Karrueche claims Chris Brown beat her, restraining order has been put in place

Chris Brown allegedly beat up Karrueche Tran.

Breezy accused of beatin’ Karrueche.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Just when we thought Chris “Breezy” Brown had changed his stripes. The “Look At Me Now” singer has been court ordered to stay the hell away from ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran after she filed a restraining order claiming he vowed to “shoot” and kill her. The court order mandates that Chris stays at least 100 yards away from Karrueche, her mom and her brother. Karrueche, 28, also told law enforcement officials the 27-year-old entertainer has beaten her up many times before. Breezy, if you recall, beat the hell out of Rihanna a few years ago.

Now he’s allegedly doing the same to Karrueche who claims in a sworn statement that Chris “told a few people that he was going to kill me” because if he can’t have her, no one else can. She also claims Chris “punched me in my stomach twice” and “pushed me down the stairs” while he was on probation for beating Rihanna’s ass. It should be noted, Chris posted a video a few weeks ago that sort of coincides with Karrueche’s claims.

Do you believe her?

Is Breezy still a monster?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Bra fuck her chris stop being a weak ass man bra

  2. if you finish with a man block his number and social media….stop showing up to all the parties like last week he ran into bitch at same Grammy party…. he left when he notice her

  3. Polish Rainbow

    so this BITCH defended him after the whole RIhanna thing, EVEN THOUGH he was beating her too ??????????????

  4. Chris Brown career going down the drain cause any bitch he fk with gonna get him an arrest or sue him. He has a violent past that is going to haunt him for a very long time.

  5. Chris can only fight women cause he’s a punk bitch.

  6. I already knew, this Chris Brown guy, was a straight up simp ass, bitch ass punk. I hope his ex bitch make a sex video taking it in the ass, and swallowing semen and then that shit gets back to him. what the fuck you gonna then Chris Brown? Oh wait you a simp ass lame nikka, so you probably take the bitch back on some I miss you and love you forever BS. The pussy ain’t yours Chris Brown move on lame ass punk

  7. King Mic Lawry

    Look at all you Chris Brown dick riding ass morons LMAO this guy is a simp ass abusive clown who needs to fall way back

  8. jonathan collier

    Chris Brown is a R&B singer. he is perfectly inside his profile. He won’t fight another nigga but he keep his hands on a defenseless bitch. A stalker at heart with at least 1 baby mama, and a bad temper. He’s just missing a drug addiction and a weapon charge…just like a R&B singer.

  9. official karla E

    chris brown never even hit her ?. this makes karruche look so bad because what kind of stupid bitch would legit stay with someone who supposedly did that ? and we know god damn well she would’ve spoke out to get fame

  10. Chris Brown is pussy whipped. Little does he know I widened Karrueche’s asshole out with my fist then made his mom lick the shit off my fist. Chris Brown is a pussy that likes hitting women and he is scared Soulja fraud will knock him out like Chris does his women.

  11. Ja'Quan Freeman

    Like he’s already clearly on drugs, has anger and attachment issues, I’m not saying he should be defended but he should be supported though…how hard is it gonna be for him to even attempt to better himself if he has to be ridiculed as a monster by the media….stuff like that should be private.. I wouldn’t be surprised if this man career ends in tragedy…a talented dude…nobody can deny..but he needs help…and making his mistakes public isn’t helping anybody…shit like this should be private.

  12. Uchechukwu Nwauwa

    I will always defend Chris brown and I am so glad Chris brown beat that bitch up.

  13. But hold up he still beating up females and got the nerve to have a daughter? you know what his baby mother is the smartest one because she gets the baby and the check without getting beat up.

  14. Aren’t you all tired of defending this ignorant fucking negro who obviously beats women and some of yall think this shit is ok he should be thrown in jail and all preformances banned

  15. this nigga willin to risk it all for blasian pussy. smh that shit dangerous

  16. Chris Brown the type of niqqa to tell his girl to play him in mortal kombat and lose then he hits her with a fatality

  17. Fatimah Bint Layla

    Im sorry, she is a fool for ever being with him…I dont care! We all knew this kid was crazy…rihannas face!!! omg, he literally must have been wacking on her non stop for that to happen. That situation was so public and the pictures and video were so graphic that i dont know how anyone in their right mind can actually believe chris brown is better. He has a mental illness and/or an emotional disorder after all the BS that he was done since rihanna. Im not saying she deserved it because she did not, but she has to admit to herself that it was a poor move on her part.

  18. But hold up he still beating up females and got the nerve to have a daughter? you know what his baby mother is the smartest one because she gets the baby and the check without getting beat up.

  19. MiamiPush2theLimit

    Chris Brown is a sick lost soul and a fucking crackhead.

  20. Chris Brown is a full fledged certified psycho. He needs to get some help.

  21. All them hoes in Hollywood and you ready to get locked up over Karreuche. Man if you don’t chill out with that lightskin shit.

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