Grammy Awards: Adele, Beyoncé, Bruno Mars dominate with slick performances

Beyoncé performed at Grammys despite being pregnant with twins.

Pregnant Beyoncé rocks the Grammys.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Pregnant Beyoncé is bigger than a duplex. Doesn’t take a pair of bifocals to see that. But, a full stomach didn’t stop the 35-year-old singer from bringing down the house Sunday night at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards from the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Beyoncé, who’s expecting twins with husband Jay Z, looked absolutely spectacular in a floor-length gold, sheer belly-highlighting Peter Dundas gown with a matching headpiece (and microphone). She performed “Love Drought” and “Sandcastles,” songs off her Lemonade album.

“Do you remember being born? Are you thankful? Are they hips that cracked? The deep velvet of your mother and her mother and her mother,” Beyoncé said in introduction, reciting an excerpt from Lemonade. “You look nothing like your mother, everything like your mother. You desperately want to look like her … You must wear it like she wears disappointment on her face.”

“Your mother is a woman, and women like her cannot be contained. I think of lovers as trees. Growing to and from one another. Searching for the same light. Why are you afraid of love? You think it’s not possible for someone like you, but you are the love of my life. The love of my life.”

As impressive as Beyoncé was, the night belonged to Adele who swept all three major awards including ‘Album of the Year’ for her smash hit “Hello.” She also paid homage to George Michael. Bruno Mars and ‘The Time’ had the crowd going nuts with a rousing tribute to Prince.

After winning ‘Album of the Year,’ Adele broke her award in half and gave a piece to Beyoncé.

Do you agree with the move?

Who deserved to win? Adele or Beyoncé?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Peter Petraitis

    Ghetto and white trash night.

  2. omg it was emotional…Adele and Beyonce really respect and Adore each other…this award is for both of them…love u QA and QB..

  3. Adèle is so cheap…I don’t get why she did this. She betrayed all of her fans to worship Beyoncé…who isn’t even that good…

  4. I thought Bey’s album was a masterpiece, yet, not for all audiences, or social groups. Everyone can relate to Adele’s music. Just my opinion.

  5. Chester Cheetah

    Adele, what the fuck?

    Dont bow down to that bitch…… u won fair and square

  6. Lemonade was shit. So glad Adele triumphed over Beyoncés overrated ass. She can have diarrhea on stage and her fans would be all like ???????.
    25 was much more relatable and spoke to a wider range of people.

  7. Damn why did I start crying ?this was truly beautiful , proud of her and Young prince (Bruno mars) for their tributes . And Seeing Beyonce cry was hard to watch for a moment ?You can tell Adele sees Bey as her idol and a motherly figure of inspiration . Good job ladies …oh imma need them to do some music together ASAP

  8. Lemonade isn’t a bad album but come on. Adele is one of the greatest artists of this generation; she is humble, kind, funny and insanely talented. Her voice gives people goosebumps and her personality is so lovable. Her album was the best and she deserved every award tonight

  9. Don’t get ahead of yourself. “one of the greatest artists of this generations”? What are you smoking? lol Talent for talent, most black girls can sing just as good if not better. As a person, you damn right Adele is all those things but a person’s character does not make them a “great artist”. It makes them “a great person”. Try not to get the two muddled up again 😉 lol

  10. Derrel Hightower

    It’s not Adele’s fault but Beyoncé was robbed again and when you know something u say something and Adele knew as an artist hell as a fan you know good music and a body of art Beyoncé album was monumental but the award was given to Adele which she deserves as well it just was a little hold up moment I knew for sure she’d get album of the year especially how she did the album but congratulations Adele and nice job with that speech pulling Bey back up was emotional but raw you rock for that Adele totally accepted by the ? hive

  11. come on be REAL! even though 25 is Solid, thats all it is, solid. 25 was a BLAND watered down rehashed version of 21. The songs sound the same, it was SAFE. Lemonade is definitely the better album. however I’m glad to see these 2 powerhouse iconic women respect and have so much love for eachother. its beautiful. idc whose loveable and whose not, I don’t know them personally so all I care about is the talent and the music. and tbh Beyonces album did so much for black women its sad how she only wins in urban categories but SAFE albums like 1989 & 25 stay sweeping the grammys. they snubbed Kanye & Rihanna as well. wtf is wrong with them? they need a new committee ASAP

  12. Aaron Pendragon

    People need to stop dick sucking beyonce. Lemonade was fucking trash and Adele should’ve just said her thanks got her shit and walked off.

  13. Beyonce doesn’t deserve a nickelodeon award let alone a grammy.

  14. Hey I respect Adele 100% but honey don’t disrespect yourself. Take the award you deserved it like anyone else did. Beyoncé has 22 Grammys losing one isn’t gonna kill her. Everyone stop bowing down to Beyoncé

  15. Adele should get an Oscar for her crocodile tears performance, and as for Beyonce – she’s gone completely bonkers! George Michael was a legend, but these two women are fantastic crowd manipulators.

  16. WalterOn Fridays

    adele and beyonce are the most humble beautiful women to grace the industry. i feel like 25 was absolutely beautiful and touching but lemonade told a better story. i hope adele keeps her Grammy and i hope people realize Beyonce is more humble and caring than we think….she’s truly a queen and so is a adele….such a beautiful moment for 2 legends to share.

  17. People need to stop comparing the two of them. They are both beautiful and talented inspirational women and both albums were amazing!! Both women are humble down to earth women who have never forgotten were they came from, they are both fabulous mothers and wives and they respect each other. People hating on Adele because of her speech about Beyoncé. I’d rather see women honouring each other rather than ripping each other apart

  18. TigerMonthlyHits

    No one was robbed people. You can’t say Beyoncé was robbed when the Grammys got it right for once. The person who sold the most albums won, the way it should be if you ask me.

  19. I am so sick of people in the comments saying one album was better than the other. The way an album or a song touches a person is different for everyone. For me I wouldve been happy if either Adele or Beyoncé won because they’ve both touched me with their music in different ways. 25 was emotional and I cried the first time I heard it, and Lemonade was like a story, it was beautifully organised and written and thought-provoking. These 2 amazing artists love each other’s music. Adele is Beyoncé’s STAN and Beyoncé is Adele’s STAN. They both adore each other’s music and respect and love each other. Stop trying to pit these two amazing artists against each other. They both deserved to win the grammy.

  20. wow! big ups to Adele. I’m glad she realized that she didn’t deserve that award. Beyoncé was the only person in 2016 to create such an amazing masterpiece, release it without publicity and go platinum in a day…
    the Grammy Academy is a whole joke!

  21. What’s with all the hate against Adele for what she said about Beyoncé? I don’t get it I think she just proved once again how humble a human Adele actually is. I think it was really classy to stand up and tell Beyoncé how she inspires her but many in the industry. I don’t see nothing wrong with that. To me Beyoncé was certainly not expecting her to say that. The tears were clearly real.

  22. Adele tore Beyonce a new one with her speech… that was british for “owned bitch” lmao i was just waiting for her to drop mic and walk away…

  23. no ass showing
    no boobs showing
    no vulgar dancing
    just a better singer and a song writter, the artist won above the product. Don´t apologize for being white and the Artist, Adele.

  24. I don’t like how this Bitch says “the way you make all my black friends feel “??really Adele? That shit got me feeling some type of way real talk

  25. ???Man I love Adele she is so real, honestly raw and authentic..and although I know better than to compare these two beauties as they are in their own lanes its so BEAUTIFUL to see a woman show so much love to another woman of the same magnitude… as of lately women have lost their way with so much envy and hate and sniffing up the men ass so much that many are out of touch with reality of which is woman together can change this world for the better, we are the mothers of the world its about time we start setting the example of how we should treat one another man, woman, and child…this gives me HOPE that one day women will truly rule the world for the greater good…???

  26. Williams Jonson

    That’s queen bey??all of them are f***king adores her ??

  27. she is so stupid. everyone thinks that beyonce is the queen and shit. I mean adele worked hard af for this award and she gives it to beyonce. this is pure stupidity.

  28. I love Adele and Beyoncé. It really pisses me off how people are gonna turn this speech around and hate on Beyoncé when Adele chose to give this speech of her own free will

  29. HATE IT or LOVE IT

    adele has been a beyonce fan since 11yrs old i dont blame her for showin beyonce some respect shes only human. adele does sing a million trillion times better. but her love for her idol as a child was beyonce so i salute adele for keepin it real at the grammys lol

  30. Love..Love both of these fantastic women. They sing the songs that are in our hearts that we cannot get out….Congratulations to them both. Adele is on class act. …

  31. Adele is like most of white Hollywood types, they all have white guilt so they pretend to worship non-whites. It’s hilarious to watch.

  32. Poor Adele, sounding like a bully victim. Bey is mad overrated and this shit honestly needs to stop. Adele was deserving every piece of that award

  33. go win a BET award you racist bitch. beyonce is a biggit. At least Adele’s album isn’t racist. Let’s see you make something with no. “N word” in it. like most black artists she would have a lose for words. it is a filler for stupid people. it is just like when a person says uhh in between every word they speak. it is just filler. think before you speak. Eminem has multiple albums with out saying it. and he is the most talented guy in the game

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