Jayhawks star Josh Jackson throws down emphatic slam dunk in the CBE Classic

Josh Jackson brings down the house at CBE Classic/JayhawkSlant.com.

Josh Jackson goes postal on the rim.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Boom Shakalaka! Kansas freshman Josh Jackson, widely regarded as being the nation’s top hoops prospect, put on a slam dunk exhibition for the ages Monday night — showing why he figures to be selected No. 1 overall in the upcoming NBA Draft. Josh, who’s struggled with foul trouble, enjoyed his best game of the season, scoring 22 points in 33 minutes to lead the high-flying Kansas Jayhawks to an easy 83-63 victory over UAB in the CBE Hall of Fame Classic at the Sprint Center in Kansas City.

The highlight of Jackson’s breakout game, KU’s triumph and, hell, the entire night in college athletics came on a wicked slam late in the 2nd half. “Well, I’ve heard Russell Westbrook say, ‘I dunk the ball so hard so nobody challenges me when I go to the basket,’ so that’s what I’m trying to do,” Jackson said.

*WARNING! Please hide all women and children prior to viewing!

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  1. Just filthy

  2. Josh probably the 1st overall pick in the up coming draft

  3. That nigga got up

  4. Wiggins with playmaking ability, wiggins is more of a scorer , but athleticism and defensive ability almost the same

  5. Josh Jackson = Andrew Wiggins

  6. JJ lookin like Doctor J

  7. A Wiggins way better when he was at Kansas

  8. That Nigga Cocky As Hell..! Hope someone posterizes the hell out of him to humble himself

  9. Josh Jackson is the truth!

  10. Call me crazy but I think Josh will be better than Wiggins.

  11. At first I thought he was a bust, but man was I wrong. Dude got game.

  12. JJ has an explosive first step. His jumper still needs work but the kid is gonna be a star.

  13. he got alot potential he needs to gain like 15 pounds n tighten up handles he gonna b unstoppable

  14. He got game

  15. damn he’s gonna have to change that shot if he wants to be a consistent shooter in the NBA

  16. The next Kobe…? He’s the total package. I cannot see any weaknesses.

  17. Josh Jackson=The most overrated player in the 2017 draft.

  18. TheRealKingLewis23

    Anybody remember when Andrew Wiggins was killing then all the sudden he was playing like trash and even choked in the tournament.. Didn’t come through.. Dude is now killing in the league.. If Josh could go on that run of when Drew was killing and keep it consistent … Then Kansas might be someone that’s very big time this year.l

  19. Dude has an ugly ass jumper but the rest of his game is dope. Definitely 1st round.

    And then you’ll also make sure he breaks both his legs just walking right before his rookie season so we dont see him play for another 7 years.

  21. He’s a fearless player, 19 point games r considered bad games for this guy….one of those players that will always bring something to the court…ALWAYS

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