911 Call: Ex-NFL star Jamal Anderson masturbates inside Atlanta QuikTrip

Taco John's

Jamal Anderson pleasures himself inside Atlanta QuikTrip.

Ex-Falcons player has public orgasm.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

ATLANTA, Ga. — Former NFL star Jamal Anderson couldn’t wait. Rather than go home to handle his business behind closed doors, the ex-Atlanta Falcons runningback walked into a QuikTrip and gave himself a QuikOrgasm… in public view. Lucky for him, he won’t face charges. The lewd incident went down around 2 a.m. Wednesday morning. That’s when a male clerk called 911 to report a man exposed his penis before masturbating inside the Atlanta convenience store. The suspect was later identified as Anderson, who was visibly under the influence.

Anderson, 44, eluded arrest after the clerk decided against pressing charges. Police did, however, issue a warning for trespassing which means if Anderson returns to QuikTrip, he will be arrested. “There was nothing out of the ordinary, outside of him masturbating in the store,” said Suwanee police Captain Shane Edmisten. Anderson played 8 seasons in the NFL, each one with the Falcons.

Since leaving the league in 2001, he’s had multiple run-ins with law enforcement which includes a 5-day stay in jail earlier this year for driving under the influence and a drug bust in 2009. Anderson is one of dozens of former players suing the NFL for its mishandling of concussions.

What’s wrong with Anderson?

Is it drugs? Brain damage perhaps?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. smoking that pcp

  2. He probably has brain damage from all the football hits. Combine that with drugs and alcohol, he’s going to have a hard life.

  3. He needs some serious help. He has at least 3 DUI’s on his record and is a full blown alcoholic. He’s either going to kill himself (drink himself to death) or will end up killing someone else.

  4. Cocaine is a helluva drug

  5. Way too many hits to the head … and the alcohol doesn’t seem to be helping either.

  6. Wasting My Time

    Typical uneducated black jock. Drugs and booze. In prison within a year

  7. Profound Profanity

    Oh c’mon guys. We’ve all been there. You’ve been tired and have mixed up a gas pump with your junk. ??
    Don’t judge!

  8. Too bad his “friends” weren’t as nice as the cops, and couldn’t drop him at home or call an uber for him. Yeah he’s a total loser for doing that at a gas station and he’s lucky the clerk didn’t press charges.

  9. shouldn’t he be arrested for public drunkeness and indecent exposure ?

  10. Another black pervert, pedophile and rapist staying true to their reputation.

  11. Whites are more prone to be pedophiles, rapists, and serial killers get your info correct..

  12. Kaepernick's Angry Afro

    Who hasn’t done this same thing once or twice? I’m all about the hang out with my wang out at the local 7-11 Judge not and yezus shall not be judged for being in the puzzle factory for a week

  13. Why would he do that, drunk or sober? makes no sense. Especially if it was a man he did that to. Not to say doing it to a woman is ok but, if the clerk was a man. #Suspect

  14. bigdaddybriefcase

    dont call it concussions bullshit

  15. wow, I guess he is not only a crackhead but gay too?!

  16. Concrete Jungle

    Oh let him Jack his Meat in piece.

  17. He’s 44 now, been out the Leauge 16 years now, he was a head on physical runner. And a past Cocain aaddit his brain is probably like 65 years old now,due to all the hits

  18. He back to sniffin coke on toilets again I guess.

  19. he was on something for sure!!????

  20. its only a dick?

  21. people don’t understand. .. sometimes we have to give it fresh air and let it breathe

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