Real Housewives of ATL’s Kandi Burruss cherishes Holiday trip to Disney World

Kandi Burruss takes family to Disney World on Christmas Eve/Instagram.

Kandi Burruss took Disney World trip.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

ORLANDO — Who needs snow? Reality TV star Kandi Burruss and husband Todd Tucker celebrated Christmas Eve under ideal weather conditions at Florida’s Disney World, and they didn’t go alone. The couple brought their young son Ace Tucker and Kandi’s 13-year-old daughter Riley Burruss. Mama Joyce and Todd’s daughter Kaela were reportedly not in attendance. It was Ace’s first trip to “The Happiest Place on Earth” and he got a chance to meet the princess in “Beauty and the Beast.” Kandi, 40, who stars on Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” shared several shots of the family enjoying some of the theme park’s most popular rides as well as Todd’s participation in the “Enchanted Tales with Belle” story time.

Todd took a selfie with Ace then posted the photo on Instagram with the caption: “Merry Christmas from me and [Ace] from Disney World. Enjoy your holiday and be safe!” Joining Kandi’s clan on the trip were Kirk Frost from “Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta,” his wife Rasheeda, and children Ky, 16, and Karter, 5.

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  1. Justcallme Justice

    Riley grew up to be a very attractive young lady.

  2. Cornelius Haugabook

    Kandi is the realist person on the show. LOVE her!

  3. Kandi is a phony [email protected]! I wish Pheadra would slap that fake hoe. She’s a washed-up, old has been.

  4. Kandi hasn’t aged a bit.I love how passionate she is.Her heart is forever on her sleeve.

  5. Redayvn Hughley

    Let’s speak facts:

    Kandi by far, is no saint, however, she’s my favorite. She is TOO PAID to make up some bullshit about her, Todd, & Porsha. She has no problem stating what is truth, and stands in it like a real woman should. She’s always had a platform, she definitely didn’t NEED RHOA for a damn thing, most certainly, not for a check. Porsha has been backbiting, backstabbing, and full of shit from the jump. All that suppression of trying to be a “doting housewife” to Cordell, now all of a sudden she’s looking “sexy”, y’all better stay woke, that chick been like that. Trust, that doesn’t happen overnight……period. Ijs….Btw, am I the only that caught when Porsha said “You have a sex DRUNGEON….”? See? So quick to tell that lie, her ass couldn’t say it right! #TeamKandi

  6. Redayvn Hughley Thank you! I’m glad someone sees it. I used to feel sorry for her and she used to seem sweet but she is now a mean spirited fake bitch.
    Stay woke cos Claudia tried to tell the truth about her on that Puerto Rico trip about her fling with the married African which I truly believe. She really is not hot and is a thot and she really believes whoredra is her friends.

  7. Something about Kandi is sneaky I don’t trust her!

  8. kandi is the realest housewife. i’ll believe anything she says lol. love her.

  9. I think I’m related to kandi we have same last name

  10. I seriously love Kandi. Best cast member Bravo could’ve ever put on RHOA

  11. Atlanta housewives ain’t nothing but a bunch of fake hoes trying to be something they’re not… I’ll pass.

  12. Kandi looks great. I’m so glad that her hairstyles are more conservative now.

  13. Ruthless Lover

    Kandi could be my next baby mama

  14. kandi full of shit!

  15. Kandi & Todd isn’t the hottest couple i’m just sayin’ ?

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