Former Kansas City Chiefs halfback McKnight shot dead during road rage

Ronald Gasser killed ex-NFL player Joe McKnight/TMZ.

Joe McKnight shot during road rage.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

TERRYTOWN, La. — An eye witness recalled Ronald Gasser stood over ex-NFL player Joe McKnight and fired several shots while screaming “I told you not to fuck with me!” Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand says it’s a lie. “Mr. Gasser did not stand over Mr. McKnight and fire shots into him,” Normand said. “That witness account … is factually incorrect. It did not happen.” McKnight, who played briefly for the Kansas City Chiefs, was shot dead Thursday afternoon around 3 p.m. following an alleged road rage incident in Terrytown, La.

According to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Department, Gasser fired three shots from the driver’s seat of his vehicle, striking an unarmed McKnight who was standing at his passenger door. The former USC Trojans star suffered gunshot wounds to his right lung, liver and kidney.

Gasser, a 54-year-old white male, was originally taken into custody for questioning before being released early Friday morning, sparking nationwide outrage. After completing their investigation, the Sheriff’s Department placed Gasser under arrest. He’s being charged with manslaughter.


  1. DJ SmoothNutts Nelson

    When it comes to racist logic, conclusions are drawn, IF and only IF, one incorrect fact is proved in favor of the white person. Thus, since the Police could “prove” that Gasser didn’t stand over Knight and shoot him, then Gasser is free to go……….Never mind the fact that GASSER DID SHOOT HIM WHILE IN HIS CAR. The DC Sniper shot people in his car too…. So, it’s justified to shoot someone as long as you do it while sitting in your car?

    What happened to the part where Murder was a crime?

    Racism makes people blind and their judgement is worse than a drug addict.


  3. Is it me or is the police taking sides? So unprofessional, to get on television and say what did or did not happen, or what was said, or not said, when you were not present……a professional police officer/chief would say, “We are looking into this event to get the facts”, end of story……he has no right to come to defense of the killer, when he does not know the facts.
    This is the same story, different face……arrest him, let him go, let him lawyer up, and allow him to conk up a fictitious story and make it a believable story, as soon as possible……..I promise you, if the shoe was on the other foot, a black man would NEVER, I mean NEVER, shoot a white person, and be set free within 24 hours.

  4. As long as there are “questions” about the circumstances, the guy should be in jail. If the guy who was shot was standing outside the car, and on the opposite side from the shooter, then the guy who was sitting in the car had every opportunity to simply drive away; there was no need to shoot anyone. This is murder two. Why hasn’t he been charged?

  5. I would not be surprised if he always traveled w his gun for just this reason. He was waiting for the right time to use it. And I think he wins. Let this be a lesson to all. Bullying kills.

  6. For 1 minute let’s remove the race factor….now shouldn’t you be charged for shooting someone period especially if there was no need to defend yourself….if he really did shoot him from the car (according to police) & did so 3 times shouldn’t he be held accountable because he had the option of driving off…but instead he chose to pull out his gun and shoot ? Again, why is he free?

  7. Kill a dog go to jail kill a black man and get released that night, become a Fox News hero, and now he’s going to tour the gun manufacturers facility and drop the, “do you know who I am “, line to get out of traffic tickets and meet strippers.

  8. Don't Quote Me on That

    Let’s pretend for a minute this isn’t about race.

    Can someone please explain to me why one man is deceased and his shooter was questioned and released?

    Because there’s definitely something wrong with this picture.

  9. Because a white man shooting dead a black man for whatever reason isn’t a crime in the USA. So unless the car is stolen, or he has outstanding traffic citations, they’ve got no reason to arrest or hold him.

  10. Because everything for BLACK people is about race, and if a white decides do defend himself, here they are claiming racism and jail for life without waiting for the facts.

  11. Actually he was arrested once before for road rage and assault in that same spot… Multiple witnesses are also coming forward saying they all saw him standing over the body yelling.

    In what world is that self defense? There’s no law that allows you to kill someone in PUBLIC without being immediately threatened physically and he has not one scratch on him.

    The street is not his own. No matter how dumb that Sheriff is unless they get a majorly racist jury they will simply ask “Why didn’t you drive off?” and “Why did you pull out a gun instead of leaving?”..

  12. yea,, make it about race.. why not… again,, no facts,, just supposition .. people going ” Oh, he wasnt armed, you cant shoot him..”.. WHY is he FREE ?!?!?!?!?!
    Uh…yea, you can, or he can, shoot him that is…. IF the facts support it.. WHY ?? well, firstly, were you there ?? do you know McNights frame of mind ? did you HEAR what he said to Gasser, who was sitting in HIS car ?? and McNight came to HIM..??? maybe Gasser pulled his gun, McNight came over, saw the gun and pulled a “Mike Brown”, and tried to attack Gasser IN his car to take the gun from him..
    So right there,, you have imminent threat to life… so YES, he can actually shoot him and be set free…

    IF THE FACTS support this.. I DO NOT KNOW the facts.. YOU DONT KNOW the facts..
    STOP deciding what the LAW should do, when you have ZERO clue what happened and why..
    IF gasser was NOT in danger for his life, he will still most likely only be charged with manslaughter. McNight was the aggressor, not that you pay attention to that..If Gasser was Black, and McNight white… NOBODY would have ANYTHING to say about it…it would be ” Oh, McNight threatened him, called him the N word, so he had every right to shoot him..

    so check the facts.. when the facts are in, and stop making instant judgments just because you feel you HAVE to make it about race..

  13. I agree all black /white issues aren’t always about race… however we all know if this situation was turned around … he would have NOT been released. Period. The world we still live in.

  14. Steven L. Taylor

    why are black people so quick to get out of their cars on the road to fight the white man could very well have been the bigger instigator in the situation but he didn’t exit his vechicle in traffic to fight after the exchange of words driving down the road the black man planned at the next red light to pin the white man in traffic

  15. For real, they let this fuck head go? Just like that. Man, For reallll. This U.S is fucked.
    Reply 8

  16. we all drink the same water we all wear the same clothes we all breath the same air so y are we so diffrent and have to get treated like we are kess than dogs because we have diffrent skin color. some white men would swear on their lives they are god fearing men but its so easy for them just to take another persons life. y cant we b equal y cant we be treated as fair as any other person this is not just speaking for black peple but hispanics, muslums, etc. y cant we get as many rights as whites why cant we have the same types of odds as whites in court because any other race than white would have had a 25 to life charge on them right now and the media would paint them as devils but the man that him mcknight in cold blood is going to got free watch the most hell get is 1 year or a few months and theorpy ?#WeAllDrinkWater

  17. Hadley Pleasanton

    The football thug messed with the wrong guy and got himself snuffed. End of story. Let’s move on, shall we? ?

  18. Why would a murderer walk out free? Smh

  19. Chiamaka 926 Cause white people are Cain’s children. I don’t care what anyone says a black man/woman going to jail on the spot and staying there for any crime they do. Whitey always walks off scot free. If we compared the same cases amongst blacks and whites it would be obvious that blacks aren’t getting away with anything, but let whitey tell it. We’re delusional.

  20. autumnsapphireblue

    Fuck that honkey. Let him rot.

  21. Being charged don’t mean shit. I doubt he gets convicted.

  22. when will niggers learn it’s a white man’s world

  23. Shawana Washington

    McKnight still had too much testosterone coursing through his body from his former football days. This was a semi-suicide in a way. Didn’t have to happen.

  24. Manslaughter is too light of a charge get him for murder.

  25. White people are the problem when it comes to racism! Period.Yes not all white people. And Yes there are black, hispanics etc etc that are racist as well.; But the over all problem is routed in White Supremacy or White Nationalism or whatever you want to call it!

  26. Eyeswideopen Truth

    This bitch ass white boy will get a broom shoved up his ass in jail
    Fuckin coward
    This disturbs me so much right now


  28. yeah, if a crazy nigga get out his car to attack you.. u can drive away.. maybe even give him a love tap.. but u cant bust 3 caps in da nigga.. especially if he bee a famous coon.. ;D

  29. Shoot him in the arm, leg or whatever would have sufficed to end any feeling of being threatened. If he even just showed him the gun he probably would have backed off. There are instances where killing to protect yourself would be justified; someone in my house at night Bang, yer dead — not leaving you the opportunity to win. I’m for gun ownership, so are liberals just not assault weapons.

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