Robin and Paula in custody war, ‘Blurred Lines’ singer is accused of child abuse

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton locked in custody battle/TMZ.

Robin Thicke gets accused of abuse.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Roughly 24 hours after a judge shot down Paula Patton’s adjuration to restrict ex-husband Robin Thicke’s joint custody arrangement of 6-year-old son Julian, the discord between the two has reached treacherous territory. Word on the street claims Robin had police officers dispatched to Paula’s residence Friday morning after Julian failed to report to school. He was supposed to visit Robin the evening prior, but it never materialized. Paula reportedly sent Robin a text message earlier in the day to let him know she’ll be picking up Julian on Thursday, even though it infringed upon Robin’s custodial time.

“Paula sent someone to school to intercept Julian, in violation of the custody orders,” said Robin’s lawyer, Angela Pierce di Donato, before adding “she did not return him to school today.” To compound matters, Paula filed legal docs on Thursday accusing Robin of child abuse. There’s apparently some ‘Blurred Lines’ when it comes to enforcing child discipline and giving spankings.

A source familiar with the situation told the Malibu Sheriff’s Department, “Julian has made it clear he does not feel safe in his father’s presence” and that “the child needed to remain with his mother.” Robin denies the allegations. Once high school sweethearts, Robin and Paula finalized their divorce last March.

It’s been ugly ever since.

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  1. Leslie Ann Taylor-Bjarnson

    Robin is an alcoholic, a drug addict, and beats his son (some call it spanking). He should not even be able to see their child. Paula should have full and sole custody. Robin is a player and a vile human being.

  2. The school raised a warning signal based on what information they received from the kid. So I think it’s right to question Robin and for a time protect the boy by granting supervised visits. Who cares if the adult is offended. The first priority is to the child.

  3. All I know is you do not have to use spanking as a parental tool , that’s nuts

  4. Leslie Ann Taylor-Bjarnson zyour full of crap. He has every right to see his child. she is using their child because he has moved on and wants nothing to do with her. Dam women are evil. Every child deserve to have their father in their life.

  5. All I know is you do not have to use spanking as a parental tool , that’s nuts

  6. Cornelius Haugabook

    Unbelievable. The man is disciplining his son. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

  7. @Leslie Ann Taylor-Bjarnson: Don’t sit on the internet and pretend to know the exact details about other people’s life you fucking cretin get back in the kitchen

  8. Thats why you dont get married. Too much bullshit and it only hurts the kids.

  9. Paula used to be hot, now she’s not.

  10. NappyHeadAbby here

    am I the only one who thinks she is doing this for attention and money

  11. Beverley Richardson

    She is probably abused too but she doesn’t want to see her kids dad go to jail. Now he has turned on his son and she is finally stepping up. It’s obvious you only have to look at her to see that

  12. oh please you can’t even raise your voice to a child without someone yelling child abuse

  13. Robin has every right to beat that kid’s ass

  14. I’m kinda on Robins side. Paula sounds so desperate for attention….

  15. Cornelius Haugabook

    Unbelievable. The man is disciplining his son. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

  16. Sad if allegations are true! They were such a cute couple.

  17. She is mad he has a new young girlfriend and couldn’t go to his father’s funeral. If any of this was true she would have came forward earlier. She is just bitter and needs to find herself some business

  18. it is so sad that robin thicke and his ex- wife personal information is out in public like that I feel bad for their son been in the middle of his parents messy divorce

  19. I want them to get back together!

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