Janet Jackson & hubby Wissam Al Mana thrilled about welcoming first child

Janet Jackson and Wissam Al Mana welcome their first child/Us Weekly.

Janet Jackson welcomes baby.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

NEW YORK — Janet Jackson has just entered the exciting new world of mixing Similac and changing diapers. The 50-year-old entertainer and husband Wissam Al Mana welcomed their first child on Tuesday, and they’re absolutely ecstatic“Janet Jackson and husband Wissam Al Mana are thrilled to welcome their new son Eissa Al Mana into the world,” Janet’s rep said in a statement. “Janet had a stress-free healthy delivery and is resting comfortably.” Janet and Wissam, 42, got hitched in 2012. The “Control” singer ruffled some feathers back in April when she postponed her Unbreakable World Tour to focus on her pregnancy.

“We’re in the second leg of the tour, and there actually has been a sudden change,” Janet said in a video posted to Twitter. “I thought it was important that you be the first to know. My husband and I are planning our family. So I’m going to have to delay the tour.”

Congrats Janet and Wissam!

When can we expect baby No. 2?


  1. Solomon Alvarez

    I’m so freaking excited she finally had the baby ???

  2. Kieah Bates-Johnson

    I’m soooooooo happy for my girl Janet because of everything that has been going on in her life she gave birth to a healthy baby boy….Family first….Congratulation Janet❤❤❤❤?????

  3. Congrats to Janet. Just found out I’m having a boy in May. I’m 37 with my first, and even at 37 people still have something to say. People gonna talk and I don’t care and neither does Janet so the messy people can mind their biz.

  4. Am so glad for them but why celebs give their kids regular names like jason or christopher or some awesome greek i dont mind this name i cant get by but good for u janet am happy for u

  5. I’m not trying to bash her, but when her son is 10, she’ll be 60…hopefully she’ll still be in great shape when her son begins middle school.

  6. Thankful my mom gave birth to me beyond the age of 40, but Ms. Jackson is everything and still so beautiful. I’m happy for her and hubby. We know that baby will never want for a thing. Thankful for some good celebrity news to start off 2017. We see everyone loosing their damn minds

  7. Annette Jenkins

    Congrats to Janet! My Great- Grandma had my Grandmother on her birthday at the age of 50. So not that uncommon. God Bless. Great Grandma lived to be 105. Everyone is different. So happy for her!!!!????

  8. Cadillac Kadafi

    Still love Janet? hope her baby is healthy

  9. Ruthless Lover

    Bitch 2 old to have kids

  10. Janet may be old but I bet she got some good azz pussy

  11. This kid is gonna grow up and be shocked when he learns that his uncle was the most greatest and famous entertainer in the history of music

  12. Malia Gonzalez

    Damn she 50 and BARELY having kids good for her some teens have kids at 17

  13. Michael (her brother) would be proud 🙂

  14. I thought she had a daughter before
    none of my business

  15. I think there is a good chance that Janet DID give birth to a child when she was quite young. The Jackson family is so weird about their kids. Remember how Michael was always having his kids wear masks and veils and blankets over their heads when they were young? If she had a daughter and it was raised by someone else, that’s her business. Who knows why she would want to keep it a secret? Perhaps for her career. I do NOT believe that she gave birth at age 50 for the first time. I believe she used a surrogate, as many wealthy women over age 40 do…because pregnancy over age 40 leads to a much higher chance of birth defects, Down’s Syndrome, and is more harmful to the mother AND baby’s health.

  16. Cadillac Kadafi

    Still love Janet? hope her baby is healthy

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