Thanksgiving Love: Gucci Mane gets engaged to girlfriend Keyshia Ka’oir

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Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka’oir about to get hitched/Hollywood Life.

Gucci Mane gets engaged to Ka’oir.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

ATLANTA — Fresh out of captivity, hip hop virtuoso Gucci Mane has decided his next stop will take place at the altar. The 36-year-old “Icy” rapper popped the question to longtime ladylove Keyshia Ka’oir Tuesday evening in front of thousands at the Atlanta Hawks game and get this: the proposal was captured on “Kiss Cam” without Gucci taking a knee. The team’s mascot, Harry the Hawk, was on hand to congratulate the couple with a fresh bouquet of roses. After the gaieties, Gucci shared a photo on Instagram that shows him cuddled up with his new fiancée.

“She said yessssss!!!!!!!!!!! Lucky me,” the Atlanta native captioned the image. Moments later, Gucci sent out an enlarged close-up of Keyshia’s shiny diamond engagement ring with the caption: “She deserve it!! My bride to be!! #Wopsters luv you my baby.” Congrats Gucci and Keyshia!

Watch the proposal.

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  1. That’s the closest the Atlanta Hawks will ever get to a ring. Hahahahaha!

  2. Bruh Gucci didn’t even get on his knees ? probably wearing some tight ass jeans ?

  3. Looks like that bitch dipped her hair in koolaid, and the reason Gucci didn’t kneel was because his size small jeans would have literally flown off

  4. Socal Mexicana

    if ur going to proposed in public you must go down in ur knees. Gucci i think is too soon to get married. Just got out of jail give ur self sometime

  5. He was like ” take it or leave it bitch ” he just shoved it right in her face. Hahaha

  6. Real niggas don’t get on their knees

  7. If he got on his knees them tight ass pants would’ve ripped…


    Get down on one fucking knee, how hard is that?

  9. She looks like a flamingo with a chocolate center.

  10. this chick got bright dyed red hair and a lil kim crush on you video red coat….why does she deserve marriage?

  11. Tony Got The Sauce

    she look like a red angry bird?

  12. First Trump gets elected, now Gucci gettin married???? 2016 has been a crazy year.

  13. Habel Tchagnao

    that was a gangsta proposal…he aint got on his knee lol

  14. Delores Rosebud

    i am so glad for the two let them be happy

  15. Montay McMillian


  16. Gene Lapsley jr.

    fuck that nigga and that ugly ass bitch he is a fucking retard anyways

  17. Not only do black people refuse to stand for the national anthem, but now they also refuse to kneel for marriage proposals.

  18. Xolani Sibanyoni

    Pure street nigga, he ain’t kneeling for shit! lol

  19. Ahuvah Blossoms

    She doesn’t look like Keshia Kaoir to me. Keisha is very pretty. Google a pic of her back in 2013. She had a mole on her face. They forgot to put it on her look a like.

  20. Ayyeeeee my influential rapper Gucci finally proposed. I was expecting that he said fuck kneeling I got on all white, I feel you Big Guwop do yo thing homie

  21. Better be careful puttin a ring on that.

  22. Im just glad to see a black couple get married. Doesnt happen too often.

  23. Don’t forget the prenup.

    Bitches be scandalous these days.

  24. “I ain’t getting on my knees bae, you bow down to me” -kodak black
    Real trappers give no knee


  26. Rasta Wise&HIGH

    proposing to the thot don’t eem wanna kiss ‘er smh.

  27. the ugliest couple i ever seen

  28. so sweet and she really loves him ? somebody he needed to light him up through his his struggles. she’s been down since day one.

  29. When You Give Your Girl 2Mill For Holding You Down While You Locked Up, and She Flips It Into 8.5Mill, That’s A Keeper?….You Better Wife Her Ass‼️

  30. my nigga gucci proposed OG style

  31. Nick the Quick

    cant turn a ho into a housewife

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