D-Wade sports obnoxious New Year’s wardrobe, Gabby settles BET lawsuit

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union starting 2017 with a bang/Us Weekly.

Fans attack Wade over wacky outfit.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

CHICAGO — It’s certainly not rare to see partygoers bring in the New Year donning some of their most conspicuous attire. But Dwyane Wade’s outfit took the cake. The fashionable Chicago Bulls star, who once appeared on the cover of GQ, tweeted out a photo of himself on New Year’s Eve wearing a black and white mink overcoat, a black knit scully, black pants with a pair of black shoes to match. The ensemble appears to be half ostrich, half wolf. The pic contains the caption: “2017 here I come.”

Wade’s wife, actress Gabrielle Union, was apparently too busy settling her lawsuit against BET to care. Wade’s followers, nevertheless, showed no mercy when reacting on Twitter. One fan tweeted, “all that $ and no mirrors in your house?” Another fan begged him, tweeting: “Buddy…don’t do this.”

It should be noted Wade left Wednesday night’s win over the Brooklyn Nets with a migraine so severe he couldn’t see. Hmm… loss of vision. That would certainly explain his wardrobe decision, right?

Are you a fan of Wade’s kooky outfit?

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  1. narutovskiba88

    dwyane wade is handsome so everything he wears looks good

  2. sheldon leslie

    Fag shit

  3. I love it… I get all my fashion sense from my family and D Wade, he’s not afraid to be different.

  4. Wade dress silly as hell

  5. Really Dwyane?? Reeaalllllyyy?? LMMFAO!

  6. Can’t wait until Wade bring his fashion sense into the court and bring back the nut-hugger short-shorts.

  7. wade is the next to come out the closet!

  8. Denzell Newsome

    thats way better than what westbrook wears

  9. Dwyane Wade is the best ever!!!!!! He is my favorite athlete/ basketball player!!!!!! He is my idol!!!!! I hope I can meet him one day!!!!!

  10. Antrone Bohler

    I can clearly remember when the NBA gave all players dress codes because the league felt like some players were dressing like THUGS. Today we have some players setting trends in men fashion. I love it. It gives me inspiration to dress nice. Step my game up. Even though I cant afford a 50,000 suit but a nice $200 one works the same. Trust me.

  11. dwyane wade does not dress nice at all. he simply has money to buy expensive shit

  12. TheeCaffeineFiend

    What a bunch of fags. 

  13. he like 6’6 dat shit is gay..extremely gay

  14. Best dresser


  16. Come out the closet nigga

  17. How is dressing like a women fashion ?

  18. It’s a fact most black guys are bisexual or gay they just hide it.

  19. Joshua Williams

    Dwanye wade is the best dresser in the NBA

  20. D- Wade trying to dress like his wife. Lol.

  21. He’s metrosexual. Leave the nigga alone.

  22. d wade………what a fruit cake. what a douche bag LMAO

  23. Nigga lookin fresh!

  24. Carlos Eduardo

    Damn, homophobia and fragile masculinity is a big thing in the US of A. For being such confident men, you sure are a bunch of insecure bitches.

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