Former NFL star Kordell Stewart claims Porsha Williams leaked nude video

Kordell Stewart accusing Porsha Williams of leaking nude video.

Porsha says she didn’t leak video.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

ATLANTA — Porsha Williams and Kordell Stewart are mercifully divorced. But their drama continues. Porsha says Kordell is dead wrong for accusing her of pilfering and releasing a nude video featuring the former NFL star movin’ his rumpshaker in front of the camera. Porsha, who stars on Bravo’s ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta,’ claims she had nothing to do with the dissemination. As far as she’s concerned, the entire ordeal reeks of a publicity stunt. “This is obviously a publicity stunt that Kordell and maybe one of his partners in crime came up with,” she said.

“The truth is I have not spoken with Kordell Stewart since the day I signed our divorce decree. I have nothing to do with Kordell ‘TOOTING’ his derrière to the camera for the world to see.” So, if it wasn’t her, who did it? And why? Hopefully, we’ll find out soon. Inquiring minds wanna know.

Nevertheless, Porsha made it clear she has far more important things to do than circulate filth. “I would suggest Kordell find another hobby and wish him a very Happy New Year,” she said.

Do you think Porsha did it?

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  1. How do these stolen sex tapes make the news before anyone finds out about them?

  2. Was his “thing” big or small ?

  3. Wasting My Time

    All black women are nasty ugly and stupid.

  4. ISayWhatIWant??

    Are you mad that you pasty mutants are the ugly ones?

  5. JamaicanMEkrayzee

    Only a gay man would film his arse….come
    Out of that closet Kordell!!

  6. I’m sorry kordell is gay. All day everyday. Now thinking of how he treated Porsha. It’s some what fallen in place. Remember Porsha said she was his beard, cover up, hush mouth. What straight man video his ass?? Who would do such gay shit. Don’t know why he feels he’s too good to come out and let people know. Truly at this point. Kordell video say a thousand words. Why would be record his ass for a female? Really!! The liver can relax because Kordell let the car out the bag himself.

  7. Butt to the camera?! Thanks for that image in my head……UGH!

    On th RHOA he wore more eye liner an lip gloss than Porsha, lol, maybe this is his coming out!!! Azz to the camera, I’m sure he’ll get a lot of TDs

  8. Meteorite Sizzurp

    Was Kordell topping or bottoming another gay/man in dat vid?

  9. Rebecca Wiggins

    you really need to wake up lol kordell is gay. before he met portia their were gay rumors. one of his football team mates wrote their autobiography and in the book he mentioned that kordell came to all the players one day before the game and said folks been going around saying im gay but im not. he went on to say i have plenty of women. it was a small excerpt in the book. but this was way before he met Portia. everywhere this guy goes foks see him sneaking with dudes and he just lies about it. dude is gay all day. and no i dont believe theres a woman behind this, i think its a guy. theres no female trying to spread rumors or get him back lol. dude is gay! and im not saying this to act like somethings wrong with being gay because it isnt! im just being real about all this.

  10. What is wrong with Kordell’s old ass?? He is famous. He should know better. All these fools should. When you’re famous, don’t do that and if you do, don’t include your face so you can deny, deny, deny…..

  11. If he,s gay he shld come out an jus be cool wid it … Now Porsha cannot lie or hold her tongue …. She said his family members said things that gave her the impression he,s gay … She also said s-times he cldn,t have sex with her for weeks … Hmmm But he mite,ve been havin sex with other women Cos we ALL knw he,s got a big ego an he always got controlled Porsha an got his own way … An if he took a picture of his bottom for no reason then that,s def… questionable

  12. I think it might be a trans woman because a long time ago he was caught having sex with a trans woman now if he likes trans women he needs to own it what will Society be ready for a man to really on the fact that he likes a trans woman ask yourself that question

  13. Shafaya Sharmuta

    that man is a sissy

  14. Come out the closet nigga

  15. None of this makes sense. I don’t get any indication that it leads back to porsha and in my opinion her reaction on IG live was genuinely “what are y’all even talking about?”. I’ve watched her on IG live a couple of times and I think it was just happenstance that she was on when the story broke. I haven’t seen the video, nor do I care to, and I’m not a huge fan of either of them, but I can’t see how porsha would have anything to do with this. None of the pieces fit. What motivation would she have? She had well moved on and seems to be flourishing. What would she stand to gain by leaking a video of him? I would blame the husband of the chick he was dating… That dude would have way more reason and motive to mess up the relationship of his soon to be ex wife, refuel the gay rumors for kordell and make himself look good in the divorce proceedings.

  16. I always knew NFL players were gay. No wonder they love smacking each other on the ass.

  17. I don’t believe she did this.. porsche ex husband need to stop putting the blame on his ex wife.

  18. Egyptian_Thoth

    I mean, it’s all a hott mess. Kordell may be gay…so is Porsha. She knew he was gay when she married him, but she thought she was about to get paid. Black women kill me thinking being lesbian is only a phase for them. GTFO here.

  19. This nigga gay as fuck…..stupid nigga walked away from Porsha fine ass. Smh

  20. Renee Anderson

    He look like he suck dick. You look at him you be like yea he suck dick.

  21. Lashonda Prince

    I don’t believe kordel he wants us to believe all this extra stuff just to verify the tape of how it was originally 5he has to add so many other people to this story just so it seems 1/3 believable But take away all the extra sh*t he want us to believe and we are back to reality a woman who getting a divorce he dating and he send a tape to her then she shows her man’s dic* video to her friends then those friends finds someone to edit it and add butt shots make a complete story and blame it on the ex wife .Come on let’s use our brain and stop dick riding these people we know this don’t make sense we know he want us to believe all these other things happen to validate his story and protect his image when truthfully we don’t care about his image at all he a ex football player who has had multiple run ins with these same exact situations this time he just caught red handed we live in a time that cameras are everywhere .All this extra he trying to do to protect his brand and image is his business just don’t think we got to accept it if it walks like a duck talks like a duck the. chances are more than not it’s a duck

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