Very Thin Line: Rapper T.I. and his wife Tiny getting divorce after six shaky years

T.I. and Tiny divorcing after 6 years of marriage/US Weekly.

T.I. and Tiny split, divorce imminent.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

ATLANTA — After six tempestuous years of holy matrimony, rapper T.I. and wife Tiny are finally calling it quits. The once unflappable R&B pair are getting a divorce. Word on the street claims Tiny, 41, is sick and tired of her husband taking her ‘for granted’ and that’s why she filed first. Tiny is seeking primary custody of the couple’s three children — Clifford, 12, Major Philant, 8, and young Diana — but she’s open to a joint arrangement. According to court docs, Tiny revealed that their “marriage is irretrievably broken with no hope of reconciliation.”

An inside source said: “Tiny is no Mother Theresa, but she dealt with T.I.’s crap for way too long. She stayed longer because of the five kids, but T.I. took her for granted and just thought she would always be there and she didn’t want to be stuck in that rut forever.”

T.I., 36, is reportedly still upset over a photograph that surfaced of Tiny and boxing great Floyd Mayweather Jr. getting close and personal at Mariah Carey‘s Halloween party a couple months ago. The couple did, however, spend the Christmas holiday together as a family.

Is it really over?

Any chance T.I. and Tiny reconcile?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Mayweather ain’t retire yet ..T.I’s wife pussy is his last opponent ..

  2. why T.I and Floyd beefin over this naked mole rat


  4. YGBloods4EVANIGGA Yo


  5. iverson HOF2016

    she will be stupid if she leave T.I..6 years is a long time plus they got to many kids..facts

  6. bitch ugly AF

  7. That’s what happens when you give an ugly chick a chance, they start thinking they’re hot shit & think they can do better. Watch her Ms. Piggy ass stay single for the rest of her life.

  8. T.I. must’ve been high when he put a ring on that.

  9. Get the fuck real. Like Mayweather is going to settle for a divorced single mother with a couple kids. He has a boatload of young, hot and child free bitches available and waiting for him. This Tiny chick needs to stay with that guy.

  10. I used to trust ugly chicks before I saw this shit with Tiny.

  11. Greeneye Blackwitch

    Tiny has been down for TI. Tiny loves TI. The black community is focused on the wrong shit which is appearances. That’s why many of you are broke people that don’t do anything but talk about people’s looks. You coons are stuck in nowhere.

  12. DreamBeatsBakery

    It’s 2016/17 stop cuffin thots fuck wrong with yall. Marrying is like buying air feelings be changing like the wind ? ain’t no commitment with that. Check these porn sites these hoes look like angels gargling old nigga dicks for a lil cash ain’t no love outhere

  13. Tiny and TI’s decision to divorce saddens me now a days seem like couples can’t get pass for better or worst like anything in this life marriage is work what is worth having is worth fighting for and you are going to fight ain’t no getting pass that well I pray they can bounce back if they want it to work God will fix it !!!

  14. So many negative comments in her looks. She is beautiful for HIM!!!!! Thats HIS wife! !!! Not yours.Furthermore she was a millionaire when he met her and SHE WAS THE STAR in the late 90’s with the group Xscape. She is an AWESOME mother, Talented and SUCCESSFUL singer in her own right. And she had a stroke a few Years back. Yes, HE WAS WITH HIS WIFE when she had a stroke. So all ppl talking about her looks get your life stay out if ppl marriage. Furthermore repent because Jesus is coming back soon. Learn how to build up not tear down. All the ppl talking about her have a form of self hatred.
    She is a Mother to 5 beautiful, happy, adorable children. Instead of gossip try praying for someone. Right, dont know what that looks like because negativity breeds negativity…..

  15. It’s so crazy to hear people act shocked about things with those two. I have NEVER watch their couple of shows between the 2 of them and there were plenty of signs that this was a different relationship than the “brand”….it was aired in the few episodes I saw and that was year’s ago. And to why would she file than? That is a DUH! I hope you all ask these questions just a dumb down. Because then i can understand. Happy New Year everyone! And goodnight/ I am so sleepy :-)

  16. She really thinks Mayweather wants her!! hahaha! she demoted herself from wife to side hoe. hahaha. dumb broads! she gonna have a hard time landing a man.

  17. I don’t think Mayweather want Tiny…he just flirt with her to piss T.I. off.

  18. Tarius Shinobi

    Miss Piggy must give great head and take it up her ass!
    T.I. should have never impregnated her ass or wifed her up! Niggas getting pussy whipped over these whores!

  19. hahaha! now this chump looks like the sucker he is. mayweather won again. lol
    how is that ugly ass trash bag of a woman gonna divorce you? lol! she is horrible, nasty, ugly miss piggy, with all her fake ass plastic surgery.

  20. Jermaine Johnson

    she was fucking Mayweather

  21. imagin ur husband cheating fucking other bitches….
    women too have egos and self respect.
    when a women is fucking sick of the bullshit she is fucking done.
    men need to step it up and stop being malehoes ?

  22. yaassssss she is so dumb for getting with him after all of those women in the past and all of those kdies dumb

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