 90s that’ll fix your Achey Breaky Heart.

  24. Cheeseburger Eddie

    miley is cuckoo for cocoa puffs

  25. Hannah Montana is fuckin nuts. Please leave my country. I’ll buy your plane ticket.

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