Video shows Sooners halfback Joe Mixon punching a white female in the face

Mixon caught on video punching woman/

Joe Mixon video finally released.

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NORMAN — The graphic video of Oklahoma Sooners halfback Joe Mixon punching a female student in 2014 has been released and it’s gone mad viral [WARNING: Viewer Discretion Advised]. The footage shows victim Amelia Molitor sitting at a table inside Pickleman’s sandwich shop when Mixon walks up. After they exchange words, Molitor shoves Mixon in the chest and he responds by knocking her out with a nasty right hook [à la Ray Rice]. As Molitor lays motionless on the floor, Mixon storms out the front door.

Mixon, who’s being sued by Molitor, was forced to release the footage. The Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled that the video must become public record. “Mr. Mixon asked us to once again say he is sorry for the way he reacted that night,” said Mixon’s attorney Blake Johnson in a statement.

“He has apologized publicly to Ms. Molitor, her friends, his family, teammates and the University. He hopes that his voluntary release of these recordings will help put this matter to rest.”

Does Mixon deserve jail time?

Was Molitor equally at fault?

Watch the video and judge for yourself.


  1. Slapped her ass on the floor bloody.She now knows to keep her hands to herself.Good job bruh.

  2. On the one hand, I’m leaning towards lynching the nigger for putting his hands on a white woman. On the other, I’m leaning towards the whore most likely being a race traitor who deserves far worse.

  3. Why is this dude in trouble? Did people miss the part where she pushed him and slapped him? He started to walk away from the table and then SHE provoked the situation by pushing him.
    We live in a world where women don’t have to have any accountability for their actions. If you provoke someone and physically assault them in any way, it is fair grounds for you to get hit back. It doesn’t matter if you have a vagina. You hit a man, your ass better expect to get hit back.
    If it was a guy who shoved and slapped Mixon, can you imagine anyone caring after Mixon destroyed that guy? No one would care. He deserved it. But it was a precious pure female. Call the police. Call the Marines. Call Spider Man. Bitches

  4. you can say she put hands on him first blah blah blah… but when ur a male athlete thats solid muscle used to taking hard hits, do u really have to hit a female like that?

  5. dam.. I can see a lot of women beaters out there be careful girls chart these names down. straight up pussies if you ask me I’ve been punched in the face kicked in the balls pushed down a flight of stairs and never laid a hand on a girl and you know why boys because I know I’m a real man and real men don’t do that they just walk away because of him being around other girls did that make him feel like a man by knocking a girl out wow tough guy he’s a punk

  6. This is just another witch hunt, this happend in 2014 and Joe Mixon has been fined and had to serve hours in community service. If it were two guys no one would care, but when it’s a man against a woman. Suddenly people act as if women are innocent angles who can do no wrong. Yes, Joe Mixon went to far, but he has been punished for his behavior. That should be enough, anything other than that, is just a witch hunt, bunch of hypocrites.

  7. Well she hit him first. We’re all taught in grade school to keep hands, feet and other objects to yourself! Guess she didn’t learn that. Bet she will after this!

  8. Apparently they knew each other prior, she waved him over to confront him over something. She probably didn’t use the N word as he stated because she went to talk to the black man sitting at the table!

  9. Brandon Bassani

    @LETS GO CHAMP: I thought he was a sooner ? I guess he’s more of a cooner hey. Lmao. Ya she should of kept her hands to herself but A bitch punching u doesn’t hurt and u could tell he wasn’t fazed by it. If the coon isn’t smart enough to not hit a white bitch in a public establishment that obviously has video cameras everywhere he doesn’t deserve to play pro ball and I’m sure because of this he never will. Even if he does get in though he just killed what he is worth and it all cost him just one punch to some trashy white bitch that he prob shouldn’t of even been wasting time talking too. Pretty sad story all around.

  10. That table shot after the punch is fucking brutal

  11. I was going to say just that. I don’t know which was worse, the punch, or her hitting the table but either way, damn. That was brutal.

  12. A black girl wouldnt have taken that shit

  13. I hope Mixon can figure out a way to get his degree b/c he won’t be playing in the NFL anytime soon. CFL anyone?

  14. Molitor “repeatedly instigated hostile conversations” with Mixon and his companions outside the cafe’s front door, his attorneys wrote in an answer to the lawsuit.

    Once inside, Molitor motioned to Mixon to approach her at the table where she was standing and she then “initiated further discussion” with him, his attorneys wrote in the answer filed Tuesday. Mixon overheard Molitor saying he and other black men were trying to jump her outside, the attorneys wrote.

    Mixon also heard Molitor “and/or” members of her party use racial slurs in referring to him, his attorneys wrote.

    Mixon “states he turned and attempted to leave the discussion and restaurant, but … just as he did so, plaintiff lunged toward him and shoved him in the chest,” his attorneys wrote.

    Mixon “states that he then made an aggressive gesture toward Plaintiff in response and verbally warned her to leave him alone.”

    He states that she then placed her left hand on his chest and, with her right hand, struck him in the face, the attorneys wrote.

    Mixon admitted that he then struck Molitor in the face.

    I want to find some formula of words to say that she shouldn’t have been struck to the ground, but at the same time she’s a fucking piece of work also.
    Maybe that formula will do.

    Don’t go round fucking laying your hands on people, it leads to all sorts of shit.

  15. So, timeline of events: she motions for him to come over, says something to him. He turns to leave. She shoves him. He makes a threatening, forward motion gesture. She slaps him. He punches her.

    Obviously he shouldn’t have punched her as hard as he did, and ideally not at all, but the footage itself (without covering the purported slurs of both sides, which should temper but not entirely colour our understanding of the events) 100% seems to indicate she provoked, escalated, and re-escalated the conflict.

  16. A bit conflicted here. I was expecting them to be in line and her accidentally bump into him or something. On one hand, he is a world-class athlete and she is a woman and he needs to be cognizant of that, And his level of force is unnecessary.

    On the other, young black men get murdered for doing less than she did to him. He is turning to de-escalate the situation, she pushes him, and he responds. I don’t think that it’s much of a stretch to say that they both handled this poorly, but only one of them lost millions and had their reputation ruined.

  17. so she hits him an no chargers are filed on her? well thats a fucked up double standard law. yes he shouldn’t have hit her but she shouldn’t have hit him either. you just can go around an slap people without consequences, the law is saying pretty much that as long as your a women you can… smh!

  18. Hey you guys, let’s be real here, if that white bitch didn’t push him and slapped him, he wouldn’t have reacted that way.

  19. if your’e gonna slap a football player,slap the damn punter….not the running back lol….but nah at some point these damn women have to be held accountable for their actions,cant just go around pushing and slapping mfs

  20. Ball Like J-Bo

    gender equlity…oh wait I forgot that only applies to women when it benefits them.

  21. It seems like he instigated the whole situation. The people were minding their own business and he came over and said something to them that they obviously didn’t like. In summary he approached people he knew couldn’t defend themselves, talked shit, got hit by a female, and hit the female. This guys a pussy.

  22. He should have kicked her a few times when she was down. Slap someone in the face and you deserve a beat down, no matter what you have between your legs.


  24. Niggas be on that metrosexual feminism faggot bullshit.. grow some balls!

  25. If it was a dude hitting him, It was never something the police would look at, but becuase It was a girl they call it an asssult, how does women want to be as equel as men but things like that happen all the time.

  26. David Anderson

    Women want equal rights, but when it comes to things like this, it’s ” oh men shouldn’t hit women”… she hit him first, he defended himself. The piece of TRASH that she is, got what she deserved!!!

  27. Looks like Mixon was starting to talk shit to the guy on his left and appears was almost ready to punch the guy. Then it appears the girl tries to intervene forcefully in thinking she had the kind of punching power to drop Mixon. Bad mistake, next time, have your boyfriend by your side next time you want to try some stupid shit like this! Bottom line, Mixon didn’t do anything and you chose to violate his rights by striking him for talking shit? No no no no, you got dropped and rightfully so! Keep your hands to yourself. Stick to being a woman and run your mouth, but keep your hands to yourself. ;)

  28. Stove Top Grill

    Looking at the body language, it appears that the woman signaled for Joe M. to come over. He apparently had words, was motioning to leave, when she confronted him, shoves him, then slaps him. So ASSAULTED him TWICE, before being Knocked The Hell Out! Makes No Difference If He’s Male and She’s Female. Assault is Assault, Period. Police Shoot and Kill Black Men Every Week for Far less.

  29. bitch got what she deserved, damn white women think they can do what they want.

  30. Antanino Foreman

    the world is trying to define domestic violence as simply a Man hitting a woman period. that’s not domestic violence. domestic violence is when any partner whether male or female puts their hands on one another. yes females can be the aggressor to. I’m sick and tired of the media forcing this down our throat. therefore it’s making everyone believe it’s ok for a woman to hit us but never ok for us to hit a woman. be smart men, call the police if a woman hits you.

  31. She called him over, shoved and hit him first as he was trying to leave! She should be charged with assault too. She isn’t a small child nor is she retarded so she understood exactly what she was doing. She was just counting on her being a “girl” to save her. I am a female and I know these type of mean-ass violent females who will beat on a man just because they think he won’t hit them back. Well surprise bytch! If you’re grown enough to pass a lick; you are grown enough to take one. She is a college student but she is an adult a drinking, fcking, legal contract signing adult; not a kid. This is a double standard at it’s finest.

  32. Black men are fuckin pussies

    Pick on someone your own size nigger

  33. He looks gay in the video, probably doesn’t like women.

  34. Girl clearly is the AGGRESSOR who clearly STARTS the fight by pushing & hit his neck FIRST. She even signals him over with her fingers to come here like she want him. Guy retaliates back and fuckin KO the bitch put her in place. NEVER underestimate people, they might just surprisingly 1up yo ass put you in your place (or floor).

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