Caitlyn Jenner slams President Trump’s transgender restroom policy on Twitter


Caitlyn Jenner slams President Trump’s transgender restroom policy.

Caitlyn Jenner rips President Trump.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Count reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner among those who are livid at President Donald Trump for squashing a dictum that allows transgender students in public schools to use restrooms and locker rooms of their chosen gender. The directive was issued during Barack Obama’s presidency. Jenner, who came out as a transgender woman in 2015, slammed Trump in a video posted Thursday night on Twitter. “From one Republican to another, this is a disaster,” she said.

Jenner later accused Trump of backing out of an agreement. “You made a promise to protect the LGBTQ community,” she said before adding, “Call me.” Jenner, 67, also had a few choice words for Attorney General Jeff Sessions, saying, “Apparently even becoming attorney general isn’t enough to cure some people of their insecurities.”

Do you agree or disagree with Trump’s transgender restroom policy?

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  1. bruce, youre a disaster

  2. Wasn’t this bitch a Trump supporter? What did she expect? And wasn’t she against gay marriage? fucking hypocrite! I suppose it’s only inequality when it affects you

  3. You’re a man in a dress, Bruce. Fuck off. Don said he’d protect your ungrateful tranny asses from being assaulted and murdered (which Muslims would happily do to you), not that he’d capitulate to you and fuck over 99 percent of people to win points with less than 0.3 percent.

  4. Our president is also trying to protect women and children. What exactly does a tranny or gay man with a penis need protection from? Let’s see, sacrifice children and women so the chick with a dick can feel safer. Idiots! The chicks with dicks can defend themselves their Strong MEN, children are to be protected they’re small, innocent. Let’s say the chicks with dicks would never hurt a fly but they don’t understand they’re making it easier for the men that world hurt women and children to enter restrooms where we literally have our unders off. Men choosing to wear dresses gtfo of women and children’s restrooms . Sorry if they feel out of place or uneasy about walking into a men’s restroom in their dress, suck it up you’ve chosen to wear the dress. Quit trying to make it easy for perverts to freely enter restrooms with children. They think they’re fighting for rights but only thinking about themselves. Put the children first.

  5. Oh shut your hole supported that idiot now live with it. In a few years America will crumble. hell all my investements going to pot with this idiot leading.

  6. Take it from a FUCKED UP MAN, CROSS DRESSING AS A WOMAN, that Donald Trump didn’t do the right thing.

  7. MR. jenner who wants to scare little girls for life by allowing grown men to get naked around 12 year old girls in the girls locker room that is supposed to be a safe place for them to change and shower not a place where perverted men are letting their penises show.

  8. When Jenner has his penis removed then I’ll take him serious, otherwise STFU Bruce!

  9. The only disaster is your face and no there nothing anyone can do to fix it! Your not a women, no matter what you do to your body. The DNA flowing through your body will always say one thing, your a man.. Get over yourself and use the bathroom designed to your real body parts!

  10. Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner is still biologically male and she sounds it. People can identify as a carrot. Should we then make vegetable-friendly bathrooms? Oh, but then we’d be excluding fruits. It never ends.

    Trump did NOT ban transgender bathrooms, he only unfederalized it so it is up to each state to draft its own policies. I agree, as The White House has MANY MORE issues it is trying to contend with now other than who uses what restroom. Maybe if all those trying to destabilize the US government would let up, then perhaps Trump might have time to deal with issues such as this. You can’t have it both ways.

  11. The unlawful system

    mr. Jenner no matter what you do to yourself, what you say or what you think it’s never going to change the fact that you are a man. Nobody’s being a bully by taking transgender bathrooms out of schools. There’s no need for them. It’s pretty fucking simple. If you’ve got a dick go in the room where the urinals are. If you’ve got a slit go in the room where the urinals aren’t. Nobody’s confusing the youth, except for attention-starved mentally ill people like you.

  12. Roger Andersson

    Gender confusion is a mental disorder and always has been since science began until the name of the disorder was changed for political reasons in the recent past. You would have been committed to a mental asylum using anything other than male or female just 40 years ago

  13. Bruce doesn’t look or sound like a woman. He looks like someone made up as a woman for a crappy comedy, like Big Mama’s House. I take that back, even Martin Lawrence looked more like a woman than Bruce does.

  14. faggot ass bitch you have a dick you sick fuck

  15. OMG this fucking human trash

  16. who gives a fuq what Kaitlyn is upset about?

  17. I will say I don’t care what C. Jenner thinks or wants. I always felt like he was an entitled ass. The book he has coming out is going to prove what an idiot he is, with all the poor me bull crap.

  18. OMG this fucking human trash

  19. Caitlyn needs to realize she’s a fucking man and chill the fuck out

  20. Stfu! I don’t want some man in my locker room. No penis! I am sick of these coddled idiots with their first world problems. Play dress up on your own time and don’t bring that bullshit to my personal space. Your pronouns can get f*cked too while we are at it. I prefer to care about real women facing gender discrimination and torture in their countries. For example, the International Women of Courage who were just honored by FLOTUS. Some of them had acid thrown in their face or they actually had to fight tyranny and suffer torture and violence. Those are real women and they are the ones who belong on the cover of Vanity Fair for courage. The f*cking mental state of a coddled white man who wants to wear dresses in public and in a female restroom is not a civil rights or a human rights issue and is not courageous. FOH!

  21. Wyatt Shekelman

    make caitlyn bruce again

  22. Who cares what Bruce says, he hates his own dick !

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