Cedric starring in “Tony Take The Wheel”


Cedric the Entertainer is bringing his talents to CBS.

Cedric hopes to save CBS image.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Amid heightened criticism for its general lack of heterogeneity, CBS has decided to go black. Network officials are taking a page from Fox Television with the multicamera comedy “Tony Take the Wheel” starring funnymen Cedric the Entertainer and Spike Feresten. The slapstick sitcom explores the kinship between a pair of juxtaposed brothers whose family dynamic is put to the test when one sibling hires his teenage nephew to work at his custom automobile shop.

Both Cedric and Feresten will serve as co-writers and executive producers along with Eric Tannenbaum, Kim Tannenbaum, Eric Rhone and John Stevens. “Tony Take the Wheel” marks Cedric’s first scripted comedy since last year’s cancellation of his TV Land show “The Soul Man.”

The Viacom-owned network deemed the show expendable during its shift to appeal to younger viewers. As previously mentioned, CBS officials are catching hell over the station’s dearth of diversity while featuring a plethora of white stars such as Kevin James, Matt LeBlanc and Joel McHale.

Conversely, Fox is home to several diverse programs.

Most notably Empire, Lethal Weapon, Rosewood and Pitch.

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  1. he’s so funny

  2. Cedric is hilarious!

  3. I can’t believe Bernie Mack is really dead that’s just bullshit. He was so funny. 

  4. Sarah Simpkins

    Cedrick had came an long ways. When I first seen. Him he was on comic view back n the day. I miss bernie mac too.

  5. Hopefully this works out for him.

  6. Francis Calderon

    Love that man !

  7. Ceddie is a classic. Forever. Love.

  8. Big fan of Cedric but this sounds stupid. Hope it proves me wrong.

  9. Love me some Cedric!!!

  10. Nigga look like a supersized Cream of Wheat man

  11. CEDRIC FOR PRESIDENT 2020!!!!!

  12. this fat dude will make u poop your pants…….. he’s funny

  13. Fuck Cedric and fuck Steve Harvey too

  14. 1 million times funnier than kevin hart

  15. Pee Wee's Playhouse

    one time ced was so funny i pissed on myself

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