Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon reach divorce settlement but funds are low

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon reach divorce settlement.

Mariah and Nick reach settlement.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Mariah Carey’s vision of love has dissolved into a convoluted divorce. The 46-year-old singer struck a divorce settlement with ex-husband Nick Cannon. But funds aren’t what you think. Both reported income for 2014. Turns out Mariah earned $6.3 million, and Nick reeled in a measly $2.7 million which explains why he’s only required to pay $5,000 a month in child support. The $5 grand, however, must be deposited into a trust. The settlement also states Mariah and Nick must not allow twins Moroccan and Monroe to address their significant others as mom, dad, or any likeness thereof.

Mariah and Nick have joint custody. But the twins will continue to live with her. When Nick visits, Mariah is responsible for paying the bill for his lodging and travel. She must also give Nick, 36, the keys and title to their 2012 Ferrari. Nick recently confirmed that Brittany Bell is pregnant with his third child.

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  1. im still sad that they broke up

  2. He deserves better..Mariah seems like such a diva..she is not humble..Nick seems to be more down to earth..

  3. rachel k you’re one of those clueless people who don’t know, when cameras are rolling, Mariah is acting out the diva part. Nick is the first to say, she isn’t that person behind closed doors. She doesn’t wanna be boring, hence the diva act.

  4. I still don’t take this guy seriously. what did Mariah see in this punk?

  5. I think they handle this break up really well, the kids appear with both, mariah carey is a diva but it’s obvious she puts her kids first

  6. Catherine Woods

    They just are not a good match. It was all beautiful at first because of their status, but they looked ridiculous to me from the start. She was ready to have children and do the family thing. Caught up in a fantasy. But life goes on. It’s good for them to let it go.

  7. This old chick is batshit crazy. Nick is better off without her.

  8. I thought Nick made more than that. Shit, he’s basically broke.

  9. Nick didnt waste much time gettin another bitch pregnant

  10. Mariah still hot as fuck……. Nick’s loss

  11. Nobody stays married in Hollywood. Nothing to see here.

  12. Nick was a fucking drum line in the 2000’s while Mariah Carey was a living legend in the 90’s… Meanwhile I’m still questioning the fact of why Mariah lowered her standards to marry and have children with Nick cannon. LOL out of all the men in the land, she chooses a cornball.

  13. Damn……….. $2.7 mil??? Nick broke as a joke

  14. Seemed like a weird couple from the start.

  15. Mariah is still pretty in her old age.

    Nick should beg her back.

  16. @J P: Perhaps, she saw more than what you or anyone else perceived him to be. Obviously she did; she carried his seeds. Nick is a professional businessman so fuck what anyone thinks. Mariah is a ran through slut bucket. On top of that, she is way too annoying and snobbish. Nick is much better off. James Packer even saw that she was/is full of shit. #TeamNick #KeepItMovingRegardless

  17. i luv nick he really have good heart

  18. Mariah is unbearable. Nobody stands her.

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