Santa Cam delivers Christmas gifts, merchandise to children and families

Santa Cam delivers toys and gift cards to families in Charlotte.

Santa Cam hosts ‘shopping’ spree.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

CHARLOTTE – Dashing through the snow in an… SUV? For the third consecutive holiday season, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is playin’ the role of Santa Claus and he’s gotten pretty good at it. Donning his famous Christmas garb, the reigning league MVP spent several hours delivering gifts to kids and families in Charlotte, North Carolina on Tuesday — making four stops in all. Cam’s sleigh, by the way, was a caravan of seven SUVs that were accompanied by a Food Lion Truck and a police motorcade.

“Growing up in Atlanta, people who I idolized, they wasn’t just strolling down my side of town so I wanted to give back to my community as much as possible,” Cam said during an interview. “You don’t know how great it feels for me to go back to my hometown or to go around Charlotte, that just makes my day.”

Cam, 27, stopped by the Barringer Academic Center first to give away backpacks filled with Christmas treats in addition to a check for $30,000 to help fund the school’s backpack program. His second stop was the Silver Mount Emergency Food Pantry where he gave away supplies while singing Christmas carols.

Cam’s third stop was the Bethlehem Center where he gave away more toys and supplies before joining the kids in an exciting game of “Seven Up.” His fourth and final stop was at McCormick and Schmick’s where he gave families $500 gift cards to use at Food Lion.

Cam also gave the kids $200 gift cards to Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Merry Christmas Cam!

You rock!


  1. This shows that Cam gives a damn… much respect

  2. Wow, glad Cam took the time to do this. Really shows that he cares and isn’t egotistical.

  3. Nobody pays attention to all the good things nfl players do.

  4. Cams amazing

  5. cam singing cute lol

  6. I don’t know how people can hate on him

  7. Real dope. Cam actually looks genuinely happy to be able to give back and spend time with kids to make them feel better

  8. liberiangurl010

    that’s my qb

  9. Chris Blackburn

    This is the man they’re calling a thug?

  10. he’s a good man. there’s a lot of racists out there.

  11. Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen

    You can hate on him all you want but he is a damn good person.

  12. TheMaddenMaster17

    Not saying that cam is a bad person, but he is a show off, poor sport, and a crybaby

  13. This man gives back to Charlotte constantly. The city truly loves this man. Respect.

  14. He deserves to win the super bowl more than anyone else, even more than my man Brady

  15. Im a Falcons fan, but ive after so long of admiring Cam ive come to a conclusion that i actually love him! Hes such a nice guy, incredibly funny and just a massive inspiration. Not a big fan of the Panthers for obvious reasons but ill always be a fan of Cam!

  16. My favorite QB EVER. Yes over any QB to ever play the game

  17. I don’t like cam as a quarterback but I like him as a person

  18. Like him or hate him, this is just great!

  19. Satisfied Customer

    I rock with cam anyway, but for a) of those that hate his attitude for losing, being a poor sportmans,this is a true testament to someone’s character outside of football. This man gives back to the community!

  20. And everyone makes fun him by calling him scam Newton

  21. m e g a _ d a n

    Cam Newton is just an all around good dude.

  22. DA world needs mo niggaz like Cam

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