Kim Kardashian holdin’ things down as husband Kanye West gets treatment

Kim Kardashian staying strong as hubby Kanye West recovers/TMZ.

Kanye West has demons to fight.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Prior to his mother’s controversial death, rap icon Kanye West made a name for himself as a socially conscious entertainer blessed with infinite potential. Remember Jesus Walks? However, when Donda West passed away in November 2007, Kanye’s musical interests changed, he got cynical in his lyrics, and his once pedagogic messages dissolved into sporadic bouts of head-scratching babbles. November 20th marked the 9-year anniversary of Donda’s funeral.

If you recall, the 58-year-old author died one day after undergoing what should have been routine medical procedures in the areas of liposuction, tummy tuck and breast reduction. Dr. Jan Adams, who performed the cosmetic surgery, denied responsibility for Donda’s demise.

Nevertheless, when Nov. 20th finally arrived, an inside source said Kanye became a nervous wreck as evidenced by his lack of sleep and decision to cancel the remainder of his concert tour. A few hours later, he suffered a neurotic breakdown which led to his hospitalization at the UCLA Medical Center.

Feelin’ blue, however, is nothing new for Kanye; especially around the holidays.

Word on the street claims he struggles to cope with his mother’s death every November. But this year was different. Kanye suddenly had difficulty handling stress. He accused longtime friend and business partner Jay Z of hiring hitmen to take him out. Then he uttered otherworldly things on stage.

For the first time ever, Kanye had reached his breaking point.

Today, he’s on the road to recovery. But it requires him to spend time away from his wife and kids. “Kanye isn’t at home with Kim [Kardashian] and the kids,” said the source“He is instead receiving outpatient care elsewhere with a medical team. Kim still seems concerned but is supportive. They don’t know for how long Kanye will need outpatient care.”

Do you expect a speedy recovery?

Should Kanye step away from the music scene for awhile?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Kanye is out of control and bad for business. ❌❌❌ I’m also worried about what he’ll do to his OWN FAMILY if he snaps again. ????

  2. Hope Kanye and the entire Kardashian clan die and burn in hell!!! It would bring the utmost joy to my heart!!!

  3. Ochieng Peter Junior

    Kanye isn’t Crazy he is Sound and He still got hiz fans WE LOVE KANYE, He should be left alone #TeamKANYE W

  4. Maybe Kim should get a job and pay some bills. She could get a job as a waitress or work in a strip club, just temporarily until Kanye gets better.

  5. they need to rest,just live on what they got and not be wasteful and make it last because this public lifestyle is bringing them down it seems.maybe they should just relax for a year or two,stay out of the spotlight

  6. Will keep him in prayer….. ..When you break, you break… Mental health does not care who you are and how much money you have… He is doing to damn much.. his “Super Cape” has a hole in it now.. I just want him to get better. Praying for you Kanye?

  7. Eugene Calhoun

    fuck him this shit aint news

  8. JesusIsTheOnlyWay

    Most of these celebrities are long dead and replaced by look alike clones or synthetics. It’s very sad. And if any of them are real, they need prayers desperately. Most of these ppl were born into this industry with wicked families and had no choice but to bow to lucifer. They are under heavy MK Ultra mind control which is extreme abuse and torture.

  9. Kanye was unstable before the Kardashian clan. Why would any woman spawn his offspring inheriting such inadequate brain power. Kim baby daddy coulda shoulda been thought out more not just skin color.

  10. Kanye 2020; fuck the opposition.

  11. Get well my nigga

  12. Kanye should repent and accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and savior. His soul is troubled.

  13. Blame Obamacare


  15. These fools are idiots, Kanye is just tired of serving those demons, he finally just broke down, he’s not crazy, the people that are saying he’s crazy are the true nut jobs . Real shit!

  16. Kanye is a hero

  17. Kanye is just the latest to be lifted to the heights by Satan whom he willingly serves but has been used and cast back down to the rocks, this is how Satan operates so you slugs that worship at the feet of these demonic filled individuals pay close attention, this is you when you fail to give praise and honor to the one true God that created this world and you, Satan loves this game and he has been playing it for a very long time, yes he knows our fleshly desires and just like Kanye he will offer the world and all it has if only you will serve him,and when you sign that contract the devil will take you up to the top and then cast you right back down on the rocks and he hopes it kills you, Kanye out of his own mouth said he had sold his soul to the devil to get to where he is, he claimed to be on a level with Jesus Christ himself this is blasphemy and carries its own price that a man will pay in full, it reminds me of King Nebuchadnezzer when he failed to give God glory for where he was in life, God took his mind and let him wonder in the fields eating grass for seven years like and animal, when we get lifted up within ourselves and fail to honor the God whom allowed us to achieve the things in our life, we get a real wake-up call and Kayne has gotten his, I truly hope he comes to his senses gets away from the demonic filled witch whores that surround him and begins to give glory to him whom gave him all.

  18. Poor kanye I really think that he is tired

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