Wrongful death lawsuit: Carrey allegedly passed multiple STDs to late girlfriend

Jim Carrey accused of passing STDs to late girlfriend.

Jim Carrey says STDs irrelevant.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

HOLLYWOOD — The angry mother of Jim Carrey’s late girlfriend, Cathriona White, is now accusing him of passing STDs to her daughter in what has turned out to be a nasty wrongful death lawsuit. White, 30, commited suicide last year. She was found dead inside her home on Sept. 28, 2015 from a drug overdose. Carrey called the STD allegations “irrelevant” and he’s asking the court to dismiss all claims made by Brigid Sweetman, White’s mom.

Carrey’s lawyer, Todd Eagan, was quick to point out that White wrote positive things about his client in two of her suicide notes. According to court docs: “From the two suicide notes, it is indisputable that White looked to Carrey as the person she loved and trusted most.”

Sweetman’s lawyer, however, is arguing that Carrey should pay for passing STDs and supplying the drugs that ultimately killed White. “Jim Carrey has admitted he gave Ms. White multiple sexually transmitted diseases and purposely lied to her,” Sweetman’s lawyer wrote in a statement.

Do you think Carrey is responsible for White’s death?

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  1. Jim was and still is a good guy. All this is he says she says. He tested positive for sexual diseases? Cool, none of our business. If she caught it thats between them, if she took her own life because he decided to leave her thats between them and their loved ones. I doubt he would leave her because she caught what he has, perhaps he left because he caught what she had. RIP to his ex.

  2. the girl had suffered from depression for a long time beforehand.
    Jim never made any statement feeding the media at all.. but unexpectedly he showed the world he was the bigger man, shamelessly & publicly came to her hometown, carried the coffin and all at the funeral & took his kids & family there too. the lawsuit came from her husband that was never there.. suddenly seeking money from Jim

  3. Jim Carrey has always been a weird son of a bitch ,and clearly in the text messages she seem certain that it was him. He did not even deny it in the text, he just told her it could be stress. Really bitch? Some people cannot deal with betrayal well and she could not handle it,especially if she loved him.I can see why she felt suicidal.I hope Jim Carrey’s gets what is coming to him. A lot of famous guys like Charlie Sheen and Jim Carrey getting away with these wicked acts. If you know you are carrying an Std, you are suppose to tell the person, not hide it and have unprotected sex with them.It should be a crime for people to pass on diseases without no consequences.

  4. People who commit suicide, who have loving families and friends, are often aware that they will leave behind a trail of broken hearts and people blaming themselves or each other, for their passing. It is a selfish and cruel thing to do, so I for one, put .the burden back on
    that person’s shoulders. Just because she looked frail and helpless, doesn;t mean she was a lamb being led to the slaughter. At the end of the day, she took her own life, as if it were nothing important.

  5. Criss Something

    This is stupid, if my friend were to buy me aspirin and an some day I feel shity , take the whole box and die from it does it mean my friend killed me?

  6. Fornication, sex outside marriage, sex with multiple partners or/and one night stand are sins of sexual immorality.
    According to St Paul, all other sins committed are outside the body but whoever sins sexually sins against their own body.
    Why are people of today so adament in destroying their healthy body?

  7. Fuck the junky whore

  8. This is why i do not worship celebrities or look at them as better than anyone.This does not suprise me.The entire Hollywood elite sleep around with everybody. They have no respect for their partners or wives,and are recklessly unsafe.Probably quite a many of them are carrying around STD’s. She should of been careful having known this man’s history where he enjoyed dressing like a woman at time because he is no choir boy.I wish the punishment was to cut off his dick. But ,everyone knows Jim Carey is a pig and not a respectable guy.Dude has always been weird and is probably into weird fetishes and things of that nature. I notice that has he become more famous and join the elite, he has been very insulting and disrespectful to many.Shia labeouf must be laughing now.Karma is a bitch!

  9. VictorNewman201

    Jim Carrey is a piece of garbage. I wish he was dead and not that poor girl.

  10. He killed her to silence her about his STD

  11. Rigoberto Gomez

    jim carrey is a good dude. he isnt guilty for none of this

  12. Test him. If he comes back with the stds then obviously it’s true

  13. More fucking bitches trying to steal money from guys. Girls are such fucking whores and they don’t even know it

  14. He killed her. His prescription drugs were used in her death. She just
    found out Carrey had given her the gift that keeps on giving (the
    herpes) without her knowledge, and the gutless wonder dumped her. This
    guy is a fraud. I wonder if Jenny McCarthy (his ex) has the herp too? R.I.P
    Cathriona White. I am sure your family will fight for your justice.

  15. Jim Carrey is such a piece of freemason shit. I hope he gets herpes in his eyes.


  17. Hollywood is awash with prescription drugs, just take a look at the whos who of entertainment who end up in hospital for overdosing. They madde a movie back in the 60s or 70s called Valley of the Dolls, which was about the drug taking culture in hollywood bck then, Same old same old.

  18. So now they bring it up……god what people will do for a buck. She was an unstable mental gold digger. Jim is also off his rocker……..what you expect. lol

  19. White people are so nasty. …… they all have STDs

  20. Bet Jimmy said she could have more Drugs….”Out of My Cold Dead Hands…” Ahh yes… Jimmy the understanding human god… such a humanitarian…. Ain’t Karma a Bitch Jimmy? Make fun of Dead Heston… a REAL Hero… and you gets what ya gets….

  21. That dirty ass white boy probably gave that chick herpes, crabs and everything else and it made her depressed.

  22. wolverineiscool

    @Rigoberto Gomez: dont be so sure, dont act like you know him just because he makes you laugh on screen, you dont know jim carrey the person, for all you know he could have killed tons of women

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