Derrière model Amber Rose single again, relationship with Chmerkovskiy ends

Amber Rose and Val Chmerkovskiy are no longer a couple.

Amber Rose ends another romance.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Newsflash. Amber Rose is single… again. The 33-year-old big derrière model and Val Chmerkovskiy have apparently called it quits after 5 months of dating. The breakup, even by Amber’s standards, is sort of a headscratcher because, according to an insider, “things seemed great with them just a few days ago.” Amber, if you recall, competed on Season No. 23 of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ alongside Val’s older brother, Maks Chmerkovskiy. That’s how she connected with her temporary love interest.

“They met through Maks and really like each other,” said a close source. “It’s very new, but it’s going well.” After several weeks of dating, the duo’s relationship became official in early December. “They’re solid and in a good place,” said another source. “They’re both very happy with how things are going.”

A month later, Amber hinted that things were getting serious when she posted an intimate photo on Instagram that shows Val, 30, kissing her with the romantic caption, “My love,” coupled with a red heart emoji. But that was then and this is now. Amber, for better or worse, is on the market…. again.

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  1. vanessa copland

    I guess every man wants a freak in the sheets but class in public to take home to their momma.. a good heart and personality just dont count!! so double standard!?

  2. I didn’t even know they was dating!

  3. No mother would allow their son to marry a professional girlfriend like ambar rose. And Val being Slavic who’s culture resonates around serious family values , one can clearly see his mother’s hand in the break up. I am not at al surprised. Val find a decent God fearing woman to marry .

  4. Why is Val kissing an egg?? Lol

  5. Classic mismatch from the outset.

  6. Reggie L Jackson

    now that is one industry chick I have to smash

  7. Amber is GROSS. she look like a BIG, FAT, PIG. The BUTT IMPLANT FINALLY starting 2 look normal because she put so much weight on the rest of her body 2 catch up w BIG FAKE ASS

  8. too much fake booty. if she worked out it would look better.

  9. monique bowman

    Amber Rose Soooooooooo Sexy.I like her she’s cool

  10. I can’t stand these new women celebrities that think having a fat ass looks good. It doesn’t look good, it started off as a black men thing because most black women are overweight and that is what they are used to! Most black women are already endowed in the rear end. When they get butt implants it looks ridiculous! White women look stupid with butt implants! All women will regret getting them when they are older! If you really are born flat back there, a little help is ok, just like flat chested women! But for some reason these women get oversized! It doesn’t look good and it makes you look FAT! Amber going around showing her nasty asshole is disgusting! Look at me! Look at me!!!

  11. #5XChamps #PatsNation

    I’ll put my face in that ass in a heartbeat.

  12. Erica K. Nyame

    um… that’s not her real ass but whatever

  13. Probably the sexiest bitch ever !

  14. @FOXY LADY: I bet you are a FLAT, ASS WHITE WOMAN. I bet you have so many wrinkles in your face that you can compete with a prune. Sit down Jealous-ass flour-face cracker. HA!!! White women are soooooo jealous of women of color and the assets.

  15. she has cellulite in her butt and she is getting OLD………………………..

  16. Stop giving this ho attention please? 🙂

  17. Wendy Whaleiams

    Amber is always so nice and she is so pretty!! Her butt looks awesome too ?

  18. Orlando Skeete

    Amber sexy but she a fucking hoe hahaha 

  19. The blonde short hair bitch hates everything and so mad at the world

  20. Fuck I’d eat her sweaty

  21. if a female with an ass like that can’t keep a man & isn’t married, she ain’t shit.

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