Chiefs choke at home again in playoffs, Arrowhead magic is officially dead

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Eric Berry and the Kansas City Chiefs lose at home in the playoffs.

Chiefs choke again, Steelers movin’ on.

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KANSAS CITY — If you’re a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs, don’t be dispirited by their anticlimatic 18-16 loss to Pittsburgh Steelers kicker Chris Boswell, who beat KC all by himself with 6 field goals in Sunday night’s inclement divisional matchup at icy Arrowhead Stadium. Even Stevie Wonder can see the Chiefs (seeded No. 2) were very lucky to be in the position they were in. That’s not a knock. It’s merely stating the obvious. “I feel like we left a lot of plays on the field that we should have made,” linebacker Justin Houston said. “We didn’t; it’s the playoffs, every play counts.”

Again, we should’ve seen this coming. If you take away fortuitous victories against Carolina, Denver and Atlanta, the Chiefs probably don’t make the postseason. Still, this one hurts. The Steelers won without scoring a touchdown. “It’s just about doing my job,” said Boswell who was a perfect six for six.

“Coming out here, put it through the yellow pipes. Don’t really think too much. Don’t think like I’m the guy or anything. I’m just doing my job and doing my one-eleventh for the team.”

KC is now an embarrassing 2-6 at home in the playoffs, which includes 4 consecutive losses following a bye. Sorry, but Arrowhead ain’t all that. Sure, it’s loud. But KC loses there quite often. “That is a loud place,” said Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (20 of 31, for 224 yards and 1 INT).

“I said that going into this week that I told guys ‘This is the loudest place I have ever played.’ That is no disrespect to Seattle. I know one of the two places hold the record, but it was deafening out there.”

If you’re looking at the glass half full, the Chiefs have a few pieces in place to make a Super Bowl run in the near future. If properly utilized, embattled wideout Tyreek Hill and childish tight end Travis Kelce are potential game changers.

Speaking of Kelce, the reality TV star wasn’t bashful in his postgame opprobrium of referee Carl Cheffers for calling a holding penalty on tackle Eric Fisher that cost the Chiefs a game-tying two-point conversion late in the 4th quarter.

“Referee No. 51 shouldn’t even be able to wear a zebra jersey ever again,” Kelce said.

“He shouldn’t even be able to work at fucking Foot Locker.”

In addition to Hill and Kelce, defensive backs Marcus Peters and Eric Berry are All-Pro talents too. But three things must transpire to get KC over the hump next season: 1) The Chiefs must improve at quarterback. Alex Smith (20 for 34, 172 yards with 1 TD and 1 INT) seems like a neat guy.

But he’s not championship caliber and never will be.

Smith, 32, entered Sunday’s divisional playoff with 15 measly touchdown passes. Keep in mind, he’s making $17 million this year which equates to more than $1 million per touchdown throw.

Give Chiefs officials credit. They’ve done a marvelous job of hoodwinking small market fans in Kansas City into believing Smith is the right man for the job. At this stage of his career, the San Francisco 49ers castoff deserves to be a backup. Nothing more.

KC is also in dire need of a new runningback.

Spencer Ware had 8 carries for 35 yards with 1 TD.

2) The Chiefs must find immediate help at linebacker. Steelers halfback Le’Veon Bell, who rushed for 170 yards on 30 carries, had his way with KC’s Charmin soft defense. The big three of Houston, Derrick Johnson and Tamba Hali appear finished. Johnson and Hali are too old. Houston should be deemed a salary cap bust. It’s time for general manager John Dorsey, or whoever ends up running the team, to acquire two new starting linebackers. The Chiefs were absolutely terrible against the run this season.

3) Chiefs head coach Andy Reid must surrender his playcalling responsibilities. The Chiefs haven’t been this bad on offense since Jimmy Raye called plays back in the 90s. As fans in Philadelphia can attest, Reid’s clock management skills are atrocious and he’s allergic to summoning deep passing routes.

Chiefs chairman Clark Hunt may have to step in.

If Reid refuses to hire an offensive coordinator, he should be fired.

Again, if you’re a Chiefs fan, please keep things in perspective.

KC hasn’t appeared in a Super Bowl since 1970.

You should be used to playoff despondency by now.

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  1. Christopher Couser Dc

    Good luck next week Pittsburgh kicking field goals..lmao

  2. This year they lose to a team that doesn’t score a TD. In previous years they have lost to teams that never had to punt. Or have blown a 4 plus TD lead in the 2nd half. Shank field goals. The curse that is the KC Chiefs in the playoffs is real. You can’t lose in more bizarre ways than this team has over the years. Mercy..

  3. Lawrance Beasley

    Well . . . Today’s games were indeed more entertaining. I cannot believe Pit got into scoring position 7 times and didn’t score a TD!! Kudos to that Chief’s defense. Like I have said for many years, the number of yards a defense gives up is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is the points. That red-zone defense saved the day for KC. I’m a Pit fan, so I’m glad they won; but I feel sorry for KC fans. They did so much right, but just didn’t quite have enough. I hope KC stays good for a few more years. This is turning into a fun rivalry. KC fans are much classier than Ravens or Bengals fans.

  4. The Steelers O-line moved the Chiefs defense around like loose furniture. 100 plus yards on the ground before half time…

  5. Jeremy Greathouse

    Another Chiefs loss before the conference championship and everyone deserves some blame. Neither line showed up to play. No one could catch a football. Reid put the playbook away after the first drive. Smith missed great targets by several yards, though it was a miracle if he had the time to find one. We didn’t seem to care who was covering Brown on a lot of big plays. All of this and still we lose by just 2 points? I keep wondering when a KC team is going to just get over it and play a decent game. 1-9 in our last 10 playoff games which span 22 years. We’ve lost every division round game by 7 or fewer points in that time and always due to mistakes that we didn’t make in the regular season. We take ourselves out of these games and nobody else does it for us. Apparently what we need is to play a team with no recent history of winning titles, at home, and maybe get some help from the officials. Unfortunately, it will always be a team like the Pats, Broncos, or Steelers in our way and we can’t bring ourselves to play a good game against teams that have won since the merger. We’ve made exactly 1 Conference Championship appearance since 1970 and we got whooped by the Bills. Even the Browns have made more appearances in that game since then. This franchise needs a change in culture badly because we will always be the team that the other team beat if we don’t try something new.

  6. Andy Reid will never sniff a Super Bowl again…He just a Big Fat Walrus.And The D Coor. who leaves Antonio Brown all alone to run across the field???

  7. Shaun McDonough

    People want to blame Smith, but the truth is he performed like you would expect a QB at his level. He’s good, but not great. We all know that. Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady he has never been and never will be. But did you see the the great catch Jared Cook made for Rodgers? Contrast that to the drops the Chief receivers made for Smith. And ultimately the Chief line made 38 year old James Harrison look like he was 28 instead of 38. So the blame here should go more to the O line and receivers than the QB.

  8. All you Chiefs fans crying, the Steelers totally dominated the game and if it wasn’t for stupid play calling in the red zone, it’s a blowout! First and goal on the five and Bell is running all over the Chiefs and they pass, are you crazy? Todd Haley’s dumb play calling was your biggest asset tonight! If you know anything about football, which I know most of you don’t, the better team by far won!

  9. Michael Hughes

    Kelce is a child. He’s whining about that holding call at the end? If he had played better (& not taken one of the dumbest personal fouls ever), maybe the end would’ve been different.

  10. Tim Balderramos

    Good game KC. Not too many teams can say they held the killer Bs to 18 points. Had you told me that’s all the Steelers would score I’d have said that’s a Pittsburgh loss. Exciting postseason games for once. Well done.

  11. Catlin Clawson

    KC didn’t hold the Steelers to 18 points. Haley’s play calling and Ben going rogue and doing whatever he wants is what held the Steelers to 18 points.

  12. Good to see the phoniest 12-4 team out of the playoffs…Tough to win playoff games when you rely entirely on fluky, B.S. scores all season long.. Much different come playoff time, when the cream rises and the Sh!t sticks to the bottom of the shoes as is what this phony, pretending K.C. Queefs team trully was this year.

  13. Cliff Collins Jr.

    Kelce is a whiner—period. The play on Harrison is the definition of holding. BTW, I believe Kelce dropped at least one critical pass, possibly 2 that should have been long gains and comitted a stupid 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty. Trying to deflect blame on the referee is a really “pussy” way of attempting to make your shortcomings less noticeable. Very unclassy. You should be ashamed…

  14. Chiefs are a good regular season team, but when playoff time comes can’t win the games that matter.

  15. fuck the chiefs and fuck alex smith

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