John and Chrissy handle wardrobe malfunction on “The Tonight Show”

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen play charades with Fallon/ET.

John and Chrissy joke with Fallon.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

NEW YORK CITY — Arguably Hollywood’s dreamiest couple, singer John Legend and supermodel wife Chrissy Teigen participated in a game of charades with talk show phenom Jimmy Fallon and comic Chelsea Handler on ‘The Tonight Show’ on Friday and they were absolutely off the chain. John and Chrissy, parents to 8-month-old daughter Luna, got off to a good start before a wardrobe malfunction stole the show. As John acted out a scene from ‘The Little Mermaid,’ Chrissy put his ass on blast.

“Your fly is unzipped, first of all,” Chrissy interrupted before running over to rectify the problem. “And you’re yelling ‘little!'” Jimmy joked, referring to John’s exposed package. “No, that’s not little!” Chrissy replied. Moments later, Jimmy had trouble coming up with the correct answer to Chelsea’s ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ pantomime to which the Netflix comedian took offense.

“Oh, my God! Are you serious right now?” Chelsea yelled.

“Everyone here knows it!”

When all was said and done, John and Chrissy won.

Watch their performance.

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  1. Wow, Chelsea Handler just seems like such a poor sport, stop having her on, she sucks

  2. I love how she had to clarify that “no, that’s not little!” ?

  3. 2012saviourofstaffs

    Chrissy teigen is the most annoying biznitch ever and her and Jon always doin tv sh*t together I will be so happy when they divorce in 2017

  4. Chrissy Tiegen….. OMFG is she HOT!!!

  5. I ?John&Crissy

  6. Not funny. They must be high


    Weird to see Chelsea not cussing every 3 seconds.

  8. I thought all these crazy narcissistic fucks were moving because of trump..but here they still are…

  9. Chelsea is a skank

  10. Chrissy flat ass makes me love my booty so much ??

  11. Bladimir Valdes

    Chelsea is definitely high

  12. Ruthless Lover

    Chrissy got a pretty face and no ass

  13. By far one of the best games of Charades!

  14. lol rigged entertainment for the mindless masses

  15. Giovannia Barbosa

    Why is Chrissy getting so much hate? Cause she has no ass? We all talk about body positivity and all that shit but we still hatin regardless… Fuckin hypocrites

  16. John wife shape like a damn twizzler

  17. Really, who gives a fuck?

  18. John Legend got a fine ass bitch with NO ASS

  19. John, you lucky son of a bitch…….. your wife is fuckin hot

  20. Chrissy is GORGEOUS but OF COURSE people need to find something that they don’t like and point out that she doesn’t have a big butt. By the way, that’s not even a flaw. News flash, not everyone looks like a Kardashian

  21. how is christy talented?

  22. John Legend seems like a cool dude but his wife is annoying.

  23. They all look drunk LMAO

  24. Why is John’s little penis worthy of an article?

  25. For a long time Hollywood’s favorite couple was Will and Jada but it’s been a while since we’ve heard much about them. I think John and Chrissy is the new favorite.

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