Kansas Jayhawk forward Carlton Bragg cleared, girlfriend charged with battery

Carlton Bragg had reason to smile during mugshot/Douglas County Jail.

Bragg got cleared, charge is dropped.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LAWRENCE — Kansas University forward Carlton Bragg is known for donning a million dollar smile. Unfortunately, his cute dimples are on full display… in a mugshot. Bragg, 20, pleaded not guilty Friday afternoon to one count of misdemeanor [domestic] battery after he allegedly punched his girlfriend [who’s a KU student] before shoving her on a flight of stairs. The 6’10” sophomore was arrested early Friday morning. He remained in police custody until making a court appearance via video from the Douglas County Jail.

Saleeha Soofi arrested for suspicion of battery/Douglas County Jail.

The alleged victim, 19-year-old Saleeha Soofi, was also arrested. The charge against Bragg was later dropped after a video surfaced that showed he acted in self defense.

According to Bragg’s attorney, Hatem Chahine, the altercation started at the Delta Upsilon fraternity house when a drunken Soofi accused Bragg of “sleeping with her best friend.” After an argument ensued, things got physical. “As Mr. Bragg began to explain his side of the situation, Ms. Soofi began yelling … and struck Mr. Bragg with an open palm on the right side of the face,” Chahine wrote in a court filing. Soofi then “continued to yell and hit” Bragg, who made attempts to block her hands after getting slapped roughly eight times.

After getting hit,  Bragg “forcefully shoves her away from him causing the female to fall backwards up the ascending stairs behind her.” Now Soopi is being charged with one count of battery.

Bragg expressed relief. “This has been a difficult and humiliating experience for me, and I’m glad it’s over,” he said. “I appreciate the authorities taking the time to get this right. I also appreciate the support of my teammates and coaches, and I’m glad I can put this behind me and move forward.”

According to court docs, police were called to the 1000 block of Emery Road around 1:00 a.m. The caller said “her boyfriend had struck her and pushed her down stairs during an argument.” Bragg, considered a first round lock in the upcoming NBA Draft, was suspended from the basketball team.

Many thought he would declare last season.

Bragg has been reinstated to the team.

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  1. MikePenceNoneTheRicherNowVP

    Look at the asshole… Smiling bigly.

  2. Scandalous bitch saw that this nigga was about to make millions and leave her ass so she decided to rat him out as a woman-beater. Bragg should’ve gave the ho the middle finger and walked away.

  3. If you’re 20 years of age and dating someone and you find yourself in a yelling argument with them, the relationship is over. Walk away and delete them from your contacts. Like that minute.
    You’re fucking 20. Find someone else.
    Certainly don’t hit them or throw them down some fucking stairs (????).
    No kids and not living together? Walk.
    What could you possibly be arguing about at 20 that is worth not just ghosting and logging into Tinder? Walk.

    The yelling is the universe’s alarm going off that the person is too insecure for you or you’re too annoying to date.
    Either way, sever the goddamn limb.

  4. Ryan Howard's Colostomy Bag

    I’m not saying you’re obligated to look sad/depressive when taking a mug shot, but who looks this fucking happy after being arrested for DV?

  5. When will niggaz learn that ain’t no pussy worth fuckin up a career. Find a new bitch and move on. Geez!

  6. just another reason to fire bill self

  7. Lesson to you bitches: all black men are woman beaters

  8. This is what happens when u pursue a KU education……… Hahahahaha!

  9. That mugshot is the look of a guy who is thinking “I’m a Jayhawk, and I will get away with this” He shouldn’t and he wont.

  10. Too bad he doesnt hit the boards like he hits women

  11. Umm typical Kansas jokes. Recruits who are worth half a dime pick Kansas cause of sponoships (adidas) or rather go to that prison block in lawrence. Morris twins, alexander, mcclemore, bragg, morningstar, rush… pathetic. Say what you want about Cal, but he runs a tight ship. Recruits know if they come to lexington is work, or GTFO. Assitant Coach smoking weed, Greene leaves casue he loves weed lol. selden leaves early to not get drafted lol? Umm forced out to get jackson. and the should be junior is over rated. He can dunk!! thats where it stops. Self is a joke who resorts to what ever decent recruit will pick his boring a$$ offensive and early tournamet exit. Bragg picked Kansas we know why.. thought of WORK scared him. Must be reason PLENTY kentucky guys go NBA and stay there. Reason why KU ones suck. Embiid played 10 games there?? DOES HE COUNT? another one with an attitude problem. Glad wiggins can learn from KAT. He might be more than a drive to the basket player in a few years. Bragg has a huge smile on his stupid face. Beating women funny dude?? No worries Self will get this buried or delayed till end of season like he did with traylor another one accused of rape.

    who writes this?? another Ellis.. In fact I wont degrade Ellis, that dude has heart.. always solid, no drama, just WORK. To bad Self couldnt keep Ellis for a 5th year like he does the rest of his playes

  12. He was charged with a misdemeanor for allegedly striking his girlfriend and pushing her down a flight of stairs. I guess it’s a good thing he didn’t shoot her, because then maybe they might have even upgraded it to a felony.

  13. Brett Erik Johnson

    Pushing somebody down the stairs is a misdemeanor? Wow. It’s not like you could get seriously injured or paralyzed I guess…

  14. Welp, Rock, Chalk Cellblock it is then. Way to go moron.

  15. Talk about classless. Norda Jones you are an idiot and know nothing about Bill Self or the KU basketball program. You should be asshamed of being so callously stupid.

  16. Starscreamsicle

    “Ain’t nothing but a Jay thang”
    – Dr. Dre
    (The joke is that he threw someone down some stairs and nobody cares)

  17. hey, news flash for the goons with tatoos…battery and raping women is wrong. You shouldn’t have to be told this.

  18. Her Bearness, Trump City

    Only idiots smile in mugshots.

  19. They put her in jail and he has a lawyer and out on little bail money, never seen the jail? Wonder if K.U. hired the lawyer or the lawyer is just a big fan and doing a freebie?

  20. Ummm … Bud, where have you been? Bragg was arrested around 1:00 am Friday morning and wasn’t released until late Friday afternoon. Yes, he did “jail time” and yes, he was released on bond, like any other person that has been arrested and charged but not yet tried. It appears that this event contains a “two way” street. Regardless of the circumstances, a man should do everything in his power to be better than that and just walk away. I read a report elsewhere that said he was at a frat party and had been drinking. Yet another report stated he had been drinking or using drugs. The question remains, are these reports true? I don’t know. The bottom line is, there is NO excuse for putting hands on a woman, unless it is a matter of life and/or death.

    Unfortunately for you Bud, the way the STATE law is written, even though the police tried to charge a stronger charge, the “relationship” issue caused the charge to be reduced to domestic battery. It has nothing to do with KU, Bill Self or Bragg’s attorney. It has everything to do with the wording of the law, (in regards to being a family member), where a girlfriend is NOT considered a member of the family, thus, (in legislative logic), a lesser charge. I don’t like the wording of the law, but, unlike your belief, I KNOW that KU had nothing to do with the charge, bond or amount of time spent in jail, (by the way, his girlfirend spent less time in jail than he did).

  21. DUMP him permanently,gf!! This type only gets worse & abuse escalates. Don’t walk, RUN from him as rapidly as you can.

  22. She was slapping him and he pushed her away, she fell down a small set of stairs on her butt. She was arrested as well.

  23. Bragg, this wouldn’t have happened if you went to Kentucky

  24. Michael A Cruise

    This is serious, Carlton Braggs, Jr, is in trouble, and though in in innocent until proof comes, He will care that black spot, if true, he will need angry management class, and will be out for season, at least, knock a girl down stair could have killed her,,,something happen , more later

  25. Ruthless Lover

    nigga get yourself a black bitch next time

  26. Michael A Cruise

    Carlton Bragg Jr.is 6′ 10″ and self defense from an angery girlfriend, She said she hit him first, and that is that when it come to the law, I don’t give him a pass, police know what KU NCAAB means to the world, Carlton Bragg Jr. NBA future don’t care ever if he started it, but the Law cares, Great Bill Self, falling down stairs, well you deal with it as an elite NCAA coach. and beach him, Your being graded by some one I know, Hey Self I met Wilt Chamberlain when I was a boy, He was Talller the the door way. Good luke with that, Carlton Bragg Jr.too

  27. They DID bench him. At least until the investigation decided that he shouldn’t be charged with anything. What did you want them to do?

    I think that the university and its staff should be commended for treating the issue seriously, but not rushing to judgement.

  28. No surprise here….. Bill Self and rich KU alumni paid off the cops to save their fuckin basketball season. Meanwhile the poor little Indian girl gets the middle finger. Bragg is 6’10 and 240 lbs. Soofi is probably 100 lbs soaking wet. How the fuck is this self defense?

  29. That bitch is ugly

    What wuz that nigga thinkin?

  30. Bragg suppose to be a millionaire in the NBA soon and he fuckin around with this ugly ass bitch… nigga deserve what he got.


  32. Carlton, next time keep ur dick in ur pants and focus on basketball

  33. Steve-TheBrick

    Sorry, this gal needs to face some serious weight for this. Fucking around with false accusations just dilutes the real and actual gravity of abuse and abusive relationships.

  34. Mister Gristle

    Finally, a battery charge that is nothing to Bragg about.

  35. Brutally Honest

    Ugly bitch belongs behind bars

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