Bobbi Kristina’s estate huge winner in wrongful death lawsuit after testimony

Nick Gordon ordered to pay $36 million to Bobbi Kristina’s estate.

Gordon must pay millions of bucks.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

ATLANTA — Nick Gordon doesn’t sing. He doesn’t dance. And he sure as hell doesn’t have $36 million. But that’s what he’s been ordered to pay after a judge ruled in favor of Bobbi Kristina’s estate on Thursday in a wrongful death lawsuit. The late daughter of Whitney Houston was found face down in a bathtub in her residence on Jan. 31, 2015. Bobbi, 22, was pronounced dead on July 26 after spending nearly 7 months in a coma. Cocaine and alcohol were found in her system. The ruling came after Bobbi’s family gave tearful testimonies.

The most powerful deposition came from Bobbi’s dad, Bobby Brown, who told the court his daughter had unlimited earning potential before Gordon helped take her life. Bobbi’s estate had originally sought $40 million in damages. They’ll obviously have to settle for less. Gordon failed to appear in court.

As a matter of fact, he’s been a no-show throughout the proceedings.

Do you agree with the judge’s decision?

Will Bobbi’s family receive a dime of that money?

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  1. A terrible loss The young girl was doomed She was bonded with mom in a certain way after her mom’s death she’d had it Bobby Browns crushed it’s all a mess nothing but loss

  2. Damn, the judge looks like Santa Claus. He probably works at the mall part time. Hahahahaha!

  3. Failure to appear in court and having the case judged against you is not the same thing as actually being found guilty for this girl’s death

  4. Bobby blame yourself. She and her mother got that drug habit from ur ass tsss smdh

  5. Maurice Giddens

    Let me get this straight …… you wanna blame the lil boy Nick for her death when she learned to self medicate from mommy and daddy, the entire world new she was drugging it and did nothing but now that she has died as a result of her drug use you wanna blame him…… how bout we start with blaming her she was a grown woman and just two years eariler saw her mom pass in a simular manner. SMH

  6. Wait so she died of a drug overdose and he’s trying to blame someone named nick for her death and he has to pay 36 mill because she overdosed?did he force her to do drugs or did she do drugs?somebody explain this to me please.

  7. positivelypinky

    So y’all really think he forced both Whitney and Bobbi to take drugs which ended in their own deaths, I don’t think so… Although he probably was taking drugs with them but I think the way they both died is some kinda fucked up coincidence. I just feel she was struggling and yeah maybe he enabled her but at the end of the day I don’t think he intentionally did anything to hurt her. Hell she was is money train why would he fuck that up. So sad at the end of day, the family won’t get anything because he has nothing and Bobbi and Whitney are still gone… Nobody will ever know what happened.. I do think Bobbi was just struggling to even want to be alive after her mom passed away

  8. Oh piece of scum Gordon! and you thought you’ll get the millions! sad sap ! oh sad for your vampire family! oh sad (nope)! go to jail bro! living off of someone else never works…well actually sometimes it works .sadly.

  9. Better start selling some ass! ASAP! 24/7, 365! Straight, gay, …all that!! Sell some dope, weed, heroine, every drug imaginable. Shine shoes, wash cars. Man he gone kill himself, watch.

  10. First of all understand, no he may not have the money but if he comes into any money at anytime in his lifetime because of the judge’s judgement he will no get it!!!

  11. Nick Gordon isn’t nothing but a murdering son of a bitch he likes to beat on women the inmates are going to beat the shit out of him when he goes to PRISON!!!!??????????????

  12. Allison Johnson

    Bobbi Kristina was a mess and needed treatment. Nick did not force drugs down her throat. Did they fight? Sure probably.. Every couple does… She wanted to be with her mom so she died the same way and now they are both living peacefully?

  13. mzChocoSensualHedbob

    @Maurice Giddens: Sounds like something a nigga named ‘Maurice’ would say. How the fuck is a domestic violence victim – someone who is mentally, emotionally and spiritually abused along with physically, responsible for their own death? Kill yourself.

  14. Nick is a turd but i dont think it is fair to blame him for bobbi’s death


  16. It’s times like these when black lives dont matter

  17. Nick, you shouldve hired an attorney and showed up in court.

  18. Really 36 million Gordon does not even have $36

  19. Nick should leave the country

  20. Bobbi is resting peacefully with her mother. Please let her be.

  21. Bobby Brown crying cuz he know that he’ll never see that money at all?

  22. Bobby Brown looks like shit. Is he still on drugs?

  23. 36 million ???? Nick Gordons dust buster ass don’t even have 36 DOLLARS ….lol wow…..I still believe that #BOBBYBROWN wants something out of this publicity tho….reality show or money… hype for his upcoming book……????????????????????

  24. I don’t know, part of me still kinda feels like Nick Gordon is the fall guy…but if he’s being blamed to really have been the one responsible for Bobbi Kristina’s death then he had to have been the one who killed Whitney Houston too because they died damn near exactly the same way almost exactly 3 years apart of one another. But I’m still not totally convinced it was Nick.

  25. We all knew that creep killed her. I hope he pays for this.

  26. Webster Kollie

    Why are they settling for money instead of prison time? Seems like something is broke.

  27. Queen Redskins

    everybody talkn how he goin to pay it .how yall know if he aint got some of her money hiding somewhere fuck him he should pay for something cause it is his fucking fault .R.i.p to both of yall beautiful angels

  28. If nick Gordon writes a book or a movie is made about his life with Whitney & bobbi kristina. Nick Gordon stands to make millons. They are making sure he doesn’t . A lot of this is Whitney’s fault she should not have allowed what conspired to happen. I like Whitney Houston but Nick Gordon was under age when he met Whitney Houston. She exploited him & Nick Gordon’s mother should turn around and sue Whitney’s estate for pain suffering an damages that nicks relationship with whitney caused her. Did his mom abandon nick or did she think whitney would give him a better life?

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