Young mother dies on Facebook Live, screaming child heard in background

Keiana Herndon’s death recorded on Facebook Live.

Mother of two kids dies on Facebook.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Keiana Herndon died on Wednesday and thousands of people witnessed her demise firsthand… on Facebook Live. Keiana, 26, was live-streaming a video from a friend’s home. The footage shows her singing and showing off the youngest of her two children when she suddenly collapses and the phone falls out of her hand. She died shortly after. Keiana’s dad, Richard Herndon, couldn’t stand to watch the video. But her uncle, Jeffrey Herndon, did. He said he heard his niece struggling to catch her breath as her 1-year-old son screamed in the background.

As Keiana died, her audience increased.

“The views went from two or three to too many for it to be such a tragic live shot,” Jeffrey said. There’s obviously no way to prepare for something as tragic as this. Richard said losing his daughter is the most difficult thing he’s ever dealt with. “For her to leave two kids so young, so early is…,” he said.

“I don’t know how to deal with it.”

Is it time to put an end to Facebook Live?

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  1. Cynthia Anderson

    That’s so ?, to the family my thoughts prayers and condolences go out to you all! May she rest in peace with are Heavenly Father

  2. jawn. assnique

    omg thats sad

  3. Cali GirL Pretti

    That’s so sad. She was very young

  4. You’re finally home , Prayers to her family and strength

  5. Sabrina Thompson

    My Prayers To Her And Her Family Im So Sorry??????

  6. Life is so fragile and tenuous A young mom 2 beautiful and sweet kids Life’s a mystery

  7. that it so sad. R.I.P

  8. AuthetnicEpicBoom!

    Rip so so sad!

  9. R.I.P Keiana.
    So sad.

  10. my god be with family R.I.P keiana

  11. r.I.p beautiful


  13. People need to stay the fuck off Facebook

  14. All I can say is DAMNNN!

  15. Kendia Robinson

    I feel sad and hurt r.s.p

  16. Oh my ???? God Rest Her Soul

  17. Cheryl Fournier

    I wish I could of helped her.

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