Lakers icon Kobe Bryant & wife Vanessa share pic of their newborn daughter

Kobe and Vanessa Bryant welcome new addition to the family/Getty Images.

Kobe shows off daughter Bianka.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Hoops legend Kobe Bryant is recently retired. But that doesn’t mean he’s not scoring. The 38-year-old NBA icon shared the first photo [below] of his newborn daughter via Instagram on Wednesday with the hyped caption: “@vanessabryant and I are beyond excited to welcome our newest baby girl, Bianka!!” Kobe and wife Vanessa, 34, welcomed baby Bianka on Dec. 5 in Newport Beach, California. She came out weighing 7 lbs., 5 oz., measuring a solid 20 inches. Kobe and Vanessa are already parents to daughters Gianna, 10, and Natalia, 13.

The Bryants, if you recall, shared news of the impending arrival of their third daughter back in July with matching Instagram pics of a onesie accompanied by a sparkling red bow and a pair of diminutive Nike Kobe kicks with the caption: “Baby Mamba.”

The baby shower took place two months later in Los Angeles.

Congrats Kobe and Vanessa on your new bundle of joy!

When can we expect baby No. 4?


  1. she is soooooooooooooo cute! 🙂

  2. Spacely Hendrix

    can’t get a boy for shit

  3. That’s ok. He’s lining up daughters for Lebron’s sons to marry one day. ;)

  4. No homo, but I miss this nigga so much. #FavoritePlayerOfAllTime

  5. What a blessing !

  6. He is gonna keep shooting till there is a son #mambamentality

  7. What if Kobe goes around impregnating a bunch of other athletic women all at once and hopes for a son or 2……… its so crazy it just might work…. plus he probably has the money to afford child support

  8. Kobe gonna have 13 girls

  9. Lol, he’s really trying for a son. Sorry Kobe lol

  10. Keep smashing’ Kob, we need Bryant 2.0

  11. Is it Vanessa’s egg or Kobe’s soldier that is causing no mamba jr

  12. Not surprised he got 3 daughters….. Kobe acts like a little girl

  13. She is just precious! 🙂

  14. Kobe hit that everyday brush we need that Kobe Jr my nigga

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