Raiders quarterback Derek Carr feelin’ secure behind all black offensive line

Raiders QB Derek Carr benefiting from all black offensive line.

Derek Carr is the safest QB in NFL.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

OAKLAND — Finally a feel-good story about five black men working together in unison and it has nothing to do with basketball. If you’re African-American, you’d probably be wise to become an aficionado of Pro Bowl quarterback Derek Carr and the Oakland Raiders. Why? Because Jack Del Rio’s boys are idiosyncratic in that they feature an all black offensive line — a unit that includes former Kansas City Chiefs center Rodney Hudson who signed as a free agent in 2015.

Joining Hudson along the interior are right tackle Menelik Watson, left tackle Donald Penn, right guard Gabe Jackson and left guard Kelechi Osemele. An inside source says the Raiders are so thrilled with their Ebony quintet, they have posters of the 1966 Texas Western basketball team and the Tuskegee Airmen hanging in their practice facility — groups that share a similar composition.

Yessir, Carr is down with the brothas and it’s paying off… literally.

Anchored by the NFL’s most expensive offensive line [worth $37.7 million in cap dollars], the Raiders have allowed the fewest sacks in the league. A large part of that success begins with the aforementioned Hudson who’s also Carr’s best friend and practice confidant.

When they’re not busy going over formations, Carr and Hudson are usually bouncing ideas off of each other late at night in the team hotel. “We just go to another level in our discussions — stuff we don’t want everyone to hear because their brains might explode,” Carr explained with a laugh.

Hudson says there’s times when he’ll be out to dinner and he’ll see that his quarterback has been texting him videos of plays. No wonder Carr, widely considered the lead candidate for MVP honors, appears most comfortable late in games. The entire line has his back when it counts most.

“When the ball is in his hands late in the game, everybody believes something big is gonna happen,” says ESPN analyst Matt Hasselbeck. “I saw that with Brett Favre when I was his teammate.”


  1. This was a great article! It seems like Derek truly loves his offensive line, and they really love him. Which is why they give their all to protect him and keep him upright.

  2. No belt motion, no dancing, no dabbing. He hugs his lineman and WR’s. The dude is what you want to see at the position. The sky is the liit for this kid, even more so if he take a team friendly contract.

  3. Alex Smith Sucks

    I wish the Chiefs drafted a good young QB like Carr. We always get San Francisco’s leftovers.

  4. Kid can play, the reason they are doing so well. Add a seasoned tough coach and this team has a chance at AFC championship game. Broncos don’t have a QB, and the Chiefs, we’ll they are the Chiefs. Just Win Baby!

  5. Great article, good read from top to bottom. DC is a class act, and I love that he has that kind of relationship with the O-line.

  6. Not a fan of Oakland, by any means, but I want to see Carr do exceptional… Considering how crappy his hand was dealt coming into the league. Older brother is definitely a bust, but that doesn’t mean that he was going to be one too…

  7. Jackson Pawkay

    It’s hard to not root for a guy like Derek Carr . Humble and a hard worker . Same for Khalil Mack . I like both of those guys just not when they’re playing my Broncos !

  8. Brian Oniel Little

    Rip AL DAVIS

  9. Matthew Williams

    His older brother had that talent too. He got hit so much in Houston that he became gunshy. But the talent in this family has always been tremendous.

  10. I will only give props to the Raiders if they beat us in Arrowhead. If they don’t then we are for sure the best team in the AFC West cause we will have the season sweep of them.

  11. Derek Carr Is Most Definitely The League MVP!! Khalil Mack Is Absolutely The Defensive Player Of The Year Without Question!!!!!!!!

  12. Chiefs = Clippers

    Good Record, choke in Playoffs

  13. Ninjachickenfingers

    As Marty Schottenheimer always said
    “All you have to do is hang with the Raiders until the fourth quarter. Because if you do, the Raiders always seem to find a way to beat themselves.”

  14. That’s my quarterback! ??? #RaiderNation

  15. Silver and Black is back…. bow down Chiefs!

  16. Carr learned that once you go black, you never go back. Great fuckin article!

  17. Raiders exposed

  18. Raiders are and have always been dog shit. Not to mention they have the worst fans in the NFL…

  19. I always enjoy our rivalry. The Raiders are terrific this year. I’m glad to have the Chiefs/Raiders/Broncos fighting it out like the old times. The Chargers are damn good for a last place team too

  20. Christopher Butler

    Exactly what I’ve come to expect from Chiefs and Raiders fans.

  21. Raiders vs Chiefs Afc championship ??

  22. frederick gramcko

    The fat man and his staff out coached the Raiders once again.. period. Especially Mushgave… he got pawned again by the Chiefs.. And Del Rio’s decision not to go into the 2 min drill 8 points down with 7 mins to go was down right stupid. … and Carr called a time out on that drive too… unexceptable.

  23. Raiders are BACK BITCHES!!!!

    Chiefs and Broncos bow down!!!!

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