Fate of the Furious: Did Dominic Toretto betray his family in latest installment?

F. Gary Gray’s new Fast and Furious film provides a crazy twist.

Vin Diesel turns traitor on family.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Has the moniker Dominic Toretto become synonymous with Benedict Arnold? Can you believe Vin Diesel has turned traitor on his own family? That’s apparently the case in the blockbusting crimefighting film “The Fate of the Furious.” Directed by F. Gary Gray, the latest installment of the Fast & Furious series is scheduled to hit movie theaters April 14, 2017. The trailer was recently released and moviegoers can expect to witness a plethora of high speed auto chases and fatal explosions. When viewing the trailer, Torreto [Diesel] appears to betray his clan who, in return, are offered remuneration to help bring him down.

Joining the manhunt are Diplomatic Security agent Luke Hobbs [Dwayne Johnson] and international crime lord Deckard Shaw [Jason Statham]. Both Hobbs and Shaw are incarcerated in the same penitentiary when Mr. Nobody [Kurt Russell] shows up with an offer they can’t refuse.

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  1. Going to take a wild guess and say Dom isn’t actually against his “family” but he’s saving them with his actions and will help kill Theron’s character

  2. good movies they made but is like they don’t race anymore still a fan of the movies

  3. Hugh Jackman Is my man crush

    Really another Fast and Furious movie? This franchise needs to die, it’s not the same without Paul Walker. I bet he is rolling in his grave, because of the recent crappy installments.

  4. Moneybags Hastings

    Damn, ever since F7 when they wrote Paul’s character off it looks like that will be the end of Jordana Brewster as well. It’d be kinda hard to construct MIa into the story anyway since they kinda left Brian doing his own thing, but I will definitely miss her character for sure, she’s been my favorite since 01 when they originally launched the series. As for F8 I have no idea what the fuck they are doing for this. I like the idea of Shaw having to work with them but I really can’t see why Dom would turn on them especially after Letty just getting her memory back and such. I suppose it’ll be answered in F9. Also pissed because I thought the girl Dom was with in the thumbnail was Elena and when I saw that it wasn’t my brain cells just fried, Elena needs to come back too ;

  5. Forz3TechBlunt z2

    This used to be about family no one gets left behind now it’s trash how are they not gonna put Paul even tho he passed away use his brother

  6. DarkHero Gamer7

    This is quite the set up. Dom, THE face of the franchise (aside from Paul Walker, RIP,) is now a villain, actively attacking his former friends and, for lack of a better term, family. It leaves you with questions, and makes want to know what’s happening. Good idea.

    Although, it’s probably for Charlize Theron. I know I’d do anything for Charlize Theron.

  7. Fuck you Dominic toretto, if Paul walker was alive right now he would be ashamed of you for betraying your family.

  8. MrSlowestD1618

    This series is out of control – not what it started out as at all.
    Hopefully this is the last one, and judging by the title I think it is. Looking forward to seeing this for the simple sake of seeing a good mindless action movie, but I’m looking forward to the series dying/finishing, too.

  9. As long as you assholes keep showing up to watch this trash they will continue to make these movies. Vin Diesel is making a profit of a billion dollars per film. Wouldn’t surprise me to see him make 8 more.

  10. nebraska avenger14

    comment section right now
    “this franchise needs to stop”
    die hard F&F fans “Shut the fuck up faggot”

  11. Pete Martinez1

    The plot should’ve been like this. Dom and the crew go to New York to meet up with Sean a Street Race competition. It’s there that they’ll meet Brian O’Connor’s little brother, who’s also a street racer. He race against Dom and loses, but joins the team and after Shaw. Their final mission will take them to Cuba, Iceland and finish in Cleveland Ohio. In 2019, Fast and Furious 9 will return the franchise to Street Racing.

  12. Mitchell Fraser

    why the flying f*** r they making dom the enemy my thought is shaw might become the dom

  13. this is too cliché, dom is doin some kind of james bond double agent type shit and he can’t tell anybody because it would ruin the mission..

  14. Fast 8: Dom is the bad guy
    Fast 9: Tyrese is the bad guy
    Fast 10: Letty falls in love with a new guy
    Fast 11: Tokyo Drift 2
    Fast 12: Braga Escapes
    Fast 13: Asian Mafia from the 1st movie
    Fast 14: The challenger becomes the new Christine
    Fast 15: Cobra Commander returns
    Fast 16: Nick Fury shows up and recruits Dom
    Fast 17: Ice Cube teams up
    Fast 18: Dom & Crew defeat Thanos on the moon
    Fast 19: Dom cheats on Letty with Mariah Carey
    Fast 20: Dom finds the matrix of leadership and sees Brian

  15. Louis Gonzalez

    there has to be a reason for him turning bad. maybe Charlize Theron is threatening to kill his family if he doesn’t work with her. She is a high tech terrorist

  16. Big fan of the fast & furious series but it’s time to put an end to this shit

  17. GamingOnABudgetGuy

    That must be some good ass pussy to turn on your family. Nigga went Itachi on them.

  18. To all the people complaining about this movie, all of you are still going to watch it xD
    So shut up and wait for the actual movie to come out, then laugh at it

  19. This is getting outta hand now.
    The next one will be Fast 9: the Space Race ?

  20. Indian Movie Empire

    what if one of the later fast&furious movies was called Fast to the Future, where Dom and the gang join Doc Brown and go drifting in DeLoreans through time

  21. I will admit , Dom turning bad is the most original thing this series has done in a few movies

  22. WHY THE FUK DID DOM GO ON HIS FAMILY WOOOW. THIS HYPOCRITE, NEGA SAYS ” I DONT HAVE FRIENDS, I HAVE FAMILY” and then turns against them. wow. good job. If only paul was here to beat his ass.

  23. Let me guess, he betrays his family in order to protect his family

  24. First a tank, then a plane, then a drone, now a submarine

  25. What happened to actual racing, lol this is so dumb. What is this, The Expendables?

  26. Scrappy1223 #ImInsane

    They can work together but not shaw. He killed han my nigga

  27. It looks alright ✌ but not the same without Paul walker ????

  28. I am sure he tries to get his family out of the way (and I do not mean kill them) in order to do his dangerous job on his own. Remember when he wanted to go after Shaw in FF7? He was there early and the only person who got through his plan was Brian – and he sadly is not there.

    Or he has to obey that bitches’ orders or else she’ll kill his sister and her child. The only thing I don’t get is why he does not try to have his family help him. Or maybe he does, but the trailer is too short to show it. Who knows. We’ll find out.

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