Ruthless Cop killer Markeith Loyd got captured inside an abandoned house

Cop killer Markeith Loyd in police custody.

Crazed Cop killer finally in custody.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

ORLANDO — Is there a lawyer in the house? Markeith Loyd, the ruthless villain suspected of murdering his pregnant ex-girlfriend and Orlando police sergeant Debra Clayton, has been captured and he remains in police custody. Loyd, 41, was busted Tuesday night at an abandoned house in Orlando, Florida. When SWAT officers found him, he was wearing body armor and armed with a pair of handguns. By the time media arrived, Loyd appeared to have gotten his ass kicked.

The arrest brings closure to a week-long manhunt since Loyd allegedly shot Sgt. Clayton in a Wal-Mart parking lot. Police Chief John Mina shot down rumors that Loyd’s capture was the result of receiving an anonymous tip. Instead, he gave total credit to law enforcement officers working the case.

“They’ve basically been living in their vehicles, using the bathroom in their vehicles, to try and do everything they could to bring justice for the Dixon family and for the Clayton family,” Mina said.

If convicted, does Loyd deserve the death penalty?

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  1. I’m glad they beat his ass

  2. If he did killed white cops I wouldn’t give a shit. But since he killed four black people he should have been beating to death.

  3. Earl, go kill yourself and make our society a better place you fucking maggot.

  4. It’s interesting how a white guy Dylan Roof can walk into a church and shoot everyone and the police arrest him nicely and take him to the police station and talk to him. But this guy they beat his face in. Hmm wonder what the difference was……

  5. Too bad the guy fell down and hurt himself while resisting…they should of hung his ass.

  6. Aww! The big tough black revolutionary got his ass beat…Aww! You’re on Trump Time now you cowardly blacks!

  7. white man shoot cops and get soothed comforted and talked into surrendering. there definitely is a double standard cops deal with white cop killers and black cop killers differently. they treat white thug cop killers like they don’t know any better or something when they shoot one of their fellow pigs up side the head…and these neanderthal news reporters don’t ever talk like that when whites shoot cops. you idiots cant tell me shit. AT ALL!! by the way go to Advise Show TV & Media subscribe and like. you backward ass negrobots

  8. TheOfficialSvengali

    When that racist white kid walked into a church & gunned down a load of black people while they were praying, the police arrested him than took him to Burger King because he was hungry on the way to the police station.

  9. Computer Crazies

    It’s sad that some of you black folks out there have to bring up Dylan roof up and down every page where a black criminal gets brought in after a series of ruthless crimes as if white people approve of Dylan roof somehow but shun these black criminals. White people who are business owners out there make sure you remember how large the anti-white black community is getting when you are interviewing for jobs.

  10. Police brutality is at an all time high for black men in AmeriKKKa. Doesn’t matter if the black man is innocent or guilty. The so called police who beat this black man should be punished! Clearly this man has some mental issues but once again the black man is portrayed as an animal!

  11. I know all the white washed niggas are gonna have something to say but fuck that bitch. The best cop is a dead one. She chose to be a race soilder and most likely was showing her natural black ass for them honkies she worked for. Burn in Hell bitch. That man is one of my new Heroes.

  12. Defending a lifelong criminal, murderer of his girlfriend and baby. Fuck you T. Die today.

  13. Jonathan Bresnihan

    They went EASY on this punk. Time for this animal to SUFFER for what he’s done. GREAT job by the police!

  14. Helicopter Pilot

    That is one worthless nigger…

  15. the girlfriend he killed loved thugs. suggested he kill police on Facebook live during a traffic stop. if u lay with thugs, u wake up with bullets

  16. OOOOOHHHHH, how sadddd, he had his face beaten up. He refused to put his arms behind his back like the police ordered him. Too bad they didn’t shoot your ass you murdering lowlife disgusting piece of shit scum. Hope they give you the death sentence Mther Fker.

  17. Vesper Martini

    This would be a difficult choice for Black Lives Matter if they started a GoFundMe page: Would they request funds for the defense of Markeith Lloyd or for the family of the black cop that was killed, Officer Clayton?

  18. it’s very obvious that this bitch is in need of another ass whooping adjustment

  19. BrooklynBabyDoll718

    Straight up disgusting! His disregard for what he has done is deplorable and all he is concerned about is himself and his family. What a selfish disgusting being!

  20. can’t wait to hear his last words on the syringe table! too bad they don’t lynch nowadays.

  21. Nigga please

  22. We dont need a trial for this case

    Let’s kill the bastard and get it over with

  23. This guy should be forcibly released by the people no longer going to tolerate living under a 100% corrupt, totalitarian, police-state government. So that he can kill more police.

  24. What a ignorant waste of space. Why waste the tax payers money dealing with this damn little boy. He’s a tough guy to women but he’s not so tough when men are involved. Someone should put him to sleep for good and drop him in the recycle bin for yard fertilizer

  25. Desmond Garrett

    He’s lucky he’s not dead…I don’t give a damn that they beat him up, he deserved worse.

  26. What a nasty ass bastard..Go ahead and kill his sorry worthless ass today…

  27. How come they don’t beat up police when when they kill innocent people the media is not telling the whole story about this story I doubt very much that he just went out and just shot the officer police are liers just like black women are liers something’s are missing he could be lying he be telling the truth everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon with the media his girlfriend I believe he murdered her I have no comment on that they beat him because of the police

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