Lee Daniels’ Star off to excellent start, Empire continues to tumble in ratings


Star off to remarkable start as Empire tumbles.

Star has immense musical potential.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — In case you didn’t know, Empire’s television ratings are crumbling a bit. But, if everything goes as planned, Lee Daniels’ new musical drama “Star” will be just as big [or perhaps even bigger]. The pilot, which aired Wednesday night, Dec 14th, got things off to a solid start — pulling in a highly respectable 2.2 rating in the advertiser-coveted 18-49 demographic and 6.73 million total viewers. Like Empire, Star illuminates the cut-throat aspect of the music business as three young ladies [played by Jude Demorest, Ryan Destiny and Brittany O’Grady] look to make it big while running away from their skeleton-filled closets.

A hardened product of the foster care system, lead character Star [Demorest] rescues her sister Simone [O’Grady] from a rapist by stabbing him in the back. Shortly after, Star hooks up with her Instagram bestie Alexandria [Destiny] and together, they travel to Atlanta with hopes of achieving instant stardom.

The emotionally-charged series features a prominent cast of Grammy, Emmy and Golden Globe winners like Queen Latifah, Lenny Kravitz and Benjamin Bratt. Empire stars Terrence Howard and Naomi Campbell will also make special appearances. Speaking of Latifah, she’s once again portraying the referee owner of a beauty salon and it’s really getting old.

If you recall, Latifah played a similar role in “Barbershop 2” and “Beauty Shop.”

Nevertheless, Star returns with a second episode Jan. 4th on Fox.

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  1. This show had potential to be good but I feel like they rushed threw the plot and everything smh

  2. Why did he cast a white girl in lead? Fuck this show. Not watchin.

  3. White lead? NOPE.

  4. Is this forreal?? LOL So empire is criticized for having black people embrace their culture and do soulful and hip hop music yet a white girl acts black and gets praised??? IM CONFUSED

  5. Anthony Crawford

    Wow goddam it.first of all now we as veiwers have to watch as whitey takes lead roll. in a black film.just as goddam fuckin trump has already ruined America. with his white america.returich.i beat ya i will not watch this cracker lead movie series.on fox. this dum nigger cast a White woman as lead. he should of cast a black woman.instead White motherfuckers.have white cracker trump lead. i wished obama would stay.i cant stand white biggots trying to lead blacks you crackers cant show blacks nothing fuck you white crackers.

  6. white girl gets the lead on a black show…. thank u Lee sellout Daniels….. i think i will pass

  7. Black people will watch anything. Oscars so white cause black american movies are horrible

  8. My review . I wish the storyline could’ve been of a mix race lead singer- Star.
    Also, Lynn Whitfield daughter Grace Whitfield should have been the lead role of Star.
    This show reminds me of the movie “Sparkle” or “Purple Rain” Really do not like the music. In case you don’t know. Lynn Whitfield daughter acted role in the movie “Black Natvity” with Tyrese.

  9. Lee Daniels wanted leads that appeal to white people. White people love white people. That’s why almost every tv show has a white person in the lead. But you’d think a black showrunner would be different, but nope. He loves to pander to white people too, but he wants us black people to carry on and be happy with it.

  10. Why does it matter if the fucking lead is White ? yall are sooooo ignorant the show is good all the ladies are talented very happy to see Amiyah Scott on the show ?

  11. The white girl in this show acting is horrible. Lee Daniels is the most over dramatic director of all time. Dude literally had a molestation, attempted murder, and a fugitive escape within the first ten minutes.

  12. another show featuring a ” look at me, im a special snowflake, cos im mixed girl.” mariah carey was the first biracial ” it ” girl, tori kelly is the latest. hey lee, i know youre trying to get people to watch your show, but why dont you just stop pandering to people…

  13. Brandon Sirbaugh

    Alexandra, Simone, Star… all tree o y’all sexy af, first episode was pretty good I actually like some of the music on the episode which that type of music isn’t even usually my type of music, people talking shit cause she is white, so what? as she said in the episode “your a racist”, don’t judge her by the color of her skin but by the content of her character as MLK would say

  14. Blockhead V.I.P

    I came here just to see how many people would be bitching about the white girl lol too predictable. If you watch the show they were pretty equal in the music. The songs aren’t horrible but I think it’s kinda boring. Not a fan of the blonde girl’s acting.

  15. Fliparazzi321 Joogszn

    I am so tired of all you Black people talking about y’all are not going to watch because of a White lead. I guess that means y’all never watching tv again. Stop being so freaking racist. Love every race or ethnicity for who they are. If you don’t want to watch it, then bye ?. Why are y’all here??

  16. y’all need to stop getting butthurt over skin color of the cast honestly

  17. DJaySplitSecond

    Cut it off halfway through, the acting is horrible and this plot was done already too many times!

  18. a tv show directed by a black man who made work like The Butler has a White female protagonist along with her hispanic looking sister. the only black girl is the privilege one and will have to learn from the white lead about the struggles of what its like to be a blue eyed blonde white girl. lol. i’m done. especially with our new president. this look like some white girl worship shit just like how Empire kills off or gets rid of every dark skin girl, same with luke cage with that shitty ending, and power having the only black woman on the show constantly being cheated on. i’m done with these black directors worshipping white/ none black women.

  19. I’m watching it now for the first time. seems pretty interesting, yet a bit eerie.. one girl resembles Lauren Hill, the other Lisa Bonett (sp) & the other Jennifer Lopez. Just my opinion, I wonder what it means, subliminal msgs perhaps?? Destiny’s Child?? anyway seems good… will watch again. all have a wonderful holiday :)

  20. I like Jude she a bad white girl and y’all hating by saying she shouldn’t be the lead. why not?

  21. this show could be connected to empire where they apply for a record deal at empire that would sound good lol i mean they would put tiana from empire on her place lol

  22. i just watch the show today on my lap top it is not that bad it funny,drama, relatable and has a good story for the characters

  23. I am going to LOVE this. So far, so good after seeing the premier!

  24. Shaniah Stunna Doll

    The lightskin girl with the black hair remind me of Lisa Bonet

  25. Ah the usual stereotypical representation of black women by Lee Daniels. If the black woman isn’t fat, loud and/or whorish then she’s a mammy propping up the poor white woman that needs to be sheltered as the lead while she sits in the backseat. Um yeah I’ll pass…again. Why black women have ever supported anything produced by this guy is beyond me.

  26. Bad acting, show will not last on FOX

  27. Ranisha Freeman

    just watched the episode, I liked and will continue to watch. Ryan is my fave, Simone is cool just needs help I guess. I can’t stand how Star is portrayed though. She so desperately craves attention that its cringe worthy. Every time I see her pushing up herself I roll my eyes. I don’t like that about her. Tbh all the girls have good voices but none stands out to me over anyone else voice wise. I’d like to see Simone and Ryan’s characters develop more.

  28. Chester Cheetah

    Spice Girls 2.0

    I would fuck all 3 of them bitches

  29. Alely Williams

    I would love it if Alexandra would be the main character of the show but I love the character Star but Alexandra just gives me life

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