James Mangold’s superhero film “Logan” delivers action, but too bloody for kids

Logan takes blood and gore to entirely new level.

Logan is exciting, suitable for adults.

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LOS ANGELES — There’s certainly no paucity of children who are familiar with the mostly anodyne X-Men series. Many are gonna try to pester you into taking them to see James Mangold’s new superhero flick ‘Logan.’ If they do, don’t fall for the bait. Logan, which is rated R, is definitely not for kids and you could make a strong argument some of the movie’s barbarity isn’t suitable for adults either. Don’t get it twisted. The movie is dope. But Hugh Jackman’s wolverine character is coming to an end and you can tell the film crew placed major emphasis on luxuriating the movie’s R-rating.

Thanks largely to Logan’s iconic Adamantium claws, blood and gore are elevated to an entirely new level. Dismembered limbs and pierced flesh are on display early and often. That said, the film contains an abundance of riveting cinematography in spite of its skookum melancholy.

Directed by Mangold, an enervated Logan provides care for a debilitated Professor X (Patrick Stewart) in a secret location along the Mexican border. But Logan’s attempt to alienate himself from the world are thwarted when a young mutant (Dafne Keen) arrives with whom he has much in common.

Again, young viewers may badger you about seeing this movie, especially if they’re comic book fans and/or devoted followers of the series. But your answer should always remain “no.”

After all, this is not your typical innocuous X-Men film.

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  1. Just watched the movie it’s awesome! ?????

  2. norman edwards

    sad to see this francise coming to an end but I guess it had to happen Hugh jackman is the best wolverine character is a legend……

  3. I just got back from watching Logan and my God, what a fantastic film this was. Hugh Jackman definitely went out with a bang with his final portrayal of the Wolverine. The most emotional, gritty and grounded hero film ever with the most perfect portrayal of the Wolverine we’ve all wanted and hoped for.

  4. i cried at the end of this movie. such an amazing send off for hugh and his dedication to bringing us the most memorable comic book character on screen.

  5. Patrik Alexits

    This was the best Marvel film that I’ve ever seen. I had no words after it and still my mind is full of thoughts… masterpiece

  6. Charles and logan die?

  7. Swapnil Chaudhary

    one of the greatest movie of all time … going to watch 2nd time tomorrow?…

  8. Amazing film, simply amazing. Outstanding performances and top notch action sequences. Sorry to say goodbye to Jackman as Wolverine.

  9. Ayman McGuinness

    Best marvel film ever…

  10. No exaggeration this is one of the best movies I have seen in a very looooooonnng time! I’m so happy I got to see Logan go all out with his claws. I recommend this movie to everyone! Don’t think about it just go see it! You won’t be sorry!

  11. We’ll miss you Hugh Jackman…….you gave us a great 17 years of Wolverine and ended your career with your last movie as Wolverine and made us cry…….thank you Hugh Jackman.

  12. “Logan” is the second best superhero movie ever made. “The Dark Knight” is still a better film based solely on the strength of the villains. Joker and Harvey Dent beat out Donald Pierce and company.

  13. Goodbye Hugh Jackman ????? you were the best wolverine

  14. ryan fitzgerald

    I heard a girl say this movie is shit I wanted to stab her in the eye

  15. Isabella bronner

    I cried at the end of this movie. Like, I had to bite the inside of my cheek. That’s how bad it was. Poor Logan 🙁

  16. Logan was a magical film. They should really just let Dafne reprise her role for the future given her phenomenal performance. Maybe we’ll see a teenage X-23 in New Mutants and a young adult version(also Dafne) in X-Force. I can totally see her growing with the role like Jackman did.

  17. Wolverine is my favorite super hero, still is and Hugh Jackman portraying him for all these years made me the man I am today. First movie to make me cry since I was a kid, last one was ET

  18. Best movie of the Year! Love the blood and torn flesh….

  19. Xavier: Logan

    Logan: I don’t want to talk about it

    Xavier: The first step is admitting you have a problem

    Logan: What problem?

    Logan: drinks beer crushes can on forehead

  20. this movie was terrible

  21. Just watched the movie last night
    😃😃IT WAS FKING AMAZING! im so mad because of the ending 🙁 😧
    Hope they make a movie ‘Laura’ which is gonna be X-men 23 id be dying if there is 😵😵

  22. I went and saw this movie for the 5th time in theaters yesterday. #1


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