Oscar Prejudice: Vin Diesel breaks silence

Vin Diesel breaks silence on Oscar’s treatment of action movies.

Diesel gives two cents on Oscars.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

MUMBAI, India — Action movies, when well directed, can be invigorating, mirthful and compelling. But they never seem to garner Oscar Award recognition. Never, ever, ever. Doesn’t matter how prodigal the budget or how remunerative they are at the box office. Action films are routinely snubbed when it comes to the biased issuance of academy awards.  While promoting his new flick “xXx Return of Xander Cage” in Mumbai, India, Vin Diesel broke his silence on the Oscar prejudice for action movies. The 49-year-old actor has yet to take home an academy award despite the fact his films rake in mo’ money than dramatic flicks starring Oscar winners Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Cruise.

“I remember I worked with a guy Sidney Lumet, for the film ‘Find Me Guilty’. He is a wonderful guy and he talked about that prejudice,” Diesel said during an interview. “He says quite often that there’s prejudice against beautiful in Hollywood. I don’t make my movies for accolades. I make movies for people, everyone. I want to offer an escapism to everyone not taking an elitist approach.”

It remains to be seen how many action movies are in Diesel’s future. He turns 50 this summer. That said, age ain’t nothin’ but a number. The ‘Fast and Furious’ star is still amazed by his own success. He’s been acting for a long time. “When I walked on my first film set I had no idea of anything,” he said.

“No idea of cameras, lighting or even what acting is. It’s been an amazing journey. Not just professionally, but also personally. I’m fortunate to be in a business where I have a chance to interact with so many people, play so many characters, travel to so many places and all of it has contributed to what I am today.”

xXx: Return of Xander Cage hits movie theaters Jan. 20th.

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  1. goddammit this sucks. i want to like it but no

  2. i am watching this film only because vin diesel and donnie yen are in it.

  3. I’m going to see this so my girl can suck me off in 3D

  4. WTF .. just pretending to be a perfect soldier but in real World still not able to prevent a suicide bombing.. Come on Hollywood get real.. Vin Diesel will save the World my ass

  5. Stephen Robinson

    This looks like an early contender for one of worst movies of 2017. This movie might also appear on many 10 worst movie list vids at the end of 2017.

  6. SolidSnake1284

    Damn awesome. Vin Diesel…and a favorite of mine DONNIE YEN aaaw yeah

  7. justin williams

    Vin Diesel proudly presents….the most Vin Diesely movie Vin Diesel has EVER Vin Diseled in. THIS summer….Vin Diesel IS Vin Diesel, in VIN DIESEL: The Movie. You’ve never seen Vin Diesel be more Vin Diesel than in Vin Diesel. Written and directed by Vin Diesel. Special Guest Star: VIN DIESEL.

  8. Does Samuel L Jackson ever turn down a role???

  9. Bright Starlight

    can’t wait yooo!!

  10. justin williams idk if you’re being sarcastic or funny but man you win both

  11. Archer Sterling


    A fast and furious movie with less cars.

  12. dont know why they made a sequel to xxx, the first one sucked, vin is the only actor who has to produce his own fims to get hired for an acting role and why did Samuel Jackson agree to this movie? oh wait, hes another one who cant find a job unless its a avengers sequel or capital one commercial

  13. The idea of this movie is stupid. He was meant to be dead, hence why ice cube did the second XXX. Feels like Vin Diesel will do any remark to get back on screen. I’m still going to go see it though :D

  14. Saw this movie last night and it’s the shit. GO SEE THIS!


  16. Shit movie..3/10

  17. Charlotte laughs

    Am I the only one who’s attracted to Vin diesel???

  18. This is a very good movie. Saw it in 3D —– lots of action

  19. this movie was ultra white trash as i knew it would be. More of vin diesel’s garbage. if your a teenage snowflake this joke of a movie is for you. fuck the cupcake generation!

  20. “Things I do for my country” Hahaha, classic.

  21. Kris, Vin Diesel and Ruby Rose in one movie has to be the best thing ever next to Luhan and Matt Damon in one movie

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