Supermodel Tyra Banks & boyfriend Erik Asla have their hands full with baby York

Tyra Banks has her hands full with 9-month-old son York/Instagram.

Tyra Banks talks parenting duties.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

NEW YORK CITY — Motherhood has been awfully good to Tyra Banks, parent of 9-month-old surrogate son York. But the beauty mogul is starting to realize the older her son gets, the less time she has. “My son, as he gets older, he’s getting a lot more clingy so he wants to be held a lot more and be close to Mommy a lot more, so I have to do things fast,” said Tyra, 42, who’s sharing parenting duties with her boyfriend, Norwegian photographer Erik Asla. “We have a five-minute TYover at Tyra Beauty and that is like my savior because I have to slap it on like it’s war paint like, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. And then pick him up or else he gets crazy and demanding Mommy’s attention, so I have to go fast.”

Even though York is less than one-year-old, Tyra is already planting dating tips which includes, of course, how to identify beauty in a potential partner. “I want to teach him that he doesn’t need to go after chicks that are just cookie-cutter,” she explains. “I want him to understand that beauty has so many different shapes and sizes and colors and features. I hope that he can appreciate beauty like his mom does, like I do — that I see beauty in things that the world doesn’t necessarily tell us are beautiful.”

Tyra seems to really enjoy parenthood.

Would you like to see her have a second kid?

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  1. if I was a rich lady I”d pay a relative to have my babies also and keep my figure

  2. no smart ass, she is unable to get pregnant. she opened up about it in an emotional interview

  3. bitch that ain’t your baby lol you didn’t push it out yourself. if you couldn’t have one it wasn’t meant for you. don’t take away from all the real mother’s who actually birthed thier own children. give that baby back lol

  4. How do they get the DNA from the mother? I understand the father gives the sperm. But does the father DNA mix with the surrogate?

  5. So she reproduced a White man’s baby by using a White woman to carry that little fucking devil. “Wow” what a complete sellout. Let’s see how long it takes before her slave master/husband calls her a Nigger, and she files for divorce calling it irreconcilable differences.
    Halle Berry, had to find out the hard way and so will Tyra. See you guys in six months to a year, where her husband will get custody of that big head devil child and a lage sum of her money.

  6. Call me wet wet

    I bet she doesn’t feel connected to that baby

  7. That slut couldn’t get pregnant

  8. I love Tyra she is so inspirational and beautiful and the baby is cute as hell

  9. It’s funny how many of you are more concerned and angry about the fact that she had a surrogate, than the fact that you lack knowledge, education and respect, even to your own self and the bullshit that drips out of your mouth and straight into this comment section. Let’s hope that natural secretion won’t be too harsh on most of you ??

  10. protectorofillinois

    America’s Next Top Baby!

  11. DeLinda Williams

    I’m happy for Tyra. Every woman who have the desire to be a mom and a loving devoted one,should be a mom,so I’m excited for her. Enjoy and welcome to the mother’s club Tyra!

  12. Michaella Ketron-Lynch

    Some of y’all need to stop being ignorant and go get educated.

  13. Ruthless Lover

    Tyra, u dont need no surrogate. Give this nigga a chance to get u pregnant.

  14. I hope Trump puts an end to surrogacy

  15. Such a beautiful baby 🙂

  16. with money u can buy anything!

  17. So happy for u Tyra!

  18. next top American cute little baby

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