Tennis star Serena Williams catching hell over decision to marry white man

Alexis Ohanian gave fiance Serena Williams massive engagement ring.

Serena engaged, sparking outrage.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Serena Williams is gettin’ hitched… and she has a shiny new rock to prove it. The 35-year-old tennis star and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian got engaged last week. But we’re just now getting a visual of the massive diamond engagement ring he slid on her finger. Serena posted a pic of the rock on Thursday and you almost need a pair of shades to see it.  Ohanian bought his bride-to-be some serious bling. Speaking of shade… Serena, who’s black, continues to take heat on social media for her decision to marry a white man. Disgruntled follower B Austin Anderson posted a nasty message on Facebook.

“Noooooo #SerenaWilliams…how could you?,” Anderson wrote. “How could she do this to us? to black people? to War Room Sports?… How could she do this to me? 2016 got her… Trump Wins, White Supremacists in the White House. They merking us with impunity…Serena marrying one of them…yo how? How? HOW? #MakingAmericaGreatAgain.”

Another fan, Erick Rice, tweeted: “What’s ‘Proud’ about our sister marrying the enemy? Really?”

Do you have an issue with Serena marrying outside her race?

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  1. Shotty 2 Hotty

    She thick asf? lucky white boy

  2. I’m so happy for her.

  3. Jamie foxx gonna perform “tennis ball”as she comes down the isle

  4. another blk bitch enhancing the white genetic future..


    The same people complaining about him being white are the same people who complain about racism……Hypocrites

  6. To a fucking white boy?!!! I’d like to make a trade for Serena!

  7. Black people hatin so hard on that dude smh

  8. Dominique Norman

    he fall in love with that booty I don’t blame him

  9. She stronger than him

  10. Y’all niggas wasn’t checking for her. Y’all was calling her all types of darkie and gorilla. I’m so happy she found love.

  11. Sascrotch lookin bitch reminds me of Bigfoot

  12. He’s gonna learn that black women are loud, violent and obnoxious

  13. Why are black men complaining?? So many of you leave us to go for other races (where the woman are paying for our features). You constantly put us down (you can even see it in this comment section alone). You only claim us when we go for a white man. I personally hope that I marry a wonderful black man but I can’t be mad at Serena for being engaged to a white man…there comes a point in everyone’s lives where you become tired of the bs.

  14. I want to be angry but i can’t really, we as black men have put down our women for so long and now they are fed up and going to men who will treat them right all around. So I say congrats Serena and black men better step up before we lose all our queens

  15. So funny. Serena needed an equal. She is quality no half steppin for quality. I’m glAd she found someone to love all of her. Go girl!

  16. Yes, we can always depend on Mass Appeal to find the most dense, fucked up, ignorant, racist and vile comments ever when it comes to the issue to interracial relationships. Pretty pathetic. I’m very happy for Serena though.

  17. Why do we have to pretend Serena is attractive?

  18. But why is it that black women married to white men have the most stable marriages in the country, while black men married to white women have the highest divorce rate in the country? Why are 92 % of black mens biracial children out of wedlock and 88 % on welfare?

  19. Go head Serena….congrats

  20. rodney anthony

    I can’t imagine this wb fuckin the shit out of this manly muscular bitch , she wit him cause he got ? and like most chocolate hoes she wants a light skinned baby,!!!

  21. Robert Whitney

    serena is a sellout

  22. what that famous tennis need is a straight and truthful education of her people’s history with the white tribe. no point cursing her if she is ignorant of her history. If she knows the history and ignores it for any reason, the father must see to it she gets some kind of psycho treatment. we cannot, any longer have our children marrying into an intrinsically wicked people against Afrikans. This must stop, even if we have to as parents get down on our knees and never rise untill The Almighty erase that child from the earth.

  23. bitch looks like an ape

    this is obviously a publicity stunt

  24. Mostly shameful racist comments on this thread. So sad. She is one of the finest athletes of our time and had to come with a great deal of intelligence, tenacity, faith, and discipline to reach and sustain the level that she has. He is an intelligent, interesting icon in his own right. What an incredible match that will produce a beautiful, amazing human being and the possibilities of what they can achieve together is a marvel to behold. Shame on each of you that have posted racist, hateful, vile comments in this day and age.

    Congratulations to you both Serena and Alexis, role models for all of our children, regardless of color or creed. I hope you start a meme for a trend where brilliant, interesting people have no fear of joining up and creating beautiful people together. Rock On Humanity!

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