Trump inaugurated as 45th president, promises to make our country great

Donald Trump inaugurated as America’s 45th president.

Trump takes office, vows vast changes.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

WASHINGTON — Barack Obama is out. Donald Trump is in. The fist-pumping business tycoon took the oath then celebrated his inauguration on Friday. Trump is officially the 45th president of the United States. “Well, we did it,” Trump, 70, said, microphone in hand, during his formal address on the Capitol steps. “We began this journey and they we, we — and they meant me — didn’t have a chance, and we won. And, today we had a great day. People that weren’t so nice to me were saying that we did a really good job today. They hated to do it, but they did it. And I respect that.”

After the oration, Trump enjoyed his first oscillating dance with wife Melania — to Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” — at the Freedom Ball. Then he attended two additional dances. At the second ceremony, the Liberty Ball, Trump took a shot at his enemies before vowing to shake things up on Twitter.

“I don’t know. Let me ask you: Should I keep the Twitter going or not?” Trump asked the black-tie crowd. When they roared in approval, Trump continued: “I think so! I think so. You know, the enemies keep saying, ‘Oh, that’s terrible.’ But you know, it’s a way to bypass dishonest media.” 

“We will not be taken advantage of anymore.”


  1. HAHAHA you dirty american fat bastard pigs are going down….

  2. Never seen so many stupid white people in one place.

  3. Shylock Hooknosestein

    I took a big shit, it looked like an OBAMA.

  4. Carlos De la cerda III

    white power lol

  5. America first! White American males first that is.

  6. Austina Mulraney

    He keeps throwing up the 666 I swear he’s the 3rd anti christ

  7. Jonathan Mcmuffin

    Let’s get back on track America! Go President Trump!

  8. Trump just grabbed the whole country by the pussy. The US is finally about to have some balls.

  9. get ready, America will be raped and pillaged by Trump, his family, and the entire oppressive Republicans…

  10. Mark My words – the 46th President of USA – will be Ivanka Trump. The first Woman President and the Youngest one. Working with Her Father all this 8 years – She will get a lot of knowledge and expirience and The Trump Family – will Make And Keep America Great again and ever !)

  11. I cannot BELIEVE the comments. How Trump supporters fail to see his lack of equality, support, and kindness. You all need a reality check. And trust me, if you don’t, soon you will get one.

  12. Oh lord, 2017-2020 will be hell already..

  13. Oh hell yeah! This is America! Come get some! There is a new sheriff in town and he is one bad dude. Don’t mess with trump!!!

  14. Patrick Ancona

    Trump I’m glad it’s you & not the traitor you ran against, you better not sell us out & we will hold you to your promises, the silent majority is done being silent, we don’t talk a lot because it no longer has any real meaning so we act, it’s all we know how to do, we’re the people that pay for the whole damn show & we are DONE paying to hear we have no value but some pos criminal traitor parasite does, so shut up & get er done son

  15. Melania is so pretty, Ivanka isn’t so pretty as Melania :)

  16. Can you guys who are anti-Trump in the comments explain why exactly it is you dislike him?
    I understand some of you may disagree with some of his policy issues but the MUH RACISM, MUH SEXISM MUH RUSSIA KKK FASCIST seems to be completely artificially manufactured by the mainstream media – Such a shame there are so many low information voters in the U.S.

  17. team trump

  18. i miss obama already 🙁

  19. Maycee Christine

    Still glad Trump won I don’t care how much hate I get for this, but I’m just so proud Americans voted for him :)

  20. Maybe Trump is an idiot,a moron or even a racist at least he has kept his promises unlike the rest of the Washington establishment…keep it up President Trump from a proud black man..

  21. Everyone hates white people and yet everyone wants to come to a country BUILT by white people ?☕️ which also happens to be the greatest country on earth, coincidence? I think not.

  22. Trump is going to get himself assasinated

  23. Trump is anti-American

  24. Stacey Summers

    Can we please bring Obama back?

  25. So glad I voted for him. kinda feel bad for the liberal extremists that they can’t enjoy this great time in our country. cus they are so filled with hate..

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