Tom Brady completes an epic comeback, leading Patriots to Super Bowl victory

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots win their 5th Super Bowl.

Tom Brady super, Pats are champs.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

HOUSTON — In the first half of Sunday’s Super Bowl LI, 39-year-old Tom Brady looked his age. Then, on cue, the 4-time Super Bowl MVP discovered the fountain of youth in the second half — leading the New England Patriots to an epic 34-28 overtime victory over the shell-shocked Atlanta Falcons. The Patriots have now earned a Super Bowl ring for each finger. They’ve won a quintet of world championships. “There were a lot of plays that coach talks about, you never know which one is going to be the Super Bowl winner,” said Brady, who earned an NFL record fourth MVP award and a fifth Super Bowl ring, the most ever for a quarterback. “There were probably 30 of those plays tonight and (if) any one of those were different, the outcome could have been different.”

The coup, however, didn’t come without theater. Down 28-3 in the third quarter, Brady and company scored 31 unanswered points to complete the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. “It’s hard to imagine us winning,” Brady said. “It took a lot of great plays and that’s why you play to the end.”

As he’s accustomed, Brady finished the season in style — setting Super Bowl records by completing 43 of 62 passes for 466 yards and two touchdowns. Conversely, the Falcons appeared destined to win their first Super Bowl in 51 seasons. But, being in such a pressurized environment apparently took its toll.

The dirty birds failed to score a single point in both the 4th quarter and overtime. “There’s nothing you can really say,” said Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan who finished 17 of 23 with 284 yards and 2 TDs. “That’s a tough loss, obviously very disappointing, very close to getting done what we wanted to get done.”

Much to the chagrin of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, the Pats are champs once again.

Many are saying the NFL is fixed?

Do you agree?

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  1. This is like watching WWE wrestling…seems so fake. Atlanta had the game won hands down with a short field goal, what coach would risk getting knocked out of field goal range with those calls? None.

  2. Terrence Tyrka

    The NFL is fixed. I was pretty sure last year. This proves it. That was the most pathetic Super Bowl ever. It was so obvious.

  3. Epic choke, not an epic comeback. Atlanta will forever go down as the biggest chokers in the history of professional sports. No debate. Falcons, listen: you losers are the epitome of epic stupidity. I’ve never liked you losers, but even I’m offended by how you disrespected the NFL and earned every bit of extreme disdain you’ll forever have to live with. You can not only ‘not make this up’, but the phenomenal element behind what you dopes showed the world is appropriately “unworldly.” How about them dirty birds led by nerdy matt ryan? And Quinn, you absurdly dumb, dumb, little man: there’s a very quick way to forget about this. Do it.

  4. Andrew C. Arbuckle

    We’ve seen some head scratching play calling in a couple of the recent Super Bowls. The decision to throw deep on 3rd and 1 is like throwing a tight slant route on the goal line with Lynch sitting there. Just craziness. The teams that deviate from a winning formula to get cute often lose. Seahawks are haunted by their loss to the Pats and now the Falcons, too!

  5. Two times each of Patriots opponents threw the ball when they could’ve just ran it to ice the game. Idk what Atlanta was thinking when they could’ve just ran the ball when they were in FG range. Absolutely dumb decision. What a coincidence that Atlanta’s HC was the DC for Seattle.

  6. As a sports fan this should have been an instant classic but i saw the falcons collapse before it actually happened, their play and effort wasnt there in the second half as it was in the second quarter. especially after that pick six. ill give credit to brady’s game tying drive and OT other than that Falcons choked this one. it was there for u and u choked. 28-3. falcons fans will have trouble sleeping tonight.

  7. Raymond Mitchell

    This game was decided by a coin flip! New England wins coin toss by chance so only they get the ball in overtime. Super Unfair Bowl. NFL needs to change their ridiculous rules for the playoffs and Super Bowl and allow each team to get the ball on offense at least once. This was like going to Las Vegas and roll the dice to decide a sport!

  8. Fixed game? They were up 25 POINTS! No ref can fix a comeback like that. Get over yourselves and respect the GOAT.

  9. Richard Ray Axelrod

    For those of you who have never played sports and act like you know everything about sports, this game was not rigged. Classic buckle under pressure. This is where Brady and belichick experience plays huge, being in the moment so many times before. Everyone wants to say “oh its rigged” too bad over 62 percent of the public bet patriots and I don’t think Vegas would throw game to pay more money to more people.

  10. 1. Sat watching the game with my son and at half time told him. This isnt over, one of the Patriots strengths is making adjustments and too many teams have had a lead on the Patriots at the half and said. “Ok, lets just stick with whats working.” The Pats adjust and blow them out second half. Sure enough it happened here.
    2. Saw on a board a lot of Atl fans saying Matty Ice was known for throwing late game picks that cost them big games. Wasnt a pick, but sure enough a fumble and taking a critical sack in the 4th hurt them big.
    Great game overall. Expect Atl to be there again. That D is lightning fast & will only get better.

  11. Brady is now not only the greatest quarterback he’s also the greatest football player to play the game, down 28-3 trailed by 25 points and they made the greatest comeback in super bowl history. You won’t see another quarterback to do this and to those people who are denying the patriots and Tom Brady after this game you guys are just a bunch of pathetic haters. 5 rings, 4 super bowl MVP’s and 466 passing yard

  12. Patrick Larkham Murray

    How do you win a game when trailing 28-3 at 40 years old? This is ridiculous .

  13. Bullshit the referees cheated so that the patriots could win all those penalties the referees calls on the Falcons and none really against the patriots! Just hurtful! Some real bullshit

  14. still a cheater and still ain’t shit… idc what anyone says after halftime the refs were payed off. and ima die hard cowboys fan I could care less about the Falcons but… I despise the Patriots. once again everyone hates then and as usual they win on a technicality

  15. Brady and Belichick just guarenteed themselves as the greatest QB and Coach of all time, I can’t wait to tell my kids this legend…

  16. EAT A DICK Roger! Brady should have dropped his pants and made him check his BALLS!

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