Drake & Jennifer Lopez reportedly dating, relationship hasn’t been confirmed yet

Drake and Jennifer Lopez reportedly hookin’ up/TMZ.

Drizzy and JLo ‘crazy’ in love?

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LAS VEGAS, Nev. — Rihanna is apparently yesterday’s news. That’s because hip hop connoisseur Drake is rumored to be hookin’ up… with Jennifer Lopez. That’s not a misprint. For the second time in a week, the 30-year-old rapper was spotted in the audience of JLo’s “All I Have” residency show at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. Is it a coincidence? No. Drake appeared at JLo’s first show on Dec. 11th then came back for dessert on Dec. 17th. So, why is Drake’s attendance such a big deal?

Because the last time the “Hotline Bling” rapper showed up, he got up close and personal with the 47-year-old cougar as evidenced by an adorable selfie she posted with the romantic caption “#lovehim.”

Not to be outdone, Drake reposted the pic with a caption of a heart-eyed emoji. Keep in mind, both are single and ready to mingle. Drake and Rihanna are no longer an item. JLo recently broke things off with longtime boyfriend Casper Smart. Do you think they make a good couple?

Is JLo too old for Drizzy?

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  1. stick to one woman please

  2. Drake won’t be able to play her stupid lol she been in the game longer ?

  3. Riley Silverman-Romo

    drake should come fucks with me tho! fuck j lo and fuck Taylor swift

  4. Drake doing drake

  5. that fuckboy should stay away from queen J-Lo

  6. Ruthless Lover

    I bet JLo got some good old pussy

  7. the moral to the story is dont leave your bitch around drake

  8. my nigga drizzy got himself a cougar

  9. IamMichaelBole

    no he’s not. Drake is about to release new stuff. His pattern usually starts with rumors of him dating with someone. And then… new stuff. Drake also uses the same tactics to get out of a potential L. He uses this to change the news cycle.

    And coincidentally, JLO is attn whore enough to need the publicity right now

  10. He’s str8 fuckin her in that Phat Ass before she gets to old and her ass has to much fart mileage on it.

  11. Drake is a slut no hate i’m just saying

  12. Get With The Goo

    drake is a whore going trying to fuck every female entertainer he not even cute plus if jlo go for this she will be consider a thirsty old woman and I know she cannot be that desperate.

  13. they r fucking and when it’s done it’s done!!! haaaa

  14. Drake don’t date thots. He just puts miles on they pussy and keep it moving. It’s so sad that these women don’t respect their bodies and fall prey to this herpes candidate call Drake

  15. maria gonzalez

    No man will never take her serious she looking for love this is not the way to get it

  16. Drake is a gay best friend

  17. Antoinette Williams


  18. Omgggg people on here is so Dam ignorant. Anyway everyone who hangs out isn’t ALWAYS messing around. DAM that’s how rumors start. if they are soooooooooooooooooooo what. if they aren’t sooooooooo what, either way it’s their life , their business. I say Its making no difference in my life If they are or not. SHITTTTT People are gonna talk shit because they are FAMOUS but in reality it’s on them famous or not. ( they still human)

  19. Victor Memuyki 9998

    JLO she love to f*%k with any one ??????

  20. Another fake couple shit from Hollywood no big deal

  21. Jlo is a Hollywood hoe…always has been, always will be. Wayne’s brothers, Puff Daddy, Ben Affleck, a backup dancer, Mark Anthony, Trump’s probably gonna hit that Puerto Rican whore to. She’s still Jenny from the block, sucked a little bit of dick now she sucks a lot

  22. Drake ain’t serious about nobody, he’s just fcking around as usual, he got a new gf every week.

  23. Scoobert Scooby Doo

    Whether Drake is dating J.Lo or not, he’s been getting around flawlessly. Rihanna, Serena Williams, Taylor Swift, did I miss anybody?

  24. Pork Chop Extra Gravy

    Another publicity stunt and you sheep fall for it…

  25. Bill Cosbys Sweater

    Now ya’ll know whenever any man and woman in Hollywood hangout, they fucking! I mean duh! ??? ….stupid mfs.

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