Fitness extraordinaire Terri Allen says Holiday Eating cool, but don’t overdo it

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Terri Allen says eat smart during the holiday season.

Holiday eating fine, but don’t overdo it.

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The holiday season is without question the most difficult time of year to shed a few pounds, especially if you’re a mom or dad who can burn in the kitchen. By the time you’ve finished sticking your big toe in the collard greens and macaroni and cheese, your willpower figures to put up a large “Do Not Disturb” sign while you’re snoring peacefully on the couch. Nevertheless, I’m here to say you don’t have to use the holidays as an excuse to sabotage your daily fitness goals.

Instead, if you’re really serious about meeting your weight loss expectations, please comply with the following set of health tips as you get your grub on between Thanksgiving and Christmas. TIP NO. 1 — Drink a large glass of water prior to eating. That way, you’ll feel full before you sit down to eat.

Remember, the holiday season isn’t about gorging. It’s more about absorbing nutrients and feeling satisfied. Downing plenty of H20 prior to food consumption equates to a very healthy start.

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  1. That is very true!! MY mother lost ALOT of weight and a tip her weight loss counselor told her is that sometimes your mind will tell you your hungry but your really not, your actually just thirsty, so before you run to eat something, fill up a tall glass of water, drink the whole thing, wait a few minutes, THEN see how hungry you are! I always feel less hungry or not hungry at all. 

  2. I try to remember that Thanksgiving is only one day, not 5, lol

  3. This was helpful!! Thanks:)

  4. i have zero self control 🙁

  5. Alex Hernandez

    Thank you ama try my best not to over- eat on my holiday meal

  6. Love is the solution

    ?really if I eat extra apple I put on weight ??

  7. I have been yo-yo-ing ten pounds…up and down…for the last three years…and I hate it…ten pounds lighter and I would be 140, which is fine for my height – I would like to be 130, but I would be happy at 140…so here’s my question…what advice would you give me to lose these 10 pounds once and for all… thanks!

  8. Awesome tips!
    What I also really like to do, whenever I’m eating at someone else’s home, is to bring a plate of salad and a bottle of my favorite tea already sweetened with stevia. That way, I know I’m gonna eat my happy veggies and don’t drink any sugary drinks! 

  9. Robert Cornelius

    Duct tape over the mouth works even better.

  10. I expect to eat 5000 calories per meal xd


  12. How to avoid gaining weight during the holiday :
    Dont eat so much you fat fuck.

    When eating high calorie foods, its all about portion control. Dont be a glutton.

  13. TIP NO. 2 hit a treadmill

  14. I consumed 4,000 calories yesterday and loved every minute of it

  15. I gain a couple pounds then I lose it overnight lol

  16. Mnelson2008 keep following the blog for additional tips.

  17. Hi,I’m returning vegan…forever due to high triglycerides. I was vegan for about four years and was in the best shape of my life.I felt great with tons of energy and my fibromyalgia was minimal. I was in remission also from rheumatoid arthritis. I started eating meat again because I felt obligated. no more unhealthy me!? I’m proud to return vegan again and love how I feel. Also, to keep my seizures down, I have to have a bit of healthy fats.not too much. my exercise includes walking my service dog daily. if it’s too cold and icy outside, we play ball in the halls.we live above a YMCA with free membership? how blessed is that!there is also a track I can walk my dog on upstairs.

  18. how to lose weight over the holidays : you dont

  19. Funny how all comments are apparently body builders. What makes people gain fat during holiday is because they feast 3x a day and have enough left overs to feast on throughout the week. 15k cal x 5

  20. Wanna lose weight around the holidays? Stop eating you fat asses.

  21. Ruthless Lover

    terri can be my baby mama…… she lookin good fo real

  22. Woody Woodpecker

    Wanna lose weight? Eat lettuce, drink plenty of water and stay away from fast food.

  23. Thaaank you, I needed this ?

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