Foxy Brown returns to launch new ‘Brown Sugar’ video streaming on Bounce TV

Pam Grier eager to launch ‘Brown Sugar’ on Bounce TV.

Pam Grier returns for movie launch.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Just when you thought Foxy Brown had retired for good, actress Pam Grier is back to launch Bounce TV’s new video streaming service ‘Brown Sugar,’ which showcases a compendium of iconic black films. If you dig 70s arts and entertainment, you’re in for a very special treat. “It was a movement,” Pam, 67, said of filmmaking in her era. “Characters like Foxy and Coffy showed how a woman could be a lady and still be able to defend herself.”

“We were trying to be expressive and progressive.”

Being expressive and progressive certainly worked. But what about sexy? “I was part of Gloria Steinem’s woman’s movement that said don’t be sexy for others, be sexy for yourself,” Pam said. “A woman’s body is not a mystery. Own your sexuality!” When asked to gauge her level of excitement, Pam replied:

“I can’t begin to tell you how excited! People can revisit or be introduced to my work all over again. And not just me, some of my best friends like Eddie Murphy, you can see his films like Harlem Nights. Or those actors who aren’t here any more like Eartha Kitt. It’s a phenomenal thing.”

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  1. She lookin good for 67. Picked up some weight which is cool but that wig… Lol

  2. she still looks the same like she did in the movies

  3. wtfthisannoy13

    skin looks fine just needs to drop the fat…
    I wanted her so bad back in the day… smh she could still be that if she would just get in shape…
    oh… and lose the wig

    A Living Legend!!!

  5. them titties!!!

  6. Ruthless Lover

    She old but a nigga will still drank that bath water

  7. Drunken Master

    Foxy sit on my face bitch

  8. The1966chevyvan

    I just adore Pam, too bad she’s a Hillary Clinton supporter, for how intelligent she is, I’m quite surprised.

  9. Jamie Sutherland

    She is so incredibly beautiful…

  10. She can still be my ex-wife

  11. I got a fetish for old black chicks

  12. Pam Grier ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I still want to fuck Pam Grier.. Lol.. Jus sayin..

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