Black coaches, like Charlie Strong, are failing making it so difficult for others

Charlie Strong digs his own grave with loss to lowly Jayhawks.

Loss to Jayhawks very last straw.

Mass Appeal Commentary

LAWRENCE — There’s only a handful of African-American head coaches in NCAA Division I big revenue sports [football and basketball] which leads us to the ill-fated philosophies of Good Times’ James Evans who once told his wife Florida blacks are the “last hired and first fired.” Before we get started, let’s give James a gold star for disseminating an unemployment theory that certainly rings loud in college athletics. Yes, it’s true some blacks are indeed the last hired and first fired. On Saturday, we were reminded why.

Too many Ebony skippers, like Texas Longhorns head football coach Charlie Strong , are failing in their respective professions — making it more difficult for others. Sure, every now and then the sun will shine on a black coach’s ass and he or she will savor a taste of serendipity [à la Kevin Ollie who led his alma mater — the UCONN Huskies — to an NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship in 2014].

But, for the most part, it’s been doom and gloom for HNICs [Head Negroes In Charge]. Remember the time Turner Gill’s Kansas Jayhawks allowed 600 yards rushing and almost 800 yards of total offense in a 66-24 defeat to Georgia Tech? Well, what transpired Saturday afternoon in Lawrence is worse.

In Saturday’s chilly matinee, with 20 fans in the stands at KU’s desolate Memorial Stadium, the once mighty Longhorns suffered a comical 24-21 overtime loss to the lowly Jayhawks who, in turn, celebrated the obituary of a 19-game Big 12 losing streak.

To put things in perspective, it was Texas’ first loss to KU since 1938.

The Jayhawks entered the contest with one win this season.


And that was over hapless FCS outfit Rhode Island.

The debacle was also KU’s first win over an FBS opponent in almost 3 years. “We just had our opportunities there,” Strong said after the humiliating defeat. “Not much needed to be said.” Given their lavish resources and hunky dory tradition, it’s just flat out indefensible for the Longhorns to fall to KU.

Look, word on the street claims Strong is a player’s coach who’s highly respected inside the Longhorns’ locker room. If that’s true, his signees certainly let him down on Saturday. Just the fact Strong lost to Kansas warrants an expedited dismissal.

Strong, 56, is a good man.

But he and other black coaches have to perform better.

It’s as simple as that.


  1. Texas is one of those schools you can’t have losing records. You really can’t have less then 9-10 win seasons and expect to survive as coach there very long. He had 3 years. He was probably gone already after the season but after losing to Kansas for the first time since before ww2 he may very well not be coach after this weekend. Congratulations to Kansas though. Being 1-9 not exactly unusual for them but they gave their fans quite a thrill today.

  2. Bottom line I believe Strong is a good coach, and he would, if given the chance make Texas great again, but don’t believe the know it all’s will give him that chance. Tough profession.

  3. Should have never fired Mack Brown.

  4. The Kansas students celebrating on the field was racist against Coach Strong…. says a liberal

  5. Six turnovers, and had the ball at the Kansas 38 with under four minutes to go with a 21-10 lead. And still lost. Texas didn’t deserve to win.

  6. The Cubs, Trump beating the corrupt rigged system, George Soros, corrupt liberal media and all, and now this. It’s beginning to look like a year for the History books, that is, when Trump changes education, so that they actually start teaching History again, instead of sucking up to the most miniscule minority of the population that the leftists can find, while searching under every rock.

  7. Texas has been a joke since chasing Mack Brown away. This game was as amusing as the Ohio State vs Michigan State game. The biggest difference between Kansas and Michigan State? Kansas wanted the win.

  8. Whites are better as coaches and Blacks are better as players. Just the way it is.

  9. Bravo Nation!s

    Yeah he’s done but give Kansas some credit. They’re still a long way from being good but they’ve improved a lot and they never stopped playing hard even when it was 21-10 in the 4th.

  10. Charlie, I’m sorry, but Texas was a bad pick to start with. I don’t think they would accept you even if you were winning. Texas much different place than Louisville. At least, you’ll come out of there much richer. Congrats, there’ll be other schools needing a good coach.

  11. CommonSenseIsPerception

    Black leaders: they promise the world, but fail to deliver.

  12. I knew it was coming…..Charlie looked broken after the Kansas game. when they asked him about his future and he replied “I have no idea”, I just threw my hands up.

  13. Charlie Strong dug himself in too big of a hole his first 2 years. This year was just a result of that. He needs more time, but his decision making during games just makes that too difficult for the boosters.

  14. Charlie Strong overrated, why was he so hyped up in the first place? He’s got no qb, no stars on his team.

  15. Rock Chalk

  16. Troy Polamalu #KingTroy#SouthernCal#TrojanLegend 43

    Imagine if he got back with Urban Meyer at Ohio State,man that defense would be scary just like when they were at Florida.Hope Urban gives him a call. F*** Texas those soft ass boys 

  17. fuck them rednecks in texas

  18. “Hit the road Jack and don’t cha come back no more, no more, no more, no more!”

    — Ray Charles

  19. Some people are not meant to be head coaches…….. Charlie will make a fine defensive coordinator somewhere.

  20. Black coaches don’t receive the same kind of support from boosters and alums that white coaches do. They never wanted his black ass anyway. He was destined to fail.

  21. Has nothing to do with color. Lose to Kansas and you deserve to be fired. End of story.

  22. Didn’t have a qb until this year and his D took a step back. Blame that on recruiting which sadly he’s apart of. Still felt the personel wasn’t there for him to be successful. Part on him and part on the University.

  23. Andrew Higgins

    I think he had, and still has, a lot of potential, but from one game to the next, his team has shown confusion, lack of preparation, multiple procedural penalties, guys not knowing their defensive assignments/holding their hands in the air blaming each other for blown coverages, and poor clock and time out management. That’s not on the players, that’s on the coaches who aren’t preparing the players.

  24. I would of been ok with strong if he made a bowl game and didn’t lose to kansas…. I mean we lost to kansas come on…

  25. so now the Houston coach comes in an looks like a hero under the former coaches players . I hope texas goes 90 years without making playoffs karma is a great thing

  26. Nathan Stephens

    I bet Texas never hires a black head coach again.

  27. Charlie is a good coach. He will be successful. Fuck Texas!

  28. Strong was drowning since day 1. Herman will turn the Horns around. Hook ’em!

  29. BlimpCityFeeder

    Charlie Strong cleaned house and built a foundation that Tom Herman can add to. Coach Strong could have just wanted wins, forget the discipline and principles he wanted to establish, and just win at all costs like Art Briles with Baylor. Better to rebuild 3 years with a promising 4th year, than to rise and burn like Baylor did knowing NCAA will deservedly make it harder for Baylor to compete. That loss to the Jayhawks will be hard to forget, even 50 yrs from now. Hoping CS can rebound in 2018 elsewhere.

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