R&B singer Beyoncé, who’s expecting twins, shares multiple pregnancy photos online

Beyoncé, who’s expecting twins, shares pregnancy pics.

Beyoncé posts her pregnancy pictures.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

NEW YORK — There’s no surrogacy going on in the Jay Z household. That’s because his gravid wife Beyoncé, who shocked everybody when she announced she’s expecting twins, put those imbecilic rumors to bed when she posted pictures of her big ass stomach on the internet. The 35-year-old singer shared a photo album on her website titled “I Have Three Hearts,” referring to her own along with that of the expectant twins. Donning a sexy see-through bra and underwear, Beyoncé received plenty of help from first-born daughter Blue Ivy, who appeared in a few photos — most notably the one where she’s holding a flower while parked at her pregnant mother’s feet.

Blue is also pictured kissing her mom’s inflated belly. Beyoncé broke the pregnancy news via Instagram on Wednesday. “We would like to share our love and happiness. We have been blessed two times over,” she wrote. “We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes. – The Carters.”

Congrats Jay & Bey!



  2. jonyskinz philly

    who gives a fuck…what about all the men and women killed serving this country…look at Jay-Z …I hope her kids look just like little camels…

  3. disgusting. she took pictures of herself standing naked infront of her young daughter kissing her belly and noone is saying anything about it. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? what in the fuck is going on in this world? noone has any fucking dignity and morals anymore

  4. tagabicolini pinay

    Who give a rat ass

  5. Love you beautiful Beyoncé ❤????

  6. michael wright

    the only reason to care is if she has a miscarriage. then we can celebrate

  7. dang, those pics of beyonce pregnant are not attractive. if she was not rich and famous, people would think ‘another trailer park ho trying to get attention.’

  8. Beyonce is a talentless stuck up racist cunt. So overrated, Fuck her and her pregnancy.

  9. YAY!!! The anti-Christ is coming….

  10. I Want Her To Name Them Green & Red Ivy So They Can Be The Powerpuff Girls

  11. Clayton Rushgreen

    Bless them, hope her pregnacy will be ok.

  12. While I enjoy her music a lot…she won’t be able to sing anymore as the strong independant woman her songs like to portray. Apparently she took that ugly ass cheater back and then got pregnant again!!! While she can afford to raise kids solo it’s not fair to them so when he cheats again what song is she gonna sing.

  13. For someone who is SO proud to be a black woman, Beyonce sure works hard to look white. Just sayin’.

  14. Beyonce is so damn extra. she is absolutely not the first woman to be pregnant with twins and won’t be the last. Geez! There are more important things to worry about!

  15. Cunty.intellecT

    What’s with the virgin Mary get up? Wow she’s really taking this ‘bow down’ mess to whole new level huh? I for one ain’t gonna be worshipping her kids or her. Foh? ?

  16. Cameron Taylor

    Haters will hate

    Luv you Queen Bey

    Wishing u a healthy pregnancy

  17. She’s too old to be pregnant with twins

  18. Society’s general opinion:
    11–15-years-old; Insanely too young to have a baby. Absolutely repulsive.
    16–20-years old; Still way too young. So irresponsible and unnatural.
    21–25-years-old; Irresponsible and unfair to the child, but it’s manageable.
    26–30-years-old; Now! You better not be single or have anything else going on!
    31–35-years-old; Too late. You’re too old now.
    36-years and on; Endangerment to yourself and the baby. Why did you wait so long?

    Nature’s general opinion:
    11—15-years-old; You’re ready. Start having sex and giving birth.
    16–20-years-old; You’re at your prime! Breed as much as possible!
    21–25-years-old; The more babies, the better.
    26–30-years-old; Your body is beginning to shut down. Breed if you want.
    31–35-years-old; Obvious increased risk of defects and orphaning, but follow your instincts.
    36-years and on; The older, the riskier. You’re not even supposed to be alive right now.

  19. No disrespect, but i’m sure Blue didn’t plan to kiss the belly for the photo shoot?

    It’s even worse if she was told to do it, coz that would be just wrong.
    like, in a? BOW DOWN ?to the twins type of way?

    (ok not that deep) ?

    It’s just a thought that’s all
    bless her,

  20. Beyoncé I like you but I see you trying desperately to prove that you’re pregnant LMAO

  21. Beyoncé is a beautiful women and I know that for a fact but being naked and taking pictures putting them on Snapchat twitter instagram I mean for as many fans she has she can be a hog


  23. So……this fake bitch cannot stand not being the center of
    attention…So Mariah has been trending for 4 months for her new reality
    show, Rihanna just finished two films, Janet announced she was
    pregnant, GAGA announced she’s doing the Superbowl, Janet gave birth,
    WIGonce and her team released that she will be headlining Coachella,
    then Ciara announced she was pregnant…Janet gave birth….and all of
    this was in the news….trending…However Janet went back into hiding
    as she always does, doesn’t want the limelight…Ciara’s pretty low
    key…..but this bitch beYAWNce poses in front of a Funeral Wreath with a
    wedding veil over her face and wearing a bra, perching her stomach out
    like she’s 4 months pregnant, so by April when Coachella starts, she’ll
    pretend by March or early April that she gave birth and be on stage at
    Coachella. She cannot stand not being in the limelight or the center of
    attention….Now if she is pregnant, she went through
    Invitro-fertilization because with IVF twins are usually the outcome or
    she used a donor egg, or she is adopting twins from some light and
    almost white woman….either way, after that first fiasco when that
    prosthetic collapsed, this is going to be very interesting how she pulls
    this one off….and remember I said this: beYAWNCE has some mental
    issues…anytime someone has to have all the attention….

  24. The slut probably had an artificial insemination.

  25. I happy for her. no shade but I hope these twins are healthy and do not look like Jay-Z

  26. woohoo congratz? who the hell cares


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