Former NBA player Charles Oakley gets arrested following fight in the stands

Ex-NBA player Charles Oakley arrested after fighting in stands.

Oakley jailed for fighting in stands.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

NEW YORK — The New York Knicks stink as a professional sports franchise. But there was still plenty of drama in front of a star-studded audience Wednesday night inside Madison Square Garden where 53-year-old Charles Oakley was handcuffed and hauled out of the arena by security guards after getting into a fight in the stands. The entire ordeal was nationally televised. Oakley, who was taken to jail, is facing three counts of assault. He vehemently denied that he yelled at Garden chairman and Knicks owner James Dolan prior to being thrown out of an arena he used to perform in.

“I was there for four minutes,” said Oakley, once a power forward for the Knicks. “I didn’t say anything to him. I swear on my mother. They came over and wanted to know why I was sitting there. I bought the ticket. I said why do you guys keep staring at me. Then they asked me to leave. And I said I’m not leaving.”

Even if he had reason, Oakley is too damn old to behave like this.

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  1. Black people: You can dress em up, but u can’t take em anywhere 🙁

  2. Thanks NYPD for arresting this old fool. I hope he is tried and receives the harshest sentence. THERE’S NO FOOL LIKE AN OLD FOOL! And the OLD FOOL here is Charles Oakley no matter how many years he played for the Knicks! He is an embarrassment to the NBA, the Knicks organizations and human being in general by the show he put on!

  3. nicholas Akubariki

    I blame knicks fans. LA has how many championships and when they stopped winning what happened. Attendance fell off. Madison Square Garden is sold out even when the knicks are not gonna be in the play offs even for meaningless games. Why they put out a winning product when that’s not needed to make money which is the bottom line. Knicks fans stop bitching, look in the mirror there is the problem

  4. Jermaine Lynch

    when the shoving start it I got the urge to go look at lethal weapon I swear he look like Danny Glover but Charles Oakley you are the man and I will always love you you still have a lot of fight in you dog roof roof???????????????? Phil Jackson try to calm you down got a lot of f**** nerves

  5. Oakley obviously still a THUG & hasn’t grown up one bit! I’m sure there will be pundits defending his inexcusable behavior. he should be banned for life from MSG..

  6. James Dolan is gay he really is a homo he likes men and when you’re a guy who won’t sell out and give him what he wants which is your dick up his ass he don’t want to deal with you which is the case why Patrick Ewing and Mark Jackson have not Ben ask to be a part of the Knicks organization fact fact fact fact

  7. Oakley just mad cuz he an old mofo that can’t be out of the count no mo, so he gots to push and shove peeps in the stands to feel tough and let out built up frustrations.

  8. Owner James Dolan is bitch made for having Oakley arrested..Phil Jackson need to get da fuk on.Melo go elsewhere so you can win.Knicks need rebuld asap

  9. So Oakley the animal can’t control himself, and everyone BUT him is to blame? I hope James Dolan bans this animal from the garden for life.

  10. Gerson Monterrosa

    that pussy who let Oakley poke him in the head. that nigga would have touched me I would punched his ass in his fucking face I don’t care how big he is he would probably beat my ass but he ain’t touching my face like that shiiiii ????

  11. Most fight ive seen from New York all season

  12. What do you expect from a useless ball player?
    Where’s George Zimmerman?

  13. Marcos Fernandez

    How are you going to kick out a man because he is talking his mind? The security instigated that. I would be mad to.

  14. Put that monkey in the zoo

  15. Rudolph Schenker

    Shitty teams have shitty owners, everyone having to do with the knicks is screwed. Melo knows, Phil knows. I hope they both leave.

  16. SilentWeaponsII

    I hope Charles Oakley fucks up Phil Jackson.

  17. lmao all he did was shove them fuckin pussies

  18. someone needs to buy the Knicks from dolan..what a piece of trash he is

  19. Charles Oakley was publicly humiliated on TV man WTF are you talking about! James Dolan started the whole incident he shouldn’t have sent anyone to tell Oakley to leave he paid his money for a ticket like everyone else and was sitting down.

  20. Million dollar slaves still niggas at the end of the day. Master slave relationship is what u saw

  21. Oakley was drunk and acting stupid. You can’t reason with drunks and
    when you see how Oakley was putting hands on security you gotta applaud
    security for not whooping Oakley’s old ass.

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