“Fist Fight” one of the worst films ever?

“Fist Fight” should’ve never reached the big screen.

Fist Fight stinks, avoid this movie.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Last day of school bitches. Richie Keen’s “Fist Fight” received an ignoble rating of 32 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and that’s being prodigal. Whatever you do, please avoid this film like the bubonic plague. It smells. There’s certainly better ways to spend your $6 bucks. This quasi re-imagining of the atrocious 1987 high school flick “Three O’Clock High” should’ve never reached the big screen. The slapstick is poorly enacted, the jokes lack witticism, and there’s too much vulgarity.

Multiple penis quips and the ghastly sight of watching a high school kid masturbate inside a restroom stall are simply over the top. At one point in the film, a little girl spews obscenities during a grade school talent competition. Again, way over the top. Then there’s the issue of acting.

Ice Cube’s Ron Strickland is somewhat convincing in the role of a bullish educator. But Charlie Day’s nebbish Andy Campbell, an English teacher, is vexatious at best. Whiny line deliveries are the norm for Campbell and, as a result, he’s almost impossible to root for.

If you care, here’s the synopsis: On the last day of school, with several teachers worried about losing their primary source of remuneration, Campbell witnesses Strickland’s in-class meltdown where he inexplicably chops a student’s desk in half with an ax.

Fearing for his own employment, Campbell rats him out to Principal Tyler (Dean Norris) who responds by firing Strickland on the spot. Rather than vacate the premises, Strickland challenges Campbell to an after school fist fight, on the playground nevertheless, to settle their differences.

The wimpy Campbell spends the remainder of the film bungling attempts to avert the altercation. In addition to Cube and Day, the movie also features comic Tracy Morgan (in his first big role since suffering life-threatening injuries in a car accident) as the school’s coach.

Jillian Bell plays an eerie guidance counselor who aspires to have sex with her male students and Amy Adams clone — JoAnna Garcia Swisher — stars as Campbell’s pregnant wife.

As previously mentioned, avoid this movie at all costs.

It’s really not worth it.

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  1. I saw the movie. It was pretty good.

    1. It was good seeing Tracy Morgan on the big screen cuz its the first movie he’s done since his accident. He’d Bounce Back.

    2. Bounce Back, there’s a Big Sean song in the movie. Not Bounce Back. I dont want to spoil it. But it keep everyone laughing.

    3. Speaking of rap lyrics. Ice Cube’s character qoutes lines from some of his best songs.

    4. The movie did reminded me of one of the things I didnt like about High School. Nothing but teachers complaining about budget cuts or getting fired or having to pay for class material from their pocket.

  2. UnyieldingDefiance

    Oh look, another film starring Ice Cube and a cucky emasculated white man, so what’s new?

  3. This is the DUMBEST fuckin movie of the year….. I walked out in the middle of it

  4. this movie was great ???

  5. supereythekidrs

    It would be funny if charlie day brings a gun too the fight and ice cube is like “you have gone way too far man”

  6. Brigitte Claudette

    THIS MOVIE WAS HILARIOUS, 10/10 ????????????

  7. Piece of shit movie with pedophile overtones, homosexual overtones, and other BS….save your money.

  8. I kind of feel this might be something I would watch if teenage girls were not killing each other in high school restrooms and teachers were not being assaulted by or screwing the kids in their care. All this does is remind me how fucked up the educational system is.

  9. Not going to watch this BC that fucking guy is so fucking annoying ice cubes sick tho

  10. Any movie where a teacher snaps on these little shits in school today, I’m in ??

  11. Moral of the film: Never fuck with Ice Cube..

  12. Mitchell Roberts

    another low class shitty film. especially because chubby trailer trash blonde bitch is in it.

  13. Listen if I made a movie about a white guy threatening to beat the shit out of a black guy with the whole school egging it on I would have to set it in the 50s in Alabama.

  14. I wasn’t very impressed with the movie

  15. Dearingermeister

    This movie is racist af. They got Ice Cube to be the intimidator and portray dominance over the white man. The white man is played by a smaller guy who doesn’t know how to fight. He calls the police and talks to the black woman who usually plays that role of ridiculing white people.

  16. So good to see Tracy Morgan back!

  17. The walking Beast252

    Watched this movie today funny as hell. I voted for Campbell even tho he got his ass whooped the most in the end.

  18. Shirley williams

    this movie was very predictable it sucked


    the worst movie i ever watched

    i watched it only for my son

  20. Awesomekay04 5

    I just watched it at the movies. Damn! That was funny!

  21. piece of SHIT movie! I just walked out & got a refund.
    vulgarity & perversion
    (a 10 yr old actress saying vulgarities from the stage in a talent show??)

  22. More anti-white media. Jesus fucking Christ, slavery was the best thing to ever happen to black people. The world will endlessly kiss their asses now.

  23. Sonja Campbell


  24. copied storyline from “3’O clock high” – a 1987 movie.
    Thought no one would notice ??

  25. Sindre Laupstad

    Fuck this movie was fun!!

  26. i just love the fact that Ice Cube keeps getting movies where his character is just… HIMSELF.

  27. Superstar Rajinikanth Fan

    I am just wondering why Charlie Day is playing the small guy in this movie.. Was Kevin Hart busy or something?

  28. Yawn more pc bs Hollywood crap. Look at the wimpy white boy. Utter 💩

  29. Fereshteh Jamali

    fuck this movie

  30. Best part of this movies was…. when i felt at sleeppp…o total WTF movie, the director must have been like, So yeah ppl are tired of the same shit high school story movies we have done for the past 20 years, lets just make a big crap movie, see if we can resonate to this day public !!!! Do not waste your money for this movie ppl !!!!

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