Suicide Squad stars show off funny side

Will Smith with Margot Robbie featured in Suicide Squad blooper reel/CinemaCon.

Suicide Squad has blooper surprise.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — There’s really no point in putting lipstick on a pig. David Ayer’s theatrical release of “Suicide Squad” was nothing short of anticlimactic. Heck… one moviegoer was so perturbed at the minuscule role given to the Joker, he threatened to sue Warner Bros for false advertising. But, as we revel in the holiday season, there appears to be a consolation prize available for rabid fans of the hip DC Comics series. A blooper reel from the making of “Suicide Squad” is now accessible online. The two-minute mélange is part of a digital HD bonus feature on the movie’s extended cut which arrives via Blu-ray in December.

In the compilation, fans will receive a heaping helping of blunders made by Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Jai Courtney. In addition to their frolics, the extended cut features an extra 13 minutes of previously concealed footage which includes antics from Jared Leto’s Joker and Margot’s Harley Quinn.

Fans will also be treated to further comprehension into the backstories of supporting characters like Karen Fukuhara’s Katana, Joel Kinnaman’s Rick Flag and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje’s Killer Croc. Speaking of Margot, the 26-year-old actress is reportedly working on a Harley Quinn spin-off.

Margot is expected to produce and star in the film.

Is this a smart move?

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  1. Nickels & Dimes

    Joker and Harley must have a fucked up sex life…… they crazy as fuck

  2. the chemistry between joker and harley just aint there — very disappointing just like the movie

  3. everyone bitching about harley and joker when in the squad she’s actually with deadshot, not about joke the movies is good shut up its not as bad as hulk and black widow romance

  4. i hate this joker. everything about him is so superficial and unsubtle.. the whole thing about the joker is hes out there tryna prove a point.. this dude just rolls his eyes growls and says some shit tumblr girls can romantacise.. it doesnt even make sense for him to be alive if batman kills.. the backstory they wrote for him it all seems like an excuse to get Jared Leto to act as much as he could.. and even then im not impressed because its so over the top and unnecessary.. like he’s acting crazy for its sake.. with no motive

  5. they really deleted the best scenes! They fucked up the whole movie


    cringeworthy shit movie for shit characters

  7. Off topic, but am I the only one who thinks Margot Robbie is hotter as Harley Quinn than her actual self?

  8. Brandon Groves

    the deleted scenes wouldve made the movie better

  9. boredXsomethingXIDK

    LMFAOROFLCHOPERLOLHOLYFUCK I can’t stop laughing at Leto’s Joker!! It’s the funniest fucking thing I’ve ever seen! XDD

  10. The more i looked back at this movie the more i see that i only cared about Harley and joker and that i cant even pull my self to watch the DVD due the the fact i care nothing about it more then seeing Harley… Talk about a waste of a good movie tho, it should have been Harley’s own movie, happy we are getting that at some point tho!

  11. The movie wasn’t terrible but they couldve done way better. With characters like quinn and joker it couldve been a way better story line and darker

  12. They included more Harley and joker scenes, but they still didn’t show the abusive side of the relationship, which were scenes they all filmed. The motorcycle scene with Harley and joker originally ended with them hooking up then joker punching Harley across the face. Also the helicopter scene involved them getting into an argument, and there was atleast one more scene with joker when he returns in the third act that also got cut. Fuck this cut. I want to see David ayer’s version

  13. I can’t take any of this acting seriously. Harley Quinn goes between having an accent to not having an accent mid sentence. The Joker is trying way to hard to be edgy and wacky and it feels cringey to watch. Killer Croc looks terribly out of place with the really weird prosthetic makeup. Most of the characters are forgettable and pointless. The script feels like it was written for a high school play, the directing is confusing, out of order and nonsensical and half the shots where they provide quote on quote “backstory” are just the characters walking side by side down the street. It just looks and sounds like a garbage pile.

  14. I don’t care how bad a movie is as long as Margot is in it. She is fuckin hot.

  15. Will Smith for president 2020!

  16. This Joker make me get some kind of addicted feeling …,,, I’ve never
    been so attracted to a psychopath like now …,,, what Joker/Leto show in
    this movie is very amazing …,,,

  17. I still want my money back. This movie was a waste.

  18. I just really wanted the movie to show people who haven’t watched the animated series or read the comics/wiki pages how toxic the Joker and Harley’s relationship really is so that they would stop comparing their relationships and “relationship goals” to the pair. But all the movie did was glorify it.

  19. I think if this movie was r rated then it would have turned out better
    But I still loved the movie

  20. This is one dumbass movie

  21. They made Joker a total bitch in this movie. He is played like a mix of the Heath Ledger interpretation and Jim Carreys The Mask. Also the extended scene leading up to Deadshots big moment on top of the car makes his character turn make even less sense. This movie was the biggest let down of the year.

  22. movie was so bad almost made me cry 🙁

  23. Harley Quinn makes me horny

  24. Fuck this movie and fuck anybody who supports it.

  25. Courtney Smith

    The last extension they added makes me dislike the movie and Margot’s portrayal of Harley Quinn. ” I need a mind to pry open and spit in” that’s not something she would say. Too on the nose and not exactly valid. She didn’t even come across as witty or intelligent, but as obnoxious and arrogant. This whole movie is simply the result of bad writing. We were so excited to see these characters live action and D.C. was so desperate to deliver that they didn’t take the time to write a quality story. There was so much potential and they just said fuck it, lets use our shitty action movie formula, plug in these characters and bang boom done. Toys and merch to sell, success!

  26. Harley_quinn_4479

    Harley and Joker’s relationship is such bullshit in this movie! It’s honestly cringey compared to the comics ?

  27. A piece of gold

    Good lord, why did she really cared about joker so much, she should just left him alone, you can tell how much joker just didn’t care about her. -_-

  28. To be honest, I didn’t think Suicide Squad was that good when it came out. But these deleted scenes are fucking awesome, and I’m sure that if they’d been left in the original cut, the reception of the movie would have been much more positive by people like myself.

  29. TheOriginalPoopBalls

    I hate the word cringe but Jesus tap dancing Christ this is the cringiest joker ever

  30. Harpran Khalsa

    This movie still FUCKING sucks. These scenes can’t save it.

  31. I watched the movie online before it came out and all of the scenes were in the movie on the website. Buying and seeing the movie on DVD was such a disappointment

  32. “Harley, why don’t you stop acting like a drunken stripper”. But that’s what she did for the whole movie!

  33. Dennis the Menace

    Terrible movie. Director must’ve been smokin’ crack.

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