Trump meets with Kanye West, Ray Lewis and Jim Brown to discuss black issues

Donald Trump met with Kanye West to discuss the hood/CNN.

Trump host celebs, critics are furious.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

NEW YORK — Donald Trump and Barack Obama have at least one thing in common: they love celebrities. The President-elect rolled out the red carpet in Trump Tower on Tuesday for hip hop artist Kanye West, reality TV star Omarosa Manigault, renowned billionaire Bill Gates and football legends Jim Brown and Ray Lewis. Trump is catching hell from critics who are asking why he continues to make time for entertainers while skipping out on his daily presidential briefings on key intelligence matters.

Trump’s meeting with Kanye caught everybody off guard. A few days ago, the blonde rapper was hospitalized for psychiatric reasons. Now he’s giving advice to Trump despite the fact he didn’t vote for him. “I wanted to meet with Trump today to discuss multicultural issues,” Kanye, 39, wrote on Twitter.

“These issues included bullying, supporting teachers, modernizing curriculums, and violence in Chicago. I feel it is important to have a direct line of communication with our future President if we truly want change.” Hmm… if Obama [ex-Illinois Senator] couldn’t fix Chicago, what makes Kanye think Trump can?

Anyway, Kanye was able to meet with Trump after Secret Service said he’s not a threat.

Brown and Lewis were also there to discuss black issues.

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  1. Hi_Klass KicksHawaii


  2. Trump actually wanted a pet monkey but he got Kanye instead

  3. Mr.Obama is President for all American people and it will be the same for Mr Trump. every President work’s in national interest of United States.

  4. Ok so Kanye has just had a breakdown, isnt really stable and he is meeting with Trump.. So Kanyes is giving Trump advice now???????????? well I guess it cant be worse than what Trump himself is saying and doing can it….

  5. We knew Trump was going to try to undo all things Obama, including repealing the ACA without a replacement, but meeting with Kanye after Obama called him a jackass and inviting Deuterte to Washington after he called Obama a “son of a prostitute” is adding insult to injury.

  6. Pretty jackson

    White people love Kanye West now.

  7. he supports Trump because Trump is a sane man. everyone knows Hollywood and the entertainment industry is being run by minded people and pedophiles. he could have been the next dead celebrity he’s trying to save his life

  8. Eugene H Taylor IV

    Trump is apart of the illuminati

  9. Who cares get close to Jesus this is all ending soo

  10. Trump and Kanye

    The blind leading the blind

  11. Trump hit a nerve with black Americans when he said that democrats over promise & under deliver. Most blacks know for a fact that democrats use minorities as pawns for votes & have been doing so for decades. Id like to see more minority leaders reach out to Trump, with the exception of Al “not so” Sharpton.

  12. SheGot SchLONGed

    Obama must be quakin’ in his boots. He is about to get exposed as selling out the black man. If Trump can do it, how can Obama argue that he couldn’t? Kinda hard when you’re working on your pitch putt … or kissing ass with the Saudi regime. Kinda hard when you’re busy locking up whistleblowers. How does Obama respond… by throwing a tantrum! “Vladimir Putin I HATE YOU!”

  13. I’m happy to see people like the fallen Ray Lewis and the football legend Jim Brown coming to the leadership positions of willingness to look at their opportunities to help their fellow citizens succeed. Don’t be a Kaepernick!!

  14. thebookofcreation

    if kanye is serious about this then im supportive…
    obama has no platform for kanye to partner with…thats why no one bothered…why do you think Shitcago is in this predicament? Obama and democrat party policies…
    Ray Lewis…Jim Brown…Kanye…and i suspect many others will look to partner with TRUMP because he listens. .and he will take action which Democrats will not do…they will throw money at it in the form of rations and housing payments

  15. Felipe The Mouse

    Seriously, Kanye West has been running around calling himself the next Jesus Christ….he’s just following his inner demons to to up their natural org chart.

  16. Bradley Banford

    Donald Trump invites influential Blacks to speak about ideas on improving the inner cities. Clinton invites Black celebrities to speak at her events to get more Black votes. Everyone is outraged at Trump though. Think about that for a second.

  17. Liberals need to stop making blacks victims. The blacks have been brainwashed for so long that the liberals have dragged blacks down too nothing thats why ghettos and high crime rate in the black community exist

  18. Man as a 19 year old, this was the first election I was able to partake in. I voted for hillary because I felt as a young african male that she was more focused on helping me out. I was just wondering if someone could convince me that Donald Trump would be better for me, or is it just one of those things I have to accept (he’s better for the majority but not for me). Let me offer some reasoning for voting the way I did: She spoke more directly to me as a student (helping with loans), I felt her views on gun control was similar to mine (we should be offering background checks before giving out guns, i know alotta people feel that controlling gun sales is a slippery slope), im pro abortion as long as it is in the first trimester, she has been worked her whole life in politics which makes her very much prepared to handle this job, and lastly she wasn’t scaring me as much as trump was (like telling people to hit protesters at rallies). So I know Donald’s president now, so there’s no reason this cant be a civil conversation. I know the criticisms about hillary are that she’s using her foundation to hide money she’s pocketing and apparently letting it influence her decisions. I haven’t seen any evidence for this, but i heard there is evidence in her emails. Obviously, a lot of people were made about the whole e mail scandal. I’m not sure if people were upset just because they leaked, or if they were made about where they leaked or maybe WHAT was leaked. I’m not extremely knowledgable about politics as I’m sure you guys can tell. To restate, I would honestly just like to have a discussion with a willing Trump supporter about why they chose him. OH yeah and I know immigration was a very hot topic too. I think we AT LEAST need to slow down how many we take in while simultaneously being more aggressive with ISIS. But that’s a long ass comment for another day lol.

  19. Andrew Johnson

    We will see about Trump. He could be good or he could be bad but he is soon to be president, we have to give him an objective chance to do good things

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