John Legend is taking his family on tour, Chrissy involved in minor car accident

John Legend is taking wife Chrissy and daughter Luna on tour.

John and Chrissy preppin’ for tour.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Lip Sync Battle co-host Chrissy Teigen, the wife of singer John Legend, was the passenger in a minor car accident in Hollywood on Tuesday evening but she wasn’t hurt. The crash occurred around 7:30 PM. The suspect was taken into custody on a misdemeanor ‘hit and run’ charge. Chrissy, who’s not far removed from giving birth to 10-month-old daughter Luna, just celebrated her photogenic return to Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue — her first since making a “Rookie of the Year” debut in 2010.

Chrissy, 31, is also expected to join her husband on his ‘Darkness and Light’ tour. Luna is coming too. John broke the news in a recent Facebook Live session. “The awesome part of this tour is my family is coming along,” John, 38, said in response to a fan inquiry on how be balances fatherhood and music.

“This’ll be Luna’s first tour. She’ll be there, so I won’t have to spend a lot of time away from my family. That’s the subtitle of the tour: Darkness And Light Tour: Luna’s First Tour.”

John is scheduled to perform at Kansas City’s Starlight Theater on June 13.

Are you looking forward to the concert?

Do you think it’s a good idea to take a baby on tour?

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  1. John Legend always be the shining light with your music; your heart tells it all.

  2. Andrada Stoenescu

    I ❤ John Legend!!!

  3. John legend is my bae….sorry Chrissy just a huge fan

  4. Sathwica katepogu

    He has a beautiful wife and child. I wish they will be happy forever. cute family.?

  5. Tasneem Rahman Runita

    That’s literally one of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen ??❤❤❤? she’s such a precious little angel, MashaAllah ❤

  6. Darrell Nelson

    I just came to say John legend your wife is hot?

  7. Luna is so CUTE ???

  8. how to be friends GKT

    I love your wife crissy teagan on lip sync battle

  9. I love John! He’s such a genuine person and his songs are always amazing. Chrissy and him are probably the cutest couple and their daughter is so adorable! I wish I could go to one of his concerts.

  10. they are my favorite couple EVER and i was so excited when she finally announced her pregnancy last year

  11. Not going to lie…I came here to see more of Luna :)

  12. Cayah Wilkerson

    luna looks so much like john

  13. Charles Stroman

    John legend is a freakin sell out and I have lost respect for him.

  14. I’ve loved John Legends music since his song Save Room came out I had his CD when I was around 12

  15. john legend never disappoints

  16. him and chrissy are just cool, genuine people

  17. Love u,John Legend! God bless u!????????

  18. chrissy would look good even in a trash bag.

  19. They just look like a couple that has great sex

  20. WOWIE
    Chrissy Teigen is easy on the eyes.

  21. The baby is so adorable! ?

  22. Love u,John Legend! God bless u!????????

  23. He has a beautiful voice and lyrics and I love all his ? music, keep it ? John Legend all of me loves all of your songs.

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