NFL takin’ heat for featuring Kansas City Chiefs star Tyreek Hill on Twitter Page

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Tyreek Hill

NFL under fire for featuring Tyreek Hill on Twitter/Kansas City Star.

Battery is still on minds of NFL fans.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The old adage claims America is the mecca of second chances… an aphorism that’s 100 percent fallacious by the way. Instead, the United States should be deemed the land of first opportunities which basically means if you screw up once, you’re pretty much toast. Kansas City Chiefs rookie wide receiver Tyreek Hill is learning that unforgiving lesson the hard way. Hill, who pleaded guilty to domestic abuse by strangulation of his then-gravid girlfriend, remains under court supervision [probation] until 2018.

So far, Hill has satisfied his obligations with the justice department and, according to his baby mama, he’s been the perfect gentlemen since reeling in assault charges as a member of the Oklahoma State Cowboys in 2014. The Chiefs selected Hill in the 5th round of the 2016 NFL Draft.

“He came in here with the incident, obviously, and he’s handled himself in a good way,” said Chiefs head coach Andy Reid. “There haven’t been any issues, which has been positive, and he’s had some things he’s had to do for the incident and he doesn’t miss anything. He does everything he’s supposed to do.”

But Hill’s newfound comportment isn’t good enough to silence critics.

After the speedy 22-year-old made history on NBC’s Sunday Night Football by becoming the first player to score touchdowns via the run, catch and kick return in the same game since Gayle Sayers in 1965, the NFL rewarded Hill by making his photo the header on the league’s official Twitter page.

The tendentious gesture, however, isn’t sitting too well with fans who are now questioning the probity of the league. Some are threatening to boycott. “I’m confused,” tweeted fan Scott Bunker. “Why are you using the picture of someone who’s beaten and choked his pregnant girlfriend as your header?”

A female fan, Debi Cirasole, added: “You cannot be serious with that header! Featuring a player who pleaded guilty to punching & choking his pregnant girlfriend in 2014?!!” 

What’s your take?

Did the NFL make a mistake?

Is it time for fans to forgive Hill and move on?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Nahledge Allah

    He made a mistake in the past, he’s fresh out of college…guess how old college kids are, move on dipshyts…the end

  2. Alfonso Bolden

    Such thing called second chance. Horrific thing he did to the women and their unborn child, but Roethlisberger has had numerous women claim he raped/sexual assaulted and he gets off easy by social media, humm I wonder why!! It’s crap when people judge. Allow this young Man to prove himself.

  3. The Chiefs drafted Hill because Andy Reid is good at helping revive careers of convicts/criminals. Michael Vick, Marcus Peters, and Tyreek Hill all were revived by Andy Reid.

  4. frederick gramcko

    Remember, all you potential violent offenders… err.. men, out there, only you can prevent violent offenses. .. .. So tell your sons and nephews that ‘they’ have to stop being offenders, especially in the future, because that’s all that matters, that we tell these young men, that they are the offenders, and they have to stop being violent to women… We have to stop it now, like some kine of pre crime prevention, because all men are the violent ones, and they need to be stopped, I mean controlled, you know

  5. Kenneth Miller

    So what your saying is their is no such thing as a second chance. What he did was wrong and we shouldn’t overlook that we need to consider these are people who dumb stuff like any person. He’s a better person and if he does something “bad” again than he is done with chances. But people change and that experience made him a better person. He suffered in paycheck and reputation so let him rebuild that.

  6. Women beaters deserve no mercy……. fuck him

  7. Cant stand a nigga who beats women. Put me in a room with him and let’s see if he can handle a real man.

  8. I agree what tyreek did was wrong and he made a mistake. He’s apologized for it and he and the Chiefs believe he is a changed man. However, you guys are acting like he’s the worst human being to ever live. He’s had no problems since the first incident, and it isn’t like it was yesterday it was months and months ago.

  9. @N7pirate — 1. Nobody said he was the worst person ever. 2. Who gives a fuck how long ago it was? He’s a violent asshole who shouldn’t be in the NFL.

  10. I don’t give a flying fuck if He is a nice guy or not. He’s good at playing a game for our entertainment. Professional athletes aren’t there to be your role model, and the NFL/ Fans need to stop trying to be the moral police. Let the courts Handle criminal offenders and leave it at that.

  11. Tyler Scherger

    It’s not the NFLs job to police its players personal lives. The NFL should handle anything that happens on the field. We have a police force to handle stuff that happens after those guys walk out of the doors of the stadium. Don’t get me wrong though I’m not advocating for Hill’s past to be forgotten, dudes a scumbag and should be in jail.

  12. If the nigga had white skin he would get a million chances. When you black, it’s one and done. Real talk.

  13. Kenneth Miller first off L, second choking and beating your pregnant girlfriend is not dumb stuff it’s a pathetic, disgusting thing to do so don’t say it made him a better person he is still human garbage

  14. classicjukebox


  15. This MAN got set up BY that bitch BIG TIME !!! .. Doctors confirmed she had several hickeys AND she goes to TYREEK room every night.. In the 2yrs she knew TYREEK no reports of domestic abuse.. !!

  16. Bitches get hit eveyday b

  17. This is fucking stupid. We’re talking and watching football. I don’t care if these guys are pieces of shit cause many of them have had domestic disputes and we don’t talk about it. If the nfl really cared about stuff like this you wouldn’t be allowed to play. Nfl doesn’t give a shit and if their gonna let them play than why do we need to bring it up just watch the man play football. I don’t care about his personal life and nobody cared about this till they saw ray rice and people wanna put all this attention on it. I’ve seen my dad bit my mom I’m not gonna bring it up 20 years later and be like wtf. Pretty sure he knows it was wrong let the man live.

  18. But it happened over a year ago and he is going to anger management courses

  19. Vanidas Oh wow, anger management classes? Real changed guy, sure. That totally excuses his violent actions.

  20. Sometimes u gotta beat a bitch’s ass

  21. Tyreek Hill deserves a 2nd chance. But he shouldn’t be allowed to earn millions. Make his ass work at McDonald’s for a little while.

  22. Naughty or Nice

    this nigga plays football like his freedom depends on it

  23. stop judging Tyreek hill because you don’t know what the girl did to him women causes fights just as well yall don’t know if she was boxing him or each other it was a young couple that didn’t know how to work there problems out and it’s funny how some people want to judge and condemn you when there sinners and also sinned against God themselves and I wonder what they will day when God judges them based on there sins and I bet they can’t even answer that

  24. Christopher Tenpenny

    As a Chiefs fan myself, I love what Tyreek Hill brings to the football field and think he’s a hell of a player. Having said that what he did to his pregnant ex-girlfriend was disgusting and people should be upset about that. It’s ok to question him, have your doubts, and wonder if he will ever change. I personally have clearly seen attempts by Hill to change his ways based off the way he carries himself and what he says in interviews. Hill is going to therapy and paying his child support. He’s doing what he can to right himself. Obviously this doesn’t give him a free pass but everyone deserves a second chance. He’s made strides recently and hopefully will continue to grow and build himself into a better man. We want to root for you Tyreek. Don’t give us a reason not to.

  25. How in the hell was this guy 5th round pick wwith this speed?

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